10 January 2010

Jason Eskenazi - Wonderland

Jason Eskenazi - Wonderland: A Fairy Tale of the Soviet Monolith (reprint)
Trade cloth Book, offset print, 77 b&w photographs
224 pages; 5.1 X 7.1 inch 13 x 18 cm
Edition: 2000
Price: $32.00

"The story of Communism is the story of the 20th century. For many, the Soviet Union existed, like their childhood, as a fairy tale where many of the realities of life were hidden from plain view. When the Berlin Wall finally fell so too did the illusion of that utopia. But time changes memory. The ex-Soviets confused the memory of their innocent youth for their nation's utopian vision, unable to confront its history and thus creating nostalgia for tragedy. "

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reviewed on 5b4

(NB: before anyone starts protesting that this book is available on Amazon, and why did we list it nonetheless: this listing is for the reprinted version, not the original version. Also, if a collector is reselling a book as 'used', than it is out of control of the publisher/photographer.)

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