08 January 2010

Rob Hornstra - 101 Billionaires

Title: 101 Billionaires - Crisis Edition
Author: Rob Hornstra
Text: Hans Loos & Arnold van Bruggen
Size: 176 x 205 mm (7 x 8 in)
172 pages
Photographs: 101 Colour Photographs
Binding: Hardbound with photo-illustrated boards
Print run: 1,000 copies
Price (incl shipping): NL: € 32.00 / Europe: € 38.00 / Overseas: € 46.00

"Early 2008. The Russian business paper Finans publishes an overview of the richest Russians. There are 101 billionaires on the list. They become the ironic title of Rob Hornstra’s new book. 101 Billionaires reveals the other side of modern Russian, the raw reality that lurks behind the façade of the power elite.
Early 2009. On the day that the first edition of 101 Billionaires sells out, Finans announces that the number of billionaires has dropped to 49. Not that it makes any difference to the people in this book. In the Russian hinterland, people saw little of this exorbitant wealth anyway."

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