15 January 2010

Beierle + Keijser - Hier gebeurt nooit wat (Nothing ever happens here)

Beierle + Keijser - Hier gebeurt nooit wat (Nothing ever happens here)
Design: Jelle F. Post
Essay by Christophe van Gerrewey
Published by Green Paper Press
ISBN: 978-9078702078
Book: 48 pages, 15 x 21cm 6 x 8,25 inch
Offset, saddle stich bound, full color + overprint on Biotop, cover with flaps
Inserted booklet with translations: 24pp, 10 x 14.7 cm 4 x 5,6 inch
Risograph print on pink paper, stapled
English Edition: 100
€17,50 (EUR or €20,20 (World) incl. S&H

“In door-to-door conversations Beierle + Keijser asked residents of the Heroes of the Sea District where they felt that something dramatic, tragic or memorable had taken place. This question is the significant core of their artistic project; one might wonder if a more legitimate question exists concerning the contemporary public domain. Twenty hand­written texts accompanying the photographs documenting the locations indicated by the residents, describe, a little brazen, often typically Dutch, but always amusing and never wholly unambiguous, the sensational, or at any rate exceptional events that, nonetheless, attempt to imbue these places with meaning. This process doesn’t differ that much from the way the news, the papers or politics attach significance to something — but it is the style and the principles of art that make us view these things differently." - Christophe van Gerrewey

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