30 October 2014

Jonathan Sa’adah - How Many Roads? Photographs of the Sixties and Early Seventies.

How Many Roads? Photographs of the Sixties and Early Seventies. 
92 photographs by Jonathan Sa’adah
Published by Phoenicia Publishing
Introduction by Teju Cole and essays by Beth Adams, Hoyt Alverson, & Steven Tozer
142 pages, 8.5” x 11” (21.6 cm x 28 cm) 
Paperback unlimited edition
Hardcover limited to 250 signed and numbered
Both editions Indigo digital interior
Hardcover on 100# text weight smyth sewn signatures with traditional natural-linen binding and dust jacket. 
Paperback perfect bound with 80# text interior.

"Jonathan Sa’adah’s photographs show an unglossy but deeply human view of the period from 1968 to 1975 in richly detailed, observant images that have poignant resonance with the present. The pictures connect through their common humanity with humor and prescient observation."

Evelise Millet - La tangente ne finit jamais

La tangente ne finit jamais
Evelise Millet
Pages/Size: 14 postcards / 21x24,5cm
Printing postcard : offset CMJN - Cover : laser black/white 
Edition of 200, in a blister
Price: 12€ + shipping

"This publication contains 14 photographs printed on postcards, from a hitchhiking trip (Canada and United States). "

29 October 2014

Various Artists - Sudario numero zero

Sudario numero zero
Artists: Carlo Bitetti, Andrea Fasciani, Aldo La Capra, Antony Macrì, Pietro Motisi, Salvatore Santoro, Stefano Tripodi
Pages: 16
Printing: Risograph

Sudario numero zero is the first self-produced zine produced by The View from Lucania, dedicated to Southern Italy that hosts some works from photographers and artists based in the South, story tellers of their land. Sudario will be periodically and will explore, with different languages in each issue, a part of Italy unmistakably controversial and stratified.

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26 October 2014

Julia Borissova - DOM (Document Object Model)

DOM (Document Object Model)
Julia Borissova
Gatefold softcover, swiss brochure, hand binding
48 pages including 12 four-panel gatefolds + 20 p. booklet
15 x 20 cm
Digital Print
Edition of 100, signed and hand numbered
50€ + shipping

"In my book I refer to the concept of home. “Dom” means a house, home, a building or a household in the Russian language. I reflect on how we feel, understand, and remember the home we inhabit. I explore how our concept of home is changing over time, and how the notion of home is transforming in connection with the place in which we live."

25 October 2014

Evelise Millet - Tout le paysage du dehors s’y retrouve

Tout le paysage du dehors s’y retrouve
by Evelise Millet
8 pages / 21x24,5cm
digital monochrome
Edition of 100, numbered, in a blister
Price: 5€ + shipping

« This book contains a series of photographs found in the street of Berkeley in California during a travel in april 2014. This series represents a « huis-clos » in a californian house, between a woman and a man and objects of the daily life. The title refers to a book of André Gide, it means All landscape outside is found there. It is a story of intimate landscape ».

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24 October 2014

Chiara De Franciscis - Kingdom I

Kingdom I
by Chiara De Franciscis
Design: Grenville Herrald
96 pages, 21 x 29.7 cm, ca. 8.3 x 11.7 inches
Offset digital hp indigo, black&white printed on four different shades of pastel coloured paper
First Edition
£24 (+shipping)

"Kingdom is an imaginative world with its own set of rules where the power of the subconscious resurfaces through enigmatic images and unexpected relationships towards a deranged and more ambiguous experience of the everyday. Kingdom is composed of four different volumes containing photographs shot in different cities and locations around the world and made over a ten-year period (2004-2014). Shot entirely in black and white, each book is printed on four different shades of pastel colored paper. Kingdom I is the first book of the series."

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15 October 2014

Pascal Anders - Angoisse

Title : Angoisse
Author : Pascal Anders
58 pages, 25 images
13 x 20 cm, 5×8 inches
First edition of 50 copies
Color Offset printed

"Angoisse is a hamlet in the Dordogne department in Aquitaine in southwestern France. Angoisse in French means « anguish »."

