01 September 2014

David Hornillos - Mediodía

David Hornillos
Editing: Antonio Xoubanova, David Hornillos

Design: Eloi Gimeno

Prepress: Víctor Garrido
128 pages
18.8 x 13.2 cm
28 € + shipping

"Mediodía presents an enveloping world of orange brick bathed in a vibrant light that irresistibly draws in and traps all living beings like a dragnet. With the colour orange in a leading role, David’s work faces the viewer against this brick wall, drawing him into the atmosphere of a stifling and hypnotic mental state."

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Tim Morris - We Are Leeds

We Are Leeds
By Tim Morris
Design By Peter Ward
Size: 31cm x 22.5 cm
Pages: 28
Photos: 16
Digital Print on uncoated stock
Price: £12.00 + shipping

"A series of portraits featuring the infamous Leeds United football team of the 1970’s using ‘Bubble Gum’ cards from the period. Each scenario reflects the occupation each player adopted when they retired from the game. These 70′s icons blending back into public life as market stall holders, insurance brokers and social workers."

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31 August 2014

Achraf Baznani - Through my lens

Through my lens
Achraf Baznani
62 pages – 21 x 21 cm
Offset / Indigo - Digital offset
Edition size: 150
Price: $12

“Through my lens” has expressed very well the thought that pictures speaks louder than words. Every picture is deeply expressing individual’s happiness, sorrows, loneliness and those through moments which remains closed to ones thoughts and never get expressed to others. In short the photo book has summarized the human life in very impressive manner."

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Adriano Zanni - Red Desert Chronicles

Red Desert Chronicles (Postacrds from Ravenna)
by Adriano Zanni
Published by: Boring Machiens
61 single A4 Risograph prints, printed on recycled 215gr paper
housed in a thick carton brown box with screeprinting + Booklet with texts (Eng/Ita)
Edition: 200 copies
Price: 35 euro + shipping

"A photographic investigation about Michelangelo Antonioni’s masterpiece “The Red Desert”. The movie was shot in 1964 in the valley of Piallassa, an area north of the city of Ravenna which has a ghostly and suggestive aspect. Fifty years after the film's release, this collection of photos titled “Red Desert chronicles represent a temporal journey on the original location of the movie."

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24 August 2014

Otto Kaan - The Story Of Lulu

The Story Of Lulu
by Otto Kaan
graphic design: Xavier Fernández Fuentes
size: several/of picture=148x210cm/5.8x8.3in
20 pictures + booklets
printing: digital on glitter paper
edition: 15
price: 200 euro - collection of the 7booklets in box

"Box with seven booklets documenting our search for the duke of magenta and the origins of the color."

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Laurent Champoussin - Berlin, Sommer, Efrén

Berlin, Sommer, Efrén.
by Laurent Champoussin
32 pages, size : 14,5 cm x 21 cm (A5)
Edition: 20 regular edition, 10 special edition with an additional print
pigment print (digital)
price: 35 euros (regular edition) /  60 euros (special edition)

"A book about Berlin, woods, red fruits and moustache."

23 August 2014

Fabrizio Albertini - The Mecca of Coney Island

The Mecca of Coney Island
by Fabrizio Albertini
published by Skinnerboox
52 pages, 19,5x30cm
150 copies signed and numbered
Bw Indigo print on Fedrigoni Arcorpint
16,00 eu.

"A series of polaroids about the famous handball's court of Coney Island."
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14 August 2014

Ruth van Beek - Dancing Figures (The Manuals #2)

Dancing Figures (The Manuals #2)
Ruth van Beek
28 pages, 30 x 12,5 cm (11,8 x 4,9 in) 
Edition of 100, numbered and signed
Digital black and white
18€ excl. shipping

"The Manuals is an ongoing series; an attempt to showcase the work methodology behind the artist's practice. Dancing Figures reproduces photograph crops from a vintage dancing manual, using the book's spine as the formation axis of unexpected combos and impossible dance moves."

