02 March 2015

Juan Santos - Napolae

by Juan Santos
Design & layout: Juan Santos
21 x 13 cm size, 20 + 4 pages
Digital laser color print
Cyclus paper 115 grs. (100% recycled)
Price: 10 eur + shipping

"Naples is a whole world, and if you try to photograph a whole world, you will be doomed to failure. With just one camera from another time and a film about to disappear, I took it upon myself to photograph a slice of that world while exploring it like a traveler. A city that was not buried but slips through your fingers. A city that disappears in every corner to rise again like the one thousand colors mystery called Napule. Juan Santos"

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01 March 2015

Rogier ten Hacken - Muteness

by Rogier ten Hacken
A5 size, 16 pages
B&W laserprint
edition of 30, numbered
Price: 12,50 euro + shipping

“It doesn’t matter where I am because I always feel strange. A kind of uncomfortable. I went out into the country and looked at it thoroughly. Photographing intuitively what attracted my attention or reflected my emotions at a certain time. Sometimes I was drawn to a specific place or I just came across it by chance. The days past by and I found a muteness in it.”

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Louise Taylor - Shoot!

by Louise Taylor
Published by Wideyed Editions
Design by Louise Taylor & Catherine McArdle Design
96 pages, 150 mm x 105 mm / 6 in x 4.5 in
1st Edition, 75 copies numbered and signed
Digitally printed and handbound with shotgun cartridge closure
£40 + shipping

"Shoot! is a documentary project following a small pheasant and partridge shooting syndicate in County Durham, North East UK. The book was created to accompany the exhibition, 'Shoot!' installed at Durham Art Gallery as part of 'The Social:Encountering Photography', and incorporates 29 photographs and 12 game recipes."

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26 February 2015

Bea S. González - Aún hay tiempo

Aún hay tiempo
by Bea S. González
Design & layout: Bea S. González
Published by Caravanbook
A6 size, 24 + 4 pages
Digital laser color print
Cyclus paper 90 grs. (100% recycled)
Price: 10 euro + shipping

"Madrid, the city where we all are foreigners, adopted, hosted or in passing; but it is also the city you will do it your way. Madrid drown with its rhythm of life, running through the corridor of any metro; but it is also that city whose blotchy sunset can make you believe that everything is possible. Madrid is pure eroticism. A drug from which you can not unhook."

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21 February 2015

Michelle Arcila & Eivind Opsvik - A Thousand Ancestors

A Thousand Ancestors
by Michelle Arcila & Eivind Opsvik
Design by Espen Friberg
10 photographic prints (12” x 12” , 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm) + 1 poster (36” x 24”, 91cm x 61cm), 1 vinyl LP, 1 CD
Edition: 500
Offset on Arctic White, canvas lined box
Price : $90 + shipping

"A Thousand Ancestors is the culmination of a long-standing collaboration between photographer Michelle Arcila and musician/bassist Eivind Opsvik which synthesize the strong influence of visual imagery on music, and vice versa. The project is a limited edition box set (numbered edition of 500) designed by Espen Friberg containing a ten-track vinyl LP (plus a CD and download card), ten photographic prints, each of which correspond to a track on the record, and a poster."

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Norman Beierle - Repetitions

by Norman Beierle
48 pages (including cover)
210 x 295 mm (A4)
edition of max 50 copies, signed & numbered
digital b/w print (xerographic) on 165 grams paper, stapled
15 euro + shipping

"Repetitions is a publication about the urban environment. Through the years I photographed architectural structures and buildings that have a common visual consistency. I also revisited construction sites to capture their development. Both interests in the urban space I combined in this magazine style publication."

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20 February 2015

Sarah LaPonte & Helen Jones - Good Days Gone Cold Days

Good Days Gone Cold Days
Sarah LaPonte and Helen Jones
published by Pine Island Press / Half-Stop Press
34 pages, full color
8.5 x 5.5 in
solid wax ink
staple bound
first numbered edition of 50
$12 + shipping

"Good Days Gone Cold Days was made by Sarah LaPonte and Helen Jones in the late fall in Pennsylvania while living in and working on a house without heat, without doorknobs, and without much insulation or electricity to speak of."

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14 February 2015

Alireza Malekian - Hometown

by Alireza Malekian
26 pages
210 x 210 mm
black & white digital print
edition of 40, numered
9,00 € + shipping

"Mashhad is the biggest religious city in Iran and is mostly known as the Holy City of Mashhad. In the series Hometown, the photographer wants to expand his view of the city as a person who tries to understand the structure of the city and its culture. As a result, the holy part of the city disappears and is replaced with a more abstract idea and form."

