18 January 2010

A note from your friendly booklisters

It's been a great first two weeks for The Independent Photo Book, with already over fifty publications listed and more coming up. Although we haven't got hard figures on all publications, we know that sales do happen (it would be nice to receive feedback from those of you listed here). So this is a good thing we got going here.

However, there is always a dark side to the moon, in this case being the inordinate amount of time Joerg and I have been spending on communicating with submitters, trying to collect all the relevant data and files. This in spite of the fact that if you follow the guidelines (looking at the published posts will give you an idea what information we need), it ought to be a breeze for us to post your book. So this is not a good thing if you all want us to be able to continue.

At a future stage, there might be submission procedure via a form you can either fill out online or download, but for the time being we have to economize what little time we have. In other words, if a submission is incomplete or does not meet the requirements, we will send you *one* mail informing you this is the case. It is then up to the submitter to look again at the guidelines and see how to complement the information.

Also, please do not submit more than one book (or zine) at a time, so that everybody gets the chance to submit their work. If you have more than one book/zine to promote, you may send them in installments, one per week. Note that we will not be listing every single issue of a zine that is published regularly (unless it comes out once or twice a year).

We do not say this to put anyone off, but it would be nice if you can think along with us. After all, this is not a commercial venue and we are here to promote your work on a purely voluntary basis. Don't abuse that. Take your time to make it worth ours.

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