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13 August 2014

Various - Born Yesterday, Næver // Antenner, Horisont

Born Yesterday, Næver // Antenner, Horisont
Names: Jonas Greve Handskemager, Christian Klintholm and Bertil Trolle
Size: 3 x 40 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, perfect bound
Edition: 3 x 60 numered copies
full color digital print on Scandia 2000 white paper
£: 20

"To capture the everyday life to tell stories about the unseen aspect of life, in a personal and poetic way.
By contrast, made the prosaic subject of our interest and curiosity and thus becomes itself something out of the ordinary."

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Various - Private

Adam Kencki, Alexandra Melean, David Kregenow, Fábio M. Roque, Frederic Dorizon, Hisashi Murayama, Hu Manu, Lucia Kuklisova, Maria Vasilkova, Mário Venda Nova and Mariya Ustymenko..
Photozine, 52 pages, 210 mm x 148 mm
Editon of 100 numered copies
Digital print
6 € + shipping

"Private show eleven different approaches on the subject, private space."

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12 August 2014

Various - Sunday Mornings at the River #2

Sunday Mornings at the River #2
Sanne Poppeliers & Rebecca Rijsdijk, Michael McCraw, Gerard Weitering, Alec Soth, Simon de la Court, Maarten Boswijk and Ariel Rosenbloom
44 pages
Edition of 200

"Sunday Mornings at the River is about exploration. The zine contains work of photographers that take their camera's with them on the road and into the mountains."

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11 August 2014

Anna Meschiari - Atlas

Anna Meschiari
5 Books, each 28 pages in a handmade cardboard box
b&w digital printing
140 x 170 mm
Edition of 10
96 € + shipping costs

"Atlas is the name of the well known Titan that carried the heaven on his shoulders. It is also the name of the vertebra that supports the skull, one of the craters of the Moon, a satellite of Saturn, the largest butterfly of the world, a bodybuilder, a pizza, a condom, a car radio, a chain of mountains, of the well known work of Gerhard Richter,… Things and beings, places and works of art, by the name of Atlas through the world are countless – and more the images representing it circulating on the Internet. Some have retain me. A collection took shape. But what to a such a profusion? Titanic task… as infinite."

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Paula Prats - Northwestern wild

Northwestern wild
Paula Prats
24 pages
140mm x 195mm
Edition of 100
Colour laser print on cyclus recicled paper
5,60 Euros (shipping included) or £5,6 (shipping included)

"In trip to Canada, in a small island near Vancouver, Paula Prats begins a visual narrative story in a subjective way, shooting all the incidents that happen around focusing on elements that make the place unique."

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João Cruz - Persona

João Cruz
36 Pages
215 x 275 mm
Hardcover, hand stitched
Digital Printing
Price: €16 + shipping

"The actor is a cornerstone of Theater, being the target of several considerations through the twentieth century, acquiring a relevant place in today’s society. The fact that the actor plays others than himself, taking the name Persona, leads us to question values of personal identity and truth."

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Rene de Haan - Mooi

Rene de Haan
152 pages
245 x 345mm
numbered edition of 1000
Offset printing
€30,95 (without shipping costs)

"Mooi (the Dutch word for beauty) is a selection of my uncommissioned work, mostly nudes, from the past 15 years. So yes, the pictures in this book contain nudity for sure, but nudity is not the main subject, they're more portraits of young women than erotic displays. The majority is shot without styling and make-up, pure and honest, mainly shot with daylight, and very little photoshop used."

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30 July 2014

Marton Gosztonyi - Bristol & Budapest

Bristol & Budapest
Marton Gosztonyi
100 pages
297 x 210 mm
Edition of 20 (10 Bristol & 10 Budapest)

"Budapest is where I was brought up, Bristol is where my home is know, this book is dedicated to this two cities. B&B is a twin edition photo book, a dialogue between the two cities."