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13 February 2015

Robert Rutöd - Milky Way

Milky Way
by Robert Rutöd
34 pages, 33 colour plates
21 x 14.8 cm, 8.2 x 5.8 in
Digital Print on 350g/m² heavy paper, wire binding
25€ + shipping
"For his Milky Way project, Robert Rutöd went where the ‚sun dies‘ and, according to medieval thinking, the end of the world was located. The resulting photographs are like stills from a bizarre, poetic road movie. Milky Way box set containing: Book, brochure/poster, relic from a late medieval torture device."

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Calin Kruse - No real time info available

No real time info available
by Calin Kruse
96 pages, 15 x 20 cm, hard cover (hand-written)
200 numbered copies
28 €

"A personal story. July-December 2012."

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12 February 2015

Nicole Mark - The Gorge

The Gorge
by Nicole Mark
10 pages, full color 
5.5 x 5.5 in 
solid wax ink 
staple bound 
first edition of 50
$6 + shipping

"A beautiful and atmospheric collection of medium format and 35mm color film images from photographer and avid hiker Nicole Mark. All taken from the enchanting landscapes of the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon and Washington."

Paul Graham - The Search

The Search
by Paul Graham
28 pages, A5
Digital Printing
Edition of 50
£5.00 + Shipping

"The Search zine documents skateboarding in Yorkshire, using the area of The Pennines as a loose starting point."

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Paco Garcia - Un Buen Dia

Un Buen Dia
by Paco Garcia
26 pages, 210x297mm
Offset Digital 
Edition of 250
Price: 12€

"A life story about nine years in four different houses, meanwhile everything else is invariably noted down.”

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11 February 2015

Dennis Iwaskiewicz - Human Landscapes

Human Landscapes
by Dennis Iwaskiewicz
71 pages, 180x240mm
Ring-bound Digital Print on 250g/m2 paper
Edition: 50+5 (numbered, first 10 books incl. print)
29€ + shipping
incl. 180x240mm signed print: 79€  + shipping

"70 pictures, each book randomly shuffled to create unique combinations of photographs."

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10 February 2015

Omnivore Photo Collective - Af

Photographs by Omnivore Photo Collective (Gustavo Alemán, Agus Bres, Blanca Galindo, Julián Garnés García, Pascual Martínez, Miriam Mora, David Simon Martret, Vincent Sáez and Carmen Vidal)
Design: Rubio & Del Amo
48 pages, 17x24 cm / 6.69 x 9.44 inches
Digital printing
Softcover with handmade personalized cover (all different)
First edition of 240 (200 available), numbered
18 Euros + shipping

AF is a photographic investigation about one tiny unnamed village in southeast Spain. The geographical reality of the place is matched with the particular headspace of the photographers at that time, depicting something halfway between a space of uncertainty and a dream of freedom. AF is the first book by Spanish photo collective Omnivore Photo."

Pierangelo Laterza - Sansavenir

by Pierangelo Laterza
92 pages, 17.3 cm x 24.0 cm
Digital printing
Cover: 200 gr XPer Paper Fedrigoni, with Sandpaper cover, Inside: 120 gr XPer Paper Fedrigoni
Edition: 20 Copies
€ 30.00 + shipping

"An industrial skyline looms over Taranto through every possible visual and mental sight. For over 50 years, smoke, dust and pollutants propagated in a town forced to an alleged “industrial vocation”, but actually with deeper, more and more invisible vocations for farming, tourism and the sea. Water and oil, countryside and steel, doric columns and concrete do not coexist in this southern Italian town, as well as the absurd, unacceptable by now, alternative between work and health. Sansavenir is a word painted on a wall dividing the Ilva steel factory and the town surrounding it.These photographs talk about what is surrounding it. "

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08 February 2015

Roberto Rubalcava - A Story to Share

A Story to Share
by Roberto Rubalcava
Edited and published by Sunday Mornings at the River
250 and 120 grams Biotop
Bound by hand
44 pages
250 numbered copies
Price: 12,50€

"A Story to Share contains an overview of the work of London based photographer Roberto Rubalcava."

