17 November 2013

Various - BOTY#175

Photographs by: William Mark Sommer, Aaron Wynia, Riley Dwyer, Ramez Silyan, Dallis Willard, Roxanne Gatt, Hunter Moore, Darron Monroe, Nick Lynch, Ivcandie Luzertrendi, Mike Ciauri, Lachlan Waterhouse, Kelly Surdo, Gorsad, Amanada Smith, Sam Dahman, Sybren Vanoverberghe, De Kwok, Brian Green, Tyler Ross, Zak Gold, Marcel Rollock, Jesse Untracht-Oakner, Matt Brackett, Miles Reinhardt, Kate Fobert, Kristiina Kooma, Steph Depetrillo, Prashant Gopsal, Kevin Fisher, Adam Seward, Alex Dixon, Kristina McKune, Ivan Fucich, Pierre Quinn, Jason Maddox, Ricardo Lozano, Brad Westcott, Dimitri Karakostas and Sonia D'Argenzio
44 Pages
Edition of 175
BW xerox

"Our #175th release as a publishing imprint features work from 40 photographers whom we've worked with in the past five years. Formally released as part of an exhibition at The Newsstand in Brooklyn in early November, 2013."

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