06 September 2014

Tiago Casanova - Pearl

by Tiago Casanova
Published by XYZ Books
Edit and Sequence: Tiago Casanova, Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou
Design: Tiago Casanova
Cover Artwork: Pascal Ferreira
Silkscreen: Carapau Amarelo
128 Pages
22,7 x 18 cm
Edition of 500 (475 regular copies + 25 special editions with fine art print)
Offset Printing and Hardcover hand-bonded by the author
30 € + Shipping

"Pearl* - Hard object that grows around a grain of sand or other foreign matter as a defensive measure of certain molluscules. This metaphorical book is about the relation between the subjective senses of beauty and ugliness, and the borderline between the dichotomy Human/Nature, working specifically on Madeira Island, known as the Pearl of the Atlantic."

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