13 January 2010

Bruce Connew - I Must Behave

I Must Behave
by Bruce Connew
Design: Catherine Griffiths/Bruce Connew
Typography: Catherine Griffiths
Cloth case bound, 132 pages
85 four-colour photographs
Printed on GardaPat Kiara by EBS, Italy
121 x 167mm upright (4.76 x 6.57 inches)
signed and numbered edition of 600,
50, from within the edition, with archival print

NZ$85 (signed, numbered edition of 600)
NZ$190 (signed, numbered, with signed, numbered archival digital print of first image (129 x 86mm), on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, edition of 50)

"I Must Behave examines notions of behaviour and control, from simple self-restraint to government manipulation. The complex disquiet of globalisation, which turns its back on a single, literal definition, has fostered an anxious disengagement among contemporary social orders that can be uncovered away from headlines of conflict and financial chaos, in everyday, normal endeavours."

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