24 September 2014

Bruno Quinquet - Salaryman Project business schedule 2015

Salaryman Project business schedule 2015
by Bruno Quinquet
Bureau d'Etudes Japonaises
64 pages, 53 color photographs, B5 size (18.2 x 25.7cm or 7.2 x 10.1 inches), soft cover.
comes along with a A3 poster
400 copies, offset printed in Japan
Price: €20 + shipping

"After witnessing the mysterious presence of an office worker dressed in suit in a forest near Mount Fuji, Bruno Quinquet conceived the “Salaryman Project”. In this photo series, Tokyo’s male office workers (aka salarymen) seem to constantly escape the gaze of the camera. The action -or lack of it- unfolds around the changing seasons in the Japanese capital. Beyond the daily routine, these fleeting moments may reveal deeper aspects of Japanese society. This body of work is being published as a series of illustrated Japanese professional agendas (bilingual JP/EN). This the 3rd and last volume."

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