06 May 2015

Sabine Schründer - EVA-04

by Sabine Schründer
Text: Heide Häusler
Design: Sven-Lindhorst Emme
Editing: Sabine Schründer
Hardcover, 20,5 x 27,5 cm, 72 pages + text inlay 8 pages
Offset printing
Edition: 200 copies + 50 copies special edition
Price: € 45,- 
Special edition with plastic plate & fine-art-print numbered and signed: € 130,-

"Eva-04 is many things at the same time, an expedition to and reflection on a foreign mindset. Created in Japan in 1998, so at some distance from a Western European home, the work formulates basic ideas that question the socio-psychological location of the individual in society. Japan was a good place for Sabine Schründer to approach an idea of the individual by photographically exploring the sensitive nexus of individual and group, of group and society". – Heide Häusler

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