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06 February 2015

Vitaly Fomenko - Rules of the road

Rules of the road 
By Vitaly Fomenko 
publisher: Riot Books
44 pages 12.5x19 sm
Hand made Limited edition of 250
Digital printing
27 €

"In the fall of 2014 the world witnessed with confusion, how, headed by the ambitious adventurer Putin, fraternal Russia invaded the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea. This project reinterprets the problems involved in political territory and movement through Soviet worn-out prints from the 80‘s Sevastopol State Traffic Inspectorate."

Federico Lupo - Sintesi dei metodi tradizionali di conoscenza dell’universo

Sintesi dei metodi tradizionali di conoscenza dell’universo
by Federico Lupo
Edit and design by Von Holden Studio
44 pages, 210x320 mm
Edition of 50, signed & numbered
digital b/w print on ivory paper
15 euro + shipping

"'Sintesi dei metodi tradizionali di conoscenza dell’universo’ is an art edition, an extension of the previous book 'Antologia Minima', a discussion of the ethical responsibilities in the data organization to create an archive. The book is a tribute to the texts of parascientific information on the mysteries of the universe published in the 70s and 80s.  An accurate selection of non-authorial photographs (taken from manuals to train dogs, fitness and bodybuilding, christian propaganda novels and essays on medical hypnosis) accompanied by some autographs texts, that segment of knowledge split between science, faith and popular credulity."

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Peter Oey - NYC86

by Peter Oey
A handcrafted, single signature, pamphlet stitched booklet.
Soft cover, 32 pages
Dimensions: 14 x 19 cm
Inkjet printed
Inside 120 gsm Biotop
Cover 160 gsm MI Teintes
Edition of 44, signed & numbered
€18,00 + shipping

"…I love NY, Twin Towers, The Chequered Taxi, Hands Across America, to God Bless the Cheerful giver…These pictures form a closed loop of photographs taken in New York, Manhattan, 1986. Visions from a taxi window, visions of have and have not's, takers and givers.

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03 February 2015

Alvaro Deprit - Dreaming Leone

Dreaming Leone
by Alvaro Deprit
Edit and design by Michela Palermo & Alvaro Deprit
Illustrations by Francesco De Aguilar Milanese
Text by Erik Vroons
110 pages, 170 x 240 mm
Edition size: 750
Offset printed
35 euro + shipping

"Alvaro Deprit’s work Dreaming Leone on the Spaghetti Western film industry in his 
native Spain, has evolved into a photobook collaboration with Michela Palermo."

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Dana Stölzgen - My Disguise

My Disguise
by Dana Stölzgen
16 pages, A3 (29.7 x 42 cm)
45 copies + 5 Special Editions with a 30 x 45 cm Print
Digital Printing
35 € (normal edition)

then skin
and through my disguise
someone is looking at me.”

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Evelise Millet - Influences Naturelles

Influences Naturelles 
by  Evelise Millet
Collection : Mémoire de formes 
20 pages / 19,5 x 27 cm
Laser color printed
Bonus: poster A4 of Nicolas Roussel, ink jet
First edition : 09/2013 - Second edition : 03/2014 - France
Edition of 50, in a blister
Price: 12 euros (with free shipping to France)

"A selection of black and white and color photographs about drawing in shapes of the landscape." 

29 January 2015

Fábio Miguel Roque - Hometown

by Fábio Miguel Roque
72 pages
230 x 150 mm
black & white digital print
With 60 images; 1 Poem; Text 1; and Several Quotes
All texts are fully handwritten
Edition of 70, signed & numbered
€ 15.00 (with shipping worldwide)

"Hometown is a personal project on a specific period of my life and about my relationship with the place where I live and where I grew up."

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28 January 2015

Clémentine Thomas - Landscapes

by Clémentine Thomas
24 pages
140mm x 195mm
Black and white print on a light orange 80g paper
Edition of 30
€ 4,10 Spain /  € 7 International (shipping included)

"Enigmatic, magical and symmetrically beautiful landscapes shoots of the French geography (specially the south) and some other "natural oasis" in the world."

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Calin Kruse - Kosmos

by Calin Kruse
32 pages: 8 digital printed pages (covers) on 170 g/m² vellum paper + 24 risograph printed pages
size: 13 x 19.5 cm
digital + risograph with a copper metallic dust cover
50 numbered copies
12 € + shipping

"A photozine about moments. Not about the moment itself, but about being part of it."