27 July 2014

Ekaterina Anokhina - Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia
Ekaterina Anokhina
32 pages, with a silkscreen printed envelope
21 x 29.7 cm
90 numbered copies + 10 copies with a silver gelatin print
20 € (regular edition)

"'And where is it, this place?' 'That’s the point, it is nowhere. It is quite impossible to say that it is located anywhere in the geographical sense. Inner Mongolia is not called that because it is inside Mongolia. It is inside anyone who can see the void, although the word ‘inside’ is quite inappropriate here.' (From “Chapayev and Void” by Victor Pelevin, translated by Andrew Bromfield)"

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Lemuel Chanyungco - Pull For Life

Pull For Life
Lemuel Chanyungco
28 pages
148 x 210mm
Numbered edition of 100
Colour inkjet printing
£9.50 (inc UK postage)

"‘Pull For Life’ features a series of photographs from around the world by Lemuel Chanyungco. Locations include: USA, Germany, Philippines, Holland, Finland and China."

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24 July 2014

Polly Brown - Plants

Polly Brown
120 pages
Numbered Edition of 500

"Pau Wau Publications is pleased to present PLANTS, a new photographic monograph by London-based artist Polly Brown that focuses on the potted plants found in the offices of the world’s most iconic brands. The fruit of two years of tireless PLANT hunting, this casebound 120-page volume, with a foreword from THE EDEN PROJECT founder Sir Tim Smit, explores the interdependence and inextricability of man and nature in even the most man-made of environments. By drawing attention to and reinterpreting corporate and cultural icons through individual portraits of office foliage, Brown offers a wholly unique and affecting portrayal of the universality of human nature."

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23 July 2014

Tara Wray - Come Again When You Can't Stay So Long

Come Again When You Can't Stay So Long
Tara Wray
52 pages
6" x 9"
digital print
edition of 125 (includes a DVD of Manhattan, Kansas)
$35 + shipping

"A study of love, mortality, mental illness, and the ambivalence of family ties. A photobook follow up to the 2006 documentary Manhattan, Kansas."

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22 July 2014

Calin Kruse - Darkest

Calin Kruse
Photobook (3 books: “Darkest” (around) printed on 285 g/m² silver metallic paper / “Kaputt” printed on 200 g/m² vellum paper / “Whole” printed on grey paper)
76 pages in total
Hand bound
20 x 28 cm
10 copies / year (every year, only 10 copies of "Darkest" will be manufactured)
120 €

"'I am terrified by this dark thing that sleeps in me.' – Sylvia Plath"

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John K. - Sitting

John K.
8 x 6 in.
64 pages
Text and one photograph by Eric Kroll
Edition of 300

"Sitting features a selection of vintage photographs by a previously unknown photographer named John K., who had a passion for photographing nude women sitting on all manner of unlikely things: pies, cakes, bread, fish bowls, cats and vegetables, both indoors and out. This select edit comes from a much larger archive of hundreds of John K. photographs owned by Eric Kroll, himself a well-known fetish photographer, collector and editor of several books on the subject of erotic art and photography."

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Fred Cray - Conversations

Fred Cray
64 Pages
Edition of 200 plus 22 collector's copies
Digital Four Color

"Conversations is Fred Cray's new book, photographs of words. The photographs are interwoven with inner monologues from an illustrated book from the 1960's creating a discussion between today and the 1960's. Adding another element to the Unique Photographs project a signed 6"x9" unique photograph is included with each book."

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14 July 2014

Riccardo Nava - La Discüteca di Satana

La Discüteca di Satana
Riccardo Nava
52 pages
210 x 150mm
digital print color
First edition in 20 copies
Price 6 Euro + delivery cost

"La Discüteca di Satana is a photographic project focused on the Berlin's minimal wave/new wave parties."

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Various artists - Radiata

William Horan, Jacob Raupach, and Felix Wilson
32 pages
A5 (148 x 210mm, 5.8 x 8.3 inches)
Edition of 100
AUD $7 + $5 P+H

"In Radiata, three emerging artists have created a document exploring the relationship between humans and radiata pine, the most widely planted softwood species in the world, and one that is classified as endangered in its native habitat. The species seems to exist between categories of nature and culture, and the publication explores this through photographic imagery created by the artists and drawn from archival sources."