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13 October 2014

Tomé Duarte - Summer With Lisa

Title: Summer With Lisa
Author: Tomé Duarte
Pages/Size: 124pp / 21x21cm (8x8")
Printing: digital monochrome / silkscreened cover and box
Edition: edition of 100, signed and numbered
Price: 15€, worldwide shipping included

"Lisa was in Tokyo during the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake. She told me her father would put Kraftwerk's "Radioactivity" playing to lighten up the mood the days following the Fukushima accident. We met later that year and travelled around Portugal during the summer."

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Gregory Eddi Jones - Another Twenty-Six Gas Stations

Another Twenty-Six Gas Stations
Gregory Eddi Jones
Downloadable Afterword by Lance Speer
Published by In the In-Between: Journal of Digital Imaging Artists
48 pages, 7x5 inches, 17.8 x 12.7 cm
4-Color Digital Press
Edition: 450
Price: $30 United States / $35 International
(shipping included, $1 added for Paypal transaction fee)

"Another Twenty-Six Gas Stations is a book of screen captures from gas station surveillance footage found on YouTube. It is positioned as a modern-day remake of Ed Ruscha's 1963 artist book, Twentysix Gasoline Stations."

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Dan Schmahl - Tundra

Dan Schmahl
24 pages 
Edition of 45
Risograph, Letterpress, and Digital Color
$15 + shipping

"This book is a subtle nod to the meditative act of waiting around for waves next to a pink granite jetty at dawn in Galveston, TX."

12 October 2014

Pablo Vara - Breve Paseo por un Coma Profundo

Breve Paseo por un Coma Profundo
Pablo Vara
Preface by Valentín Roma
64 Pages
200 x 132 mm
200 copies edition
Hardcover die-cut
Offset Printing
Price: € 7 + shipping

"This BRIEF WALK THROUGH A DEEP COMA book contains a series of photographs taken while living in Rome for four years. It's philosophical-mean-to-be project about historical cities and their impact over citizens. The coma the title refers to is an allegorical state of mind, a complete loss of consciousness; people in these pictures wander throughout a surrealistic city made of stone which, somehow, reflects their absence."

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11 October 2014

Arjan de Nooy - Party Photographer

Party Photographer - Life and work of Pep Jansen
Arjan de Nooy
48 pages, 7.3'' x 5,1'' (18,5 x 13 cm)
Offset, edition of 1000
Price: 5 euro + shipping

"Party Photographer is a monograph about the fictitious photographer Pep Jansen. This legendary figure was a master in flash photography with an unerring feeling for the decisive moment."

09 October 2014

Madison Dinelle - On Organization: A Study of Form in Pictures and Music

On Organization: A Study of Form in Pictures and Music
Photos and diagrams: Madison Dinelle 
Music: Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (Noir) and Francesco de Gallo (Hobo Cubes) 
Design: Xavier Coulombe-Murray
52 pages, 6" x 8" (15.24cm x 20.32cm)
Offset with embossed cover
Edition of 500
Price: $ 8.99 (or more) + shipping

"On Organization is a photo book with musical accompaniment."

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08 October 2014

Curtis Hamilton - Tar Beach Blind

Tar Beach Blind
Curtis Hamilton
74 Pages, 11.9" x 9.5" (30.2cm x 24 cm)
Edition of 300
Digital Offset
Price: $45 + shipping

"Tar Beach Blind presents a collection of Curtis Hamilton’s black and white photographs made over a five-year period (2010 -2014). Hamilton’s large format photographs bend early modernist aims of instrumentality and pure description towards a darker and more ambiguous experience of the everyday. Through still life and abstraction, the objects, encounters and daily problems within the immediate surroundings of his home and neighborhood are formed into uncanny realizations that are both enigmatic and ruthlessly lucid. "

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07 October 2014

S.A.Robinson …GLASGOW…10/9-19/9…2014…

80 pages
137 x 215mm
Numbered edition of 200
Full colour digital printing / hand assembled
£12.00 (inc UK postage)

"On September 18 2014 over 3.5 million people living in Scotland voted on whether the country should be independent. As the title implies, these photographs were taken in Glasgow between September 10 and 19 and show the passion on both sides – ‘Yes’ and ‘No’."

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Alex Llovet- Querido vecino

Querido vecino (Dear neighbor)
by Alex Llovet
Texts by Alex Llovet and Toni Arbonés
192 pages, 21,8 x 21,8 cm
Limited edition of 400
Offset, hard cover with a postcard insert

"Dear neighbor offers a fascinating journey through the past and present of Mas Sauró, an unknown neighborhood of Barcelona (Spain), through the portraits and the thoughts of their neighbors. It's the celebration of a community of anonymous people and every one of their lives and the search for a common identity beyond their differences."

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Paul Giguere - Salvador Medrano

Salvador Medrano
by Paul Giguere
Number of Pages: 16
Edition : 100
Photocopy, saddle stitch

"Photoessay of Guatemalan musician Salvador Medrano. The book contains black and white images, is 5.5" x 8.5", and is printed on heavy weight paper."

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06 October 2014

Pauline Hisbacq - Visiteurs

Pauline Hisbacq
12 x 17 cm — in a blister
100 numbered copies
15 € (+ shipping)

"Pauline Hisbacq photographed twenty visitors from the exhibition Oh c'est épatant curated by Smoll et the Foundation Écureuil for the contemporary art in Toulouse in May, 2014. The protocol of the shooting proposed by the photographer favored a fusional approach between the visitor and the image enlarged of a art piece detail. The portrait of each one prints its strange and profound presence to the picture, to the material, to the color, to the work."

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Nicko Straniero - My Scary Friends

My Scary Friends
by Nicko Straniero
Published 2014
40 pages - size 14x19 cm
edition of 120
Laser color printed on 120g paper
Price: £15 / €15 pp + shipping

"A series of 40 portraits which explore emotional and psychological notions of our darker human nature."

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05 October 2014

Erik van der Weijde - Home is where the Dog is

Home is where the Dog is
Erik van der Weijde
160 pages, 19x25cm, 7.5x9.8 inches
600 copies

"Home is where the Dog is, Van der Weijde's latest one, continues his affectionate investigation of everyday occurrences and of the potentially disturbing underpinnings of domesticity, taking on where his previous books This is not my Wife and This is not my Son, left off."

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Roger Eberhard - Martin Parr looking at books

Martin Parr looking at books
Roger Eberhard
Design: Alexandra Bruns
64 pages, 15.5 x 21 cm, ca. 6 x 8 inches
Print run: enough
offset printing

"Martin Parr looking at books is a little satire about the photobook market, a good hearted attempt to start a discussion about the direction in which the photobook market is heading. Ever since it has become lucrative to collect "the right" books, it is now unprofitable to miss the year's "best ones"."

04 October 2014

Pascal Anders - Sixty-Eight Minutes on the Sunset Strip

Sixty-Eight Minutes on the Sunset Strip

Pascal Anders

84 pages, 35 images

13 x 20 cm / 5×8 inches

First edition of 50 copies 

Black and white, offset printed
Price: Free!

"On July 4th, 2014 Joachim S. set out to explore the Sunset Strip. Coming from the south, he arrived at the western end of the strip at 2:58 pm. Traffic moved very slowly past buildings, apartments, real estate opportunities, parking lots, a gasoline station, and a few palm trees. It took sixty-eight minutes of stop and go traffic before he arrived at the eastern end of the strip. The reason for slow traffic was a small fire."

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03 October 2014

Ana Zaragoza - La più bella isola al mondo

La più bella isola al mondo
Photography, design & layout: Ana Zaragoza
Published by Caravanbook
20 pages, size: 14 x 20 cm
Digital laser color print.
Cyclus paper 90 grs
First edition, 100 copies
10 € + shipping

"Besides the turquoise sea that impresses visitors, there is a secret island where everything is possible, even climbing a ladder to the stars. "La più bella isola al mondo" is the title of a short photobook about the island of Formentera in Spain."

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Various artists - Blacklie, Vol. 1

Blacklie, Vol. 1
by Massimiliano Perasso and Nick Arjolas, foreword by Lina Pallotta
Various artists: Lina Pallotta, Matteo Bastianelli, Mateusz Sarello, J.A. Mortam, Fabio Sgroi, Pierangelo Laterza, Marco Marzocchi, Piero Roi, Sofia Bucci.
Softcover, Off-Set Digital
15x21cm | 400 pages
Edition: 300 copies numbered signature
Price: 35€ + shipping

"Photography seeks to highlight, to uncover what not always we like to see or accept, but the dichotomy between truth and lie does not belong to photography.We should accept the complex nature of the image, as deceptive, subjective and manipulative. Lies sometimes go along with the desire to embellish or disguise something that makes us feel guilty or wrong: here too, perhaps, something about photography is hiding, isn’t it?"

02 October 2014

Rodrigo Miragaia - As Taínhas (The Mullets)

As Taínhas (The Mullets)
Rodrigo Miragaia
48 pages, 27,5x19,5 cm (closed)
printed in the two most cheapest printers I could find
12,50 € + shipping

Edition: "This is a very particular edition. When my work was printing in a cheap local store, the printer broke down and the owner said she was going to buy a new one. So, I had to finish the work in another store. From this first edition, I just manage to print 10 copies, and if there's more demand, I'll print it again, but with different papers and brilliance. At this time, I make 10 zines at the time, cause I can't afford to have more books in my house. "

"Photozine about the feast of the mullets in the Tagus River (Lisbon/Portugal), their dance with the jellyfish and the struggle for survival at the outputs sewage."

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João Pedro Marnoto - Journey With No Route

Journey With No Route
by João Pedro Marnoto
Hardcover, Off-Set Printing
19x24cm | 58 pages
Edition: 400 copies
Price: 15€ + shipping

"Journey With No Route by João Pedro Marnoto is a work that comes from an inner need of research, addressing the representation of the human experience upon a reflection on contemporaneity. An intimate exercise of awareness, where instinct reflects upon reason and vice-versa, in moments that intersect interior and exterior realities. Ultimately, an analysis upon the emotional and compulsive act of collecting and preserving memories, and therefore to revive and recreate them. Where the end is the journey itself. Such as life."

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27 September 2014

Felix Wilson - Winter, Possums

Winter, Possums
Felix Wilson
28 pages, A5 (15 x 21cm, 5 x 8 in)
Edition of 50
$11AUD + postage

"Photographs of Brushtail Possums made at night over two consecutive winters, in and around Hobart and Melbourne, Australia. A study of beings living in and around contemporary cities, sustaining themselves from human discards and making their lives in places constructed for other purposes."

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26 September 2014

Kasia Klimpel - Still

Kasia Klimpel
Vincent van Baar (design slipcase)
8 softcover booklets in a slipcase
14 cm x 20 cm/ 192 pages
edition of 250
offset print
40 Euro plus shipping

"Still consists of 8 booklets (Sun, Moon, Horizon, Mountain, Field, Sky I, Sky II and Cosmos) and has been inspired by cliché images of nature."

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24 September 2014

Pere Saguer - No saquen las flores

No saquen las flores
Pere Saguer
28 pages
140mm x 195mm
Edition of 100
Colour laser print on cyclus recycled paper
Price: 7 Euros (shipping included) or £5,4 (shipping included)

"Mexico is a country with lots of contrasts, especially social and cultural, but in this photozine I’ve put together a series of photographs that shares a particular theme I saw when I visited the country a year ago: the mexicans and their plants." Includes photographs of the following cities: Distrito Federal, Teotihuacán de Arista, Oaxaca and Veracruz.

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Fabrizio Musu - This is Nowhere

This is Nowhere
Fabrizio Musu
32 pages
A5, 21x15 cm
edition of 50, hand-numbered
high quality offset digital hp indigo, black&white
6 € + shipping

"Landscapes and fragments from the coastal strip in the extreme north of Sinis, Sardinia, between 39°58’48.6’’N, 8°23’35.8’’E and 40°02’38.2’’N,8°23’20.2’’E, where I spent the month of August since I was three years old."

