04 July 2015

Juan Hernández - I’m still looking for my own Jane Gallagher

I'm still looking for my own Jane Gallagher
by Juan Hernández
68 pages, 140x210 mm
B&W, Digital Offset
First edition of 100. Second edition of 50. Signed.
Price: 10€

"In "The Catcher in the Rye", J.D. Salinger book, the main character Holden Caulfield meets Jane Gallagher, who could be the love of his life. However, in the book underlies something I consider common in many people and many aspects of life: difficulties imposed by ourselves or by other people to access what we want. Despite having several opportunities to contact her, Holden self-sabotages his relationship. Jane Gallagher is everything we desire. Sometimes it's hidden in dark streets at night and other times it's waiting for us, seated at midday in any park. Elusive. Necessary. I'm still looking for my own Jane Gallagher."

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