18 January 2010

Stuart Woodman - Now We Are 30

Title: Now We Are 30
Artist: Stuart Woodman
Published by Doubleplusgood Books
48 pages, 26.4 x 21.6cm, 36 full colour images
Edition of 500
softcover, lithographic offset, perfect bound

"Now We Are 30 is a series of Polaroid images charting one year in the life of Stuart Woodman: a year of change; of breakup; of new beginnings and strange places. But also, like any other year, of the mundane and minute. Using the un-editable immediacy of a Polaroid, Woodman tracks the big and little things of his life, adhering to a strict policy of 'one day, one image': days of moving cities, of failing relationships, of new beginnings. This book – poignant, moving, reflective, grainily beautiