19 May 2016

Various artists - Pataphysics: the Mirage issue

Pataphysics - the Mirage issue
Edited by Yanni Florence
Additional contributors: Brook Andrew, Hany Armanious, Del Kathryn Barton, Marcus Bergner , Stephen Bram, Claude Cahun, Mark Cohen, Fiona Connor, Mikala Dwyer, Hans Eijkelboom, Ivars Gravlejs, Janina Green, Eliza Hutchison, David Noonan, Ron Padgett, Barrington Vincent Sherman, Michael Williams, Konrad Winkler

158 pages, 21cm x 29cm
Soft cover
Edition of 400
20 AUD$

"Features: Mark Cohen photographs and interview; Hans Eijkelboom's 1973 In the News Paper, in which he contrived to appear on 10 consecutive days in a newspaper photograph; Ivars Gravlejs' photographs from and interview about his book Early Works; and Ron Padgett writing about his meetings with Man Ray."

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