11 January 2010

Rob Philip - On the Game/Bisnisjongens

Title: 'On the Game/Bisnisjongens'

Artist(s): Rob Philip (photographer) Ineke Teeninga (graphic design)
Additional contributors: Paul van Gelder (text)
44 pages, 24 x 16,7 cm. / 9,45 x 6,57 in
Edition size: 250
type of printing: offset
19,50 Euro without shipping

"If you open the book you see wallpapers. A lot of different ones. That’s what you usually see if you want to show things that are hidden, concealed from the ‘normal’ world we live in. If you want to see the photo’s of Dutch male prostitutes and their workspaces, you have to do some effort. Carefully tear the pages loose and disclose the world behind the wallpaper. Be surprised, be judgmental, be revolted or in awe. As long as you take the effort to tear the pages…"

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