18 January 2010

Maarten van Schaik - VEGAS

Maarten van Schaik - VEGAS
Book with print, both signed and numbered.
book: 56 pages, 20x25 cm 7.8x9.75 inch
print: 19x23 cm 7.41x8.97 inch
edition: 30
Digital printing
Price: € 145 (excl. VAT & shipping)

"Over the course of 4 years photographer Maarten van Schaik made annual trips to Las Vegas to make photographs and play poker to pay his expences and travel-costs. This book is a search for silence and quietness in one of the most crowded, touristic places in the world. The images in this book are what Maarten van Schaik describes as "black holes" or "non-places", and show beauty in mundaine everyday objects and spaces."

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