25 May 2010

Ananda Serné - Stil Licht

Title: Stil Licht
Artist: Ananda Serné
150 x 215 mm, 36 pages, full colour, softcover, special paper
Edition size: 200
type of printing: offset
Price: 15USD

"this is her ghosts books series of good morning light. it comes from a girl's inside and dreams. Ananda Serné was born in 1988 in Holland. She grew up on a boat traveling through Europe. Nowadays she still moves around a lot. In her work she is inspired by homesickness as well as a desire to travel around. Stil Licht is Dutch, means 'silent light' in English. This is a book of Ananda Serné's photographs and drawings. The book comes with two posters as a random gift."

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