10 January 2010

Frederic Lezmi - Beyond Borders, From Vienna to Beirut

Frederic Lezmi - Beyond Borders, From Vienna to Beirut
Design & production: Helge Schlaghecke and Frederic Lezmi
Book, 11 meters (36 foot) long Leporello folded together.
68 pages, 32 color plates, 24x17 cm / 9,5x6,7 inch
Edition of 150 each numbered and signed
Digitally printed on demand
Price: 88€ / 125$ / 80£

"In his first photo book Frederic Lezmi takes us on a trip from Vienna to Beirut, searching for the border between Europe and the Orient. He focuses on the cultural and geographical spaces and signs his finds traveling "in between'' these multifaceted worlds. Beyond Borders is the newest publication by White Press, a Cologne based independent publishing project that combines the book-on-demand concept with a high quality production in limited editions in order to publish art books that do not fit in any of the existing categories of big publishing houses. The book is distributed by Schaden.com."

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