03 October 2014

Various artists - Blacklie, Vol. 1

Blacklie, Vol. 1
by Massimiliano Perasso and Nick Arjolas, foreword by Lina Pallotta
Various artists: Lina Pallotta, Matteo Bastianelli, Mateusz Sarello, J.A. Mortam, Fabio Sgroi, Pierangelo Laterza, Marco Marzocchi, Piero Roi, Sofia Bucci.
Softcover, Off-Set Digital
15x21cm | 400 pages
Edition: 300 copies numbered signature
Price: 35€ + shipping

"Photography seeks to highlight, to uncover what not always we like to see or accept, but the dichotomy between truth and lie does not belong to photography.We should accept the complex nature of the image, as deceptive, subjective and manipulative. Lies sometimes go along with the desire to embellish or disguise something that makes us feel guilty or wrong: here too, perhaps, something about photography is hiding, isn’t it?"

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