09 January 2010

Wim Bosch - Arrival Delayed

Wim Bosch - Arrival Delayed
With a text by Petran Kockelkoren
Book, 21.7x 26.8 cm 8.54x10.55 inch
Offset, Hardcover, 80 images full color + 12 b&w
Edition: 300, signed and numbered
NL €25, EU €30, World €39, includes shipping

"Since 2002, visual artist Wim Bosch uses found photographic footage in combination with self-shot pictures to create his constructed views on interior and exterior domestic scenes. His works show a familiar, unfamiliar world with suspensefull scenes related to both painting and cinema. For Arrival Devayled, which showcases works from the last five years, Dr. Petran Kockelkoren has written a philosophic essay about the influence of (digital) media on perception, perspective and alienation in relation to Bosch's work."

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