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13 July 2014

Andrew G. Smith - Je ne peux pas comprendre Eddy

Je ne peux pas comprendre Eddy
Andrew G. Smith
60 pages
210 x 150mm
colour and b&w
digital print
Edition of 50 signed and numbered copies
Price £15 + postage and packing

"I still have no idea what was driving him. It’s easy to flippantly say that he was a monster, or ‘The Cannibal’, or to document the palmarès. But, given the manner of those victories, it’s a mystery."

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Aaron McElroy - Portraits II

Portraits II
Aaron McElroy
Volume 2 of 3
8.5x5.5” (215.9 x 139.7mm)
Hand made
Staple Bound
Pigment Print Soft Cover
20 Laser Jet Pages
With 2 Prints:
9.5 x 6.5” (241.3165.1 mm)
11 x 7.5” x (279.5 190.5 mm)
Edition of 100
40 USD + shipping

"Portraits stems greatly from alter egos and what we view as a portrait. I think historically people have always made masks as a way to live in an alternate reality. From African masks to masquerade parties…"

11 July 2014

Céline Marique - Little Bombardier

Little Bombardier
Céline Marique
18 x 24 cm (7,1 x 9,4 in), 40p., 
indekeuken editions 2014
Risograph print @ Chez Rosi
Letterpress print @ Tipozero
23€ + shipping

[...] Sunshine entered our Frankie's days
Gone his worries, his hopeless maze
His life was fun and his heart was full of joy
Two young children had changed his aims
He gave them toffees and played their games
He brought them presents with every coin he made [...]

Frederico Malaca - Cinco Zero Meia

Cinco Zero Meia
Frederico Malaca
42 pages
2 copies
18cm x 24cm
digital print

"On my way to the nature I found my self lost in the city. Cinco zero meia gathers some photos that I made on a trip to brasil, capturing some adventures in the city and the failure in finding the exotic Brasil"

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08 July 2014

Phil Jackson - borderline retarded #10 - THE DEATH ISSUE

borderline retarded #10 - THE DEATH ISSUE
Phil Jackson
20 pages
5.5 x 8.5 inches (14 x 21.5cm)
Edition of 200 (hand-numbered in white-out)
Digital laser print
 $5 postage paid

"The last and final issue in a 10-year, 10-zine saga published annually on the 4th of July. 35mm photos of skateboard / travel culture collaged with handwritten musings on the American west, private property, food, shelter, life, death, heaven and hell."

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07 July 2014

Luke Van Aurich - Thanks But No Thanks

Thanks But No Thanks
Luke Van Aurich
36 pages
210mm x 148mm
Edition of 75
B/W laser printed

"Thanks But No Thanks is a series of Luke's observations and encounters across the urban sprawl and country side in South East Australia"

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02 July 2014

Ross Williams - You can't get lost in Berlin

You can't get lost in Berlin
Ross Williams
Preface text: Lucy Bentham
98 pages
297 x 210 mm (11.6 x 8.2 in)
Limited Edition of 25, includes signed and numbered 8x10 C-type hand print by the artist
Digital Print
£15 including UK shipping

"In February 2014 during a month long stay in Berlin, I walked the scarred strip of land that encircles the city in which the Berlin wall once stood. The selection of images showcased in this book are a poetic document of contemporary Berlin as it attempts to shape its future and they are also a portrait of myself. I tried to lose myself within this unfamiliar environment to gain clarity of Berlin and a better understanding of myself. But you can't get lost in Berlin; you always end up at a wall."

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01 July 2014

Pedro Ramos - Ilha

Pedro Ramos
72 pages
21.6 cm x 27.9 cm (8 1/2" x 11")
First Edition 500 copies

"The photographs in this book could simply function as a love letter to a semi-utopian locale, but above all delve into insularity and some of its underlying characteristics: isolation as privilege/disadvantage; isolation itself and man's interaction with nature and its subsequent destruction."