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Jason Rusnock - Solar Power #2

Solar Power #2
Jason Rusnock
20 pages
21.60 x 21.60 cm (8.50 x 8.50 in)
digital print
edition of 100
$5.00 USD + shipping

"Light and time are photography’s most fundamental elements; light and shadow create form, and time determines their recorded values. Through manipulations in the photographic process, these images captured on film are presented in ways unique to the medium. They illustrate details both seen by the human eye, and those seen only by the camera."

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Bruno Quinquet - Salaryman Project business schedule 2015

Salaryman Project business schedule 2015
by Bruno Quinquet
Bureau d'Etudes Japonaises
64 pages, 53 color photographs, B5 size (18.2 x 25.7cm or 7.2 x 10.1 inches), soft cover.
comes along with a A3 poster
400 copies, offset printed in Japan
Price: €20 + shipping

"After witnessing the mysterious presence of an office worker dressed in suit in a forest near Mount Fuji, Bruno Quinquet conceived the “Salaryman Project”. In this photo series, Tokyo’s male office workers (aka salarymen) seem to constantly escape the gaze of the camera. The action -or lack of it- unfolds around the changing seasons in the Japanese capital. Beyond the daily routine, these fleeting moments may reveal deeper aspects of Japanese society. This body of work is being published as a series of illustrated Japanese professional agendas (bilingual JP/EN). This the 3rd and last volume."

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21 September 2014

Goro Bertz - Black Market Photography

Black Market Photography
by Goro Bertz
Design by Iti Forsberg
Publisher: Wez Wenedikter/Azid Eye
Print: Offset, Göteborgstryckeriet, Sweden
Paper: Arctic Paper, Sweden (Arctic volume highwhite150 g)
16 pages, 29,7x21 cm (A4)
Edition: 666
Price: €8 + (worldwide shipping €4)

"Twenty-five years young, bored, tired of Sweden and its contemporary photography scene - what should you do as a creative artist/photographer? Moving to London´s "East End" area? Goro Bertz decided to emigrate to Japan and its capital Tokyo in order to develop his photographic skill, especially in areas around the Shinjuku district."

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Rae Eden - R _ _

R _ _
Rae Eden
30 pages, 13 × 17.8cm / ~5 × 7in
Edition of 30, numbered
1-color risograph
¥600 + shipping

"日本語 R is the first of three selections from six years of the author's Polaroid record."

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Timur Yüksel - Longings

Timur Yüksel
52 pages, 14,2 x 21cm (5,6 x 8,3")
Limited Edition of 50 copies incl. 1 signed 5x7" silver gelatin print
Typewritten and inkjet-printed on Munken paper
35€ incl. worldwide shipping

"Longings deals with a diversity of people, encounters and attitudes towards life, as well as with hoping and failing. Individually, it focuses on life as such with all its differences and similarities. Loud, quiet, intrusive and modest pictures- just as contradictory as the personalities they show. However, there is something that connects them all - the longing for something they can trust in."

17 September 2014

Maria Daniela Quirós - Others’ Still Lifes

Others’ Still Lifes
Maria Daniela Quirós
48 pages, 17 x 23.5cm
Limited Edition of 52 copies (Hand numbered)
Full Colour, Digital print
1 postcard
10€ + Shipping

"Others’ Still Lifes photozine shows the pictures I took in a building I was temporarily working in during May, 2012. After exploring the space and asking around, I discovered that on one of the floors still life painting and sculpture classes were being given to retirees and hobbyists. During that month I visited these rooms on multiple occasions and documented the space and the continuously changing still lifes."

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Dani Cardona - Paraiso

Dani Cardona
165 x 230 mm / 88 pages / 44 colour plates
Offset print on Munken Polar 130gr
Design by Tomeu Darder
Edition of 500
Price: 22€ plus shipping

"Not long ago we were happy. We travelled once a year, around Spain, not a great deal. Paella on Sundays, a car per person and the confidence that we could deal with the unexpected events." Paraíso is the story of those who bought a ticket to the promised land and saw it vanish. Of those who left to fight for their dreams and those who fled looking for hope.

