05 May 2016

Sébastien Tixier - Allanngorpoq

by Sébastien Tixier
foreword by Stéphane Victor
132 pages, 23x28.5 cm (9.06 x 11.22 inches)
hardcover, 150g paper
offset printing
edition : 500
35€ + shipping

"Greenland is suffering the effects of climate change and over the last few decades its people begin to embrace Western lifestyles and modes of consumption in parallel. Supermarkets and cell phones are slowly making their way into Inuit culture, and traditional outfits made from animal hides are now only used in the North for sled journeys. From the 67th to the 77th parallel north, from modern towns to nights in tent on the sea ice hunting seals, this book provide an artist's look on these contrasts over the country."

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