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30 June 2014

Luke Shaw - Approachi Significans

Approachi Significans
Luke Shaw
42 pages
8.5 x 11 in (216 x 279 mm)
Edition of 30, signed and numbered
Perfect bound laser prints with letterpress covers
Includes 4 x 5 in pamphlet with essay by author and colophon
$55 + shipping

"The content of a theoretical physics book and the smell of you cat's pee equivalently have the potential to induce an idea. Incoming perceptions become linked to stored perceptions through similarity or context, thus there is typically a traceable mental workflow of A to B to C to D. Approachi Significans is the transcript of A to 7."

Stefan Vanthuyne - The hill that wasn't

The hill that wasn't
Stefan Vanthuyne
28 pages
Edition of 500
Offset printing, screenprinted linen cover
25 euro + shipping

"The hill that wasn't is a small book about an unexpected landscape, designed as a haiku and held together by the writings of Yutaka Takanashi."

Tanja Lažetić - Train Stations from Vienna to Istanbul in Alphabetical Order

Train Stations from Vienna to Istanbul in Alphabetical Order
Tanja Lažetić
48 Pages
10,4 x 15 cm (4.1 in x 15.9 in)
Edition: 300
Offset, softcover, sewn
8 € + shipping

"Biser is Bulgarian village and only one of the many places on the way from Vienna to Istanbul. Biser means pearl in most southern Slavic languages. I do not know why it got this name because it seems the exact opposite of a shiny pearl. But that's why I like it and that’s why it is the only image in the book."

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Andrew Hammerand - The New Town, Vol. 3

The New Town, Vol. 3
Andrew Hammerand
74 pages
8.5"x11" (21.59cm x 27.94cm)
First edition of 25, signed and numbered
Laser prints, full color

"As the third and final installment of 'The New Town', Volume 3 turns the screw and presents a hyper-specific yet banal view of one citizen as she goes about her day. Ultimately questioning the limitations of privacy and photographic interpretation, this sequence may require multiple reads."

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Fábio M. Roque - River

Fábio M. Roque
16 pages
210 mm x 148 mm
Edition of 15 signed & numered copies
Digital print
5 € + shipping

"River is a photography project where I propose an analysis and reflection to our emotional relationships, and also our relation with the environment."

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26 June 2014

Bojan Radovic - YU & ME

YU & ME 
Bojan Radovic
238 pages
21 x 15 cm
Perfect bound
Black & white digital printing on cyclus offset paper
Hand numbered & signed edition of 40 copies + 10 H.C. (hors de commerce)
 Price: 25,00 EUR + shipping

»All photos in this publication were made in the eighties, during the existence of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. At that time country was slowly declining after the death of TITO. In my life that decade was important in many ways, I graduated, I got my first job, I married with Ksenija and we got first child David. One of the projects I did (and it is unfinished as the state collapsed meanwhile) had a working title Images from Yugoslavia. Now this work is re-collected in this publication.«

Rick Hekman - 7 Hoog

7 Hoog
Rick Hekman
64 pages
16 x 23,5 cm (6,3 X 9,25inch)
Edition of 200 (numbered)
€19,95 without shipping

"All photographs are taken from location: N 52°04.283’ E 004°19.463’ GPS"

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Special Edition

7 Hoog, special edition.
Rick Hekman
64 pages
16 x 23,5 cm (6,3 X 9,25inch)

The Special Edition comes with:
- Signed photobook
- Handmade box.
- Fine art photoprint 16 x 23,5 cm (6,3 X 9,25inch)

Edition of 10 (numbered)
€125,- without shipping

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Elmer Driessen - Opslag Exoten

Opslag Exoten
Elmer Driessen
29 prints in archival folder, 26 x 34,5 cm (10,2 x 13,5 in)
Edition of 50, numbered and signed
Graphic design Xavier Fernández Fuentes
Digital full color print
55€ + shipping

"The species displayed in this publication are all invasive species found within the city borders of Amsterdam and preserved at biodiversity center Naturalis in Leiden (NL). Photographs were taken at Naturalis throughout the months of October and November 2012, and shot with a Hasselblad medium format camera with digital back."