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13 September 2014

Miren Pastor - Bidean

Miren Pastor
Editing: Miren Pastor + Gonzalo Golpe + Alberto Salván
Design: Tres Tipos Gráficos
Prepress: Víctor Garrido
Text: Iván del Rey de la Torre
Translation: Federico Clavarino
Offset printed at Artes Gráficas Palermo, Madrid
32 pages, 17 x 23,5 cm
500 copies
15 € + shipping

"In Basque, Bidean means that something or somebody is in the process of something and the project explores the processes of change in adolescence and the wavering environment. The publication functions both as a photobook and as an exhibition resource. For that purpose it is necessary to use two unbound books, making use of both the front and back pages and arranging them with the help of the indicated coordinates, to create a wall installation."

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Corrado Dalcò - Carne Cruda

Carne Cruda
Photographs by Corrado Dalcò
44 pages, cm.29.7x21 (A4)
1 color Indigo print on Fedrigoni Symbol Freelife gloss 250 and 115 grams
Edition of 100 copies
Poster A2
Edition of 100 copies
1 color offset print on Favini Lightset Affiso fuxia 90 grams
Printed in Italy
Price: 20 Euro

"Carne Cruda is the new book by Corrado Dalcò and has the shape of a magazine. Inside 32 black and white photographs printed on 44 pages and attached a poster printed on bill posting fuxia paper"

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Beatriz S. González Jiménez - Escribo pájaros

Escribo pájaros
Beatriz S. González Jiménez
16 pages + 4 (1 insert laser polyester)
8 color photographs + hand drawing
Print: Digital print
Binding: black staples sewing
Type of paper: Munken Pure 120g
Edition: 100 copies

"Escribo pájaros is a visual poem and a little tribute to Cortázar, who put the words into my pictures before they where taken. I draw myself some birds on the pages of the zine, so each one is unique and different from the other ones."

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11 September 2014

Various - Timeshow Cinq

Timeshow Cinq
Thomas Van Den Driessche, Jukka Onnela, Anya Schiller, Colette Saint-Yves, Sebastian Szyd, Pierre Masseau, Maki
280 pages, digital b&w
22,00 × 14,60 cm, paperback
Edition: 100 ex.
21€ + shipping

The photographers of Timeshow are storytellers, and for this special issue we picked the best black and white storytellers, people who use the deepest shades of photographic blacks just as a writer would use the darkest ink to picture his world. Emotions and information mingle in their works to reveal unexpected aspects of the world around us. This is the bet we make: photography is the language we use to describe worlds when words are not enough. To connect all that to our world, each story is introduced by a handwritten letter from the photographer - the last trace of coded language. Past this, the reader is free to wander in a world of photographs."

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Fosi Vegue - XY XX

Fosi Vegue
Editing: Fosi Vegue + Eloi Gimeno
Design: Eloi Gimeno
Prepress: Víctor Garrido
108 pages
34 x 16 cm
25 €

"An inner courtyard faces a row of rooms where prostitutes take their clients. Out of view at an opposite window, the photographer witnesses what should remain unseen. Issues such as prostitution or pornography only become problematic when the system, or a society at the service of that system, deem them to be so. Nor would they exist in the absence of a legal framework that lays down the limits of what can and cannot be seen in public. In this context, sex becomes a control mechanism."

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Kai Bornhöft - Exit Ghost

Exit Ghost
Kai Bornhöft
PRO Langhans, Prague
48 pages, 19cm * 26cm, Offset printing, Tritone
Printing: optimal media
Hardcover with concrete mounted surfaces
500 copies
35 € (+shipping)
NB: A special edition (of 35) comes in a folder (approx. 24cm*32cm), hand bound + includes a signed and numbered print, please send an email for further information and a pdf

"The temperature climbs above 104˚. Shimmering heat lies above the desert city. What can thrive on this patch of earth where nothing really should rise up? It is too hot and dry to live…The pictures were taken between 2006-2009 in the city of Dubai."

08 September 2014

Eric Gottesman & Sudden Flowers - Sudden Flowers

Sudden Flowers
by Eric Gottesman with Sudden Flowers
Published by Fishbar
Edit: Eric Gottesman, Philipp Ebeling, Olivia Arthur
Design: Melanie Mues
144 Pages
28 cm x 22.7 cm (11 in x 8.9 in)
Edition: 1000 (1st 100 signed and numbered; all books come with a unique envelope, handmade and decorated by the members of Sudden Flowers; there is also a special edition of 50)
Printing: Offset (CMYK and duotone) printed at Optimal in Germany
Price: 38 Euros + shipping

"Since 1999, American artist Eric Gottesman’s ongoing collaboration with Sudden Flowers, a collective of children living in Addis Ababa, has produced a body of work of profound depth and poetic lightness. In re-imagining the harsh realities the children experienced on the streets and in their homes in the wake of their parents’ deaths – including the trauma of grief, physical abuse and AIDS-related stigma – the young collective and Gottesman probed the possibilities of image making as a tool for self-expression, healing and teaching others."

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06 September 2014

Tiago Casanova - Pearl

by Tiago Casanova
Published by XYZ Books
Edit and Sequence: Tiago Casanova, Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou
Design: Tiago Casanova
Cover Artwork: Pascal Ferreira
Silkscreen: Carapau Amarelo
128 Pages
22,7 x 18 cm
Edition of 500 (475 regular copies + 25 special editions with fine art print)
Offset Printing and Hardcover hand-bonded by the author
30 € + Shipping

"Pearl* - Hard object that grows around a grain of sand or other foreign matter as a defensive measure of certain molluscules. This metaphorical book is about the relation between the subjective senses of beauty and ugliness, and the borderline between the dichotomy Human/Nature, working specifically on Madeira Island, known as the Pearl of the Atlantic."

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05 September 2014

Christophe Le Toquin - Éléments d'une typologie de l'urbanisation contemporaine d'un village français de deux mille huit cent trente neuf habitants - Vol #5

Éléments d'une typologie de l'urbanisation contemporaine d'un village français de deux mille huit cent trente neuf habitants - Vol #5
Christophe Le Toquin
Number of pages 24
Size : 18 x 24 cm
Edition size: 50
Digital printing
Price 15 euros plus shipping

"This book is the fifth in a series of 10 books about a French village. After the evocation of vegetation in volume #1, water in volume #2, public places and equipment in volume #3, typology of networks in volume #4, volume #5 is dedicated to fences and boundaries with a text by the Mayor of the village."

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03 September 2014

Heiner Luepke - Signs

by Heiner Luepke
56 Pages 21x25cm
edition of 111 (100 regular copies + 11 pieces with artprint on demand)
37,- euro including worldwide shipping

"A book about beauty in the strange and weird world of dreams and the tension of darkly visions with their hidden symbolics. A strictly personal work."

Ana Zaragoza - Tres

by Ana Zaragoza
Translation: Dario Quomdanstefano
16 pages / (9,5 x 13) cm
Second edition 50 copies
Inkjet home printer
12 €

"We are three sisters and each and any one of us are granted the number three according to numerology. The number three was greatly present in our lives, being three, someone always had to stay in the middle seat of the car, and being the third born it always had to be me."

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Giovanni Del Brenna - Ibidem

by Giovanni Del Brenna
Edit : Giovanni Del Brenna, Fred Ritchin, and Teun van der Heijden
Design : Heijden Karwei
Scaning and post-production : Davide Di Gianni
Prepress : Sebastiaan Hanekroot
Texts by : Marc Augé and Carole Naggar
132 pages (14 half pages)
170 x 230 mm
Edition of 800 (including special editions)
Screen printed whole linen hard cover
45€ + shipping

"Ibidem is a book about globalization, about the lack and the loss of roots, about the mutation of cities. It is a subjective point of view on the evolution of great cities. These are converging towards each other, becoming the “same place”(Ibidem in latin), while distancing themselves from their countries of origin. It is my point of view, the point of view of a member of the so-called “international community”."

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01 September 2014

David Hornillos - Mediodía

David Hornillos
Editing: Antonio Xoubanova, David Hornillos

Design: Eloi Gimeno

Prepress: Víctor Garrido
128 pages
18.8 x 13.2 cm
28 € + shipping

"Mediodía presents an enveloping world of orange brick bathed in a vibrant light that irresistibly draws in and traps all living beings like a dragnet. With the colour orange in a leading role, David’s work faces the viewer against this brick wall, drawing him into the atmosphere of a stifling and hypnotic mental state."

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