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Oliver Zenklusen - comme un tigre au galop sur le toit

comme un tigre au galop sur le toit / like a tiger bounding along the roof
by Oliver Zenklusen
30 colour photographs, 48 pages, 25 x 21 cm (10 x 8.6 inches)
Digital offset on munken pure rough
Handmade binding (pamphlet stitch)
Edition: 150 
EUR 45 plus international shipping (EUR 9.50)

"The frame, newly reconstructed, had not yet recovered the play that would let it absorb earthquakes, and the weakest tremors rattle the roof with a series of dull rumbles. 'You will see' (…), the gardener said to me, 'the night it wakes you, it is like a tiger bounding along the roof.' " — nicolas bouvier: the japanese chronicles (1955-1970)

Andrés Medina - L'Autre Paris

L'Autre Paris
by Andrés Medina
Size: 7x17 cm (folded) / 34x49 cm (unfolded)
Black & white digital print
Hand made limited edition of 100
15 € + shipping

"A gloomy and sharp glance at the French Capital. The city are shrouded in an irrational atmosphere, where sometimes the irony, the grotesque, the delicate and the bizarre are tangled up. The disturbing visual route shows us the perturbing side of some of the most popular corners in Paris. Thus, unexpected situations are revealed, changing the everyday into something unique and inviting to guess what will happen or what has already happened."

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Aminta Pierri - L'unghia del Leone

L'unghia del Leone
by Aminta Pierri
with drawings and poems by Michele Pierri
and an introduction by Lina Pallotta
Publisher: Witty Kiwi books
96 pages
indigo print
15cm x 21cm
limited edition of 150 copies
17 + shipping

"It is not so much a document of particular events or a nostalgic inquiring into the past, while trying to get rid of contradictory feelings. It’s a meditation on the foggy perceptions that are leaving traces on the path of our life. These images are intentionally difficult to categorize. The indistinct scenes that appear before us are coming from a trail of memories, and family’s tales, intertwined with the photographer’s own wondering. It is an exploration into the dreams and fears. The book connects place and memory, disconnected from the passage of time. It isn’t about the past or the future, or about the present, but still it is a closely woven tale of history and identity."

Dustin Shum - Blocks

by Dustin Shum
Inertia Books
Hardcover, 250 x 260 mm / 9.8 x 10.2 inches, 112 pages
Edition: 500 copies
Offset printing
US$40 + shipping

"Blocks is a collection of my topographic works focusing on the absurd and surreal living environment of the public housing in Hong Kong. Wandering in the public space of the various public housing estates through the years, I instilled my own experiences and memories in public housing into the many images of concrete that appeared deadpan and cold, similar to the introduction of civilization and its discontents by Sigmund Freud. The “Eternal City” in Ancient Rome, where buildings from different historical periods co-existed and overlapped in disharmony, was used as a metaphor of the mental lives of human beings."

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20 January 2015

Vitaly Fomenko - Rules of the road

Rules of the road 
by Vitaly Fomenko 
Riot Books
44 pages 12.5x19 sm
Hand made Limited edition of 250
27 €

"In the Fall of 2014 the world witnessed with confusion, how, headed by the ambitious adventurer Putin, fraternal Russia invaded the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea. This project reinterprets the problems involved in political territory and movement through Soviet worn-out prints from the 80‘s Sevastopol State Traffic Inspectorate."

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17 January 2015

Christian Harkness - Cedar Key, the Net Ban, and its WaterWomen

Cedar Key, the Net Ban, and its WaterWomen
by Christian Harkness
25 pages
10.5x8.2 inches [26.4x21 cm]
Ink-jet printing on Strathmore paper
Edition: 5
Price $65.00

"A selection of b&w film photographs about the men and women of Cedar Key, FL who make a living working on the Gulf of Mexico."

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16 January 2015

Nathan Pearce - Midwest Dirt- Bootleg edition

Midwest Dirt- Bootleg edition
by Nathan Pearce
Edited by Matt Johnston
Edition: 275
Price $9

"Now it’s just after harvest time, my favorite time of year. The fields are almost cleared and I’m barefoot on my porch with a beer in my hand. I can see for miles."

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15 January 2015

Peter Oey - Porcelain

by Peter Oey

A handcrafted, single signature, pamphlet stitched booklet.
Pages 32
Dimension 14 x 19 cm
Laser printed
Inside 120 gsm Uncoated
Cover 170 gsm Tracing Paper and 120 gsm Kraftliner
Signed & Numbered
Edition of 44
€18,00 + shipping

"It was such an elegant party."

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Rachel Phillips (as Madge Cameron) - Fixed

Rachel Phillips as Madge Cameron
32 pages, 12x12 in / 30.5x30.5 cm
Digital Offset
$25 including shipping

"Fixed is the work of Phillips' alter-ego Madge Cameron, a reclusive librarian born in 1935. Digitizing the archive where she works, Cameron discovered  that by moving a snapshot while it was being recorded, she could separate the image into its color channels, resulting in a strange 3D effect.  The book includes ten full-bleed color plates of Cameron's re-interpolated snapshots, as well as 3D glasses for viewing."

12 January 2015

Frederico Malaca - then i found myself lost in the desert

then i found myself lost in the desert
Frederico Malaca
24 pages, 15x22 cm
5 copies
7€ + shipping

"special edition catalog for a photography exhibition made in 2014."

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10 January 2015

Koji Kitagawa - Kyoiku

Kyoiku (New Edition)
Koji Kitagawa
36 pages, 257 x 182 mm / B5
Edition of 100
Color laser print, Softcover
2,000 JPY + shipping

"The sight is imagination. Animals and some characters."

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John Håkansson - I närheten

I närheten
by John Håkansson
Epilogue by John Håkansson in Swedish, and translated in English and Japanese
Graphic Design: Dennis Hanqvist
Publisher: Trema Förlag
Size: 220x260 mm / 8,7x10 inch, 108 pages and 55 images.
Type of printing: Offset
Edition size: First edition of 500
ISBN: 978-91-982014-1-3
Price 35 €

"The Photographs are landscapes shot within the close proximity of where I have lived the past ten years. My address has moved around to different residencies in the other southern boroughs of Stockholm, Sweden. I have also lived a period in Japan, Tokyo’s Mukojima district. The pictures are shot as a response to the striking dominance of Nature and the lack of commerce."

Website / to order: Trema förlag (Skr) or Konst-ig (€)

07 January 2015

Otto di Paolo - Moro River

Moro River
Otto di Paolo
80 p. a5 15x21
offset printing
edition of 100
5 € + shipping

"The content catalogs in part, what were the homes in the valley of the Moro river."

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05 January 2015

Fedor Shklyaruk - On Aether

On Aether
by Fedor Shklyaruk
88 pages, 18 x 24 cm / 7 x 9.5 inch
Handmade edition of 50 copies
Inkjet print, cardboard sleeve, open binding
€ 60 + shipping

"The aether is total, but impalpable; it is invisible, but eternal; and finally it carries the light. Ancient philosophers believed that the aether is the fifth element, absolute and divine. Chemical transformations take place due to it and also the sky is such as it is. Because of its nature aether all the time eludes from a observer, it is difficult to identify or measure it. A lot of people in the Middle Ages who have studied natural philosophy trying to liberate aether or quintessence. They left only intricate texts and questionable evidences, so we don't know exactly what they had. But just one thing - aether is everywhere, in every grain of matter, in every photograph."

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Dennis Schoenberg - Suzy

by Dennis Schoenberg
Size: 18 x 26 cm (7 x 10.2 in)
55 gsm standard newsprint with a silver screen print on the cover, comes in a poly translucent envelope with three pins.
Pages: 16
Limited Edition: 200
Price: € 11.00

"My intention was to create an old-fashioned style paper containing tasteful and respectable nude photography which focuses on the shape and form of the body while remaining contemporary in context and style. Using the mediums of photography and newspaper style print technique my aim was to retrieve a certain warmth, romance, atmosphere and tradition that is lacking more and more in a digitalised world which is dominated by screens and displays."

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Mafaldark - C'est toujours ça que les asticots n'auront pas

C'est toujours ça que les asticots n'auront pas
60 pages, 137 mm x 148 mm (5,4 x 5,8 inches)
Digital laser color printing, silk-screen printed cover.
Limited edition of 50 numbered copies.
10 euros + shipping

"A selection of pictures from the one-pic-per-day blog I've been running for a year. Snapshots of my everyday life, a serie of unusual details, street photography, tours and travels, the squat and DIY scene."

31 December 2014

Pascal Anders - Real Estate Possibilities

Real Estate Possibilities
Pascal Anders
54 pages, 25 images
13 x 20 cm, 5×8 inches
Offset printed, Softcover
First edition of 50 copies

« Real Estate Possibilities features images of former vacant lots in and around Los Angeles which have been replaced by shops, malls, restaurants, christian centers, etc. »

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Jon Eland - Final Resting Place

Final Resting Place
Jon Eland || Strawbleu
24 page A5 booklet (8.3" x 5.8")
Digital offset printing
Edition: 30
£6.50 + shipping

"The finality of death - looking at ageing and fragility from a different angle. Shadows cast on memorial stones in a local graveyard balanced with images of a former home for the elderly - captured after it’s closure and a significant fire. Itself teetering on permanent demise. Shared as pairs the images reflect on the contrast between the living world of the photographer and the end of life represented by the two environments captured."

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29 December 2014

Garry Loughlin - Between Spaces

Between Spaces
by Garry Loughlin
96 pages
166mm x 240mm / 6.5in x 9.4in
edition of 300
offset printing
Price €25 plus shipping

"Whilst there is a photography tradition of documenting the American road trip, I felt that traveling by bike would expose me to opportunities and encounters that could be overlooked if travelled by car or bus. Taking a slower pace and being on my own speed allowed me, as an observer passing through small American towns, to see the beauty in the banality of everyday life. I feel the decision to cycle not only gave me a stronger connection the landscape but also to the people I met along the way."

28 December 2014

Kostya Smolyaninov - Street Theography

Street Theography
by Kostya Smolyaninov
Hardcover book, 100 pp, 24x21 cm
Offset printing
Edition: 500
Price: 30 USD

"The project "Street Theography" was created during 2006-2014 in different cities of Ukraine, Poland and Russia. No wonder of people praying in church, but the meter of my interest were manifestations of religious feelings in everyday life, on every street. Hence the name and the idea emerged during photographic research ─ especially in the street the conflict between the intimate nature of faith and the public, often ostentatious religiosity strongly appears."

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22 December 2014

Ana Zaragoza - La Famille Poirot I

La Famille Poirot I
16 pages, A6 size.
Photography, design & layout: Ana Zaragoza
Published by Caravanbook
Digital laser color print
Cyclus paper (100% recycled)
4th special edition for Caravanbook
Price: 10 euro + shipping

"I went to Paris last June. I saw a Family walking around the Louvre, I thought they all looked like detectives. I remembered the famous detective and named them La Famille Poirot. They seemed to be investigating a case so I started persecuting them. I collected my own clues and the ones that they seemed to be collecting. It was another outstanding case, but I discovered a very special Paris guided by the Poirot Family, a city full of small secrets."

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Chiara De Franciscis - Kingdom IV

Kingdom IV
by Chiara De Franciscis
Design: Grenville Herrald
96 pages, 21 x 29.7 cm, ca. 8.3 x 11.7 inches
Indigo, black&white printed on four different  shades of pastel coloured paper
First Edition
£24 (+shipping)

"Kingdom is an imaginative world with its own set of rules where the power of the subconscious resurfaces through enigmatic images and unexpected relationships towards a dreamy and hypnotic vision of reality. Kingdom is composed of four different volumes containing photographs made over a ten-year period (2004 -2014) in different cities and locations around the world. Shot entirely in black and white, each book is printed on four different shades of pastel coloured paper. Kingdom IV is the fourth and final book of the series."

Stefano Vigni - Magic Campo

Magic Campo 
by Stefano Vigni
Contributors: Michele Masotti, Pier Luigi Sacco, Robert Patrizio
Seipersei Books

ISBN 9788890744518
80 pp., 29x21,7 cm
Edition: 500 ITA/ENG
Type: Offset, 1 color
Price: 19€

"Magic Campo is about the Palio of Siena. It is a dreamy tale without winners or losers. Magic Campo is a dream in black and white. Stefano’s images are suspended in time, enigmatic, alienating, which do not arouse immediate recognition but on the contrary they are a force that raises the viewer awareness.”

18 December 2014

Natalya Reznik - Secrets

Natalya Reznik
72 pages, 24x30 cm (9,4 x 11,8 inches)
50 numbered and signed copies, self-published.
Digital print, thread stitched hardcover with dust jucket
8 holes in the book + 1 in the dust jacket. Diameter 78 cm
Price: 50 Euro for early orders until 31. December 2014 and 60 Euro after that.

"Secrets – such was the name of a very popular children’s game in the USSR. Mostly 5-8 year old girls were involved in this game. It was not just a game, but rather a mystic ritual. Natalya has portrayed women, who have moved to Germany from Russia or former Soviet republics. The artist repeats with these now grown-up girls the game of “Secrets” [Sekretiki,] meaning Treasures, and finds common reminiscences."

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