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24 June 2014

Skylar Blum - Sole (in-progress)

Sole (in-progress)
Skylar Blum
92 pages
8.5 x 11 in (216 x 279 mm)
Edition of 500
$30.00 + Shipping

"Sole (in-progress) is an abstract visual poem which describes a pilgrimage through consciousness. The images render this infinite progress or process of finding/realizing a singular all inclusive existence and consciousness as a sort of maze with no ending. Abandon what you know, calm your mind, and feel your own truth. Anything you say is part of the illusion."

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19 June 2014

Enver Hirsch - Bangkok Curbside

Bangkok Curbside
Enver Hirsch
Essay by Peter Lindhorst (in German)
Cardboard box, 16 x 11,5cm (6,3 x 4,5), including 4 Leporellos with 8 images each 15 x 94,5cm (5,9 x 37,2)
Edition 500, hand-numbered
Cover hand-stamped, leporellos printed in offset
14,50 Euro (plus shipping)

"During the 14 months that I spent in Bangkok between 2010 and 2011, I stumbled across many objects that had been crafted without any artistic intent, and that, through being photographed, unfolded a strange sculptural quality. The box comprises four series that translate to 'parking place blockers', 'curbside objects', 'squeeze faces' and 'boardwalk backdrops'."

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Thomas Bonfert - Photo Album: Herrenreisen 2013

Photo Album: Herrenreisen 2013
Thomas Bonfert
19 color photographs (C-prints 6x8inch and 6,7x5inch) glued with photo corners
Edition of 15, signed
40 pages
8,3x11,7 inch
Price: 28€ + shipping

"Herrenreisen 2013, is the photo story of two bike rides of 3 friends in Europe."

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18 June 2014

Kristina Williamson - One Year on Kythera

One Year on Kythera
Kristina Williamson
Foreword by John Stathatos
160 Pages
25 x 37 cm (9.8 in x 14.6 in)
$49.00 USA / €39.00 EU / £39.00 UK

"Kristina Williamson explores the intersection of art, ethnography, and globalization in her close study of the Greek island of Kythera. In intimate photographs that cut across genres—landscapes, portraits, interiors—Williamson explores themes of memory and tradition in the faces of those who stay and the absences of those who leave. These images—shot in gorgeous 35mm film—eschew nostalgia and often probe deeper to a level of the everyday surreal, an ongoing theme in Williamson’s work."

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17 June 2014

Alex Johns - Selfie on The Bund

Selfie on The Bund
Alex Johns
36 pages
Edition of 88
Indigo digital print
£8 (Free UK postage + £2 for international postage)

"From miniature cities and portable fish to department store mascots and reflections that smile. 'Selfie on The Bund' is a photo book documenting journeys through the districts of Shanghai."

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Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira - Mixed Places #03

Mixed Places #03
Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira
20 pages
14,8 x 21 cm
Edition: 18
laser black and white print
5 € + shipping

"Sequence of a transition places, two interiors courtyards and a table."

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Hannah Platt - In Bloom

In Bloom
Hannah Platt
60 Pages
A5 (21x15cm)
Perfect bound, Signed, Hand Numbered
Edition of 30
Individual dustcover print taken from the series
£10.00 (Special Edition Copies also available)

"Moving from winter to spring a transition appears. We say goodbye to the brief dark days and welcome the beginning of opportunity. Amongst all of the green, blossom blooms and outshines, creating instant beauty to its surrounding."

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16 June 2014

Nathan Pearce - Midwest Dirt

Midwest Dirt
Nathan Pearce
80 pages
6 1/2 inches x 9 1/4 inches
digital print
edition of 135

"Now it’s just after harvest time, my favorite time of year. The fields are almost cleared and I’m barefoot on my porch with a beer in my hand. I can see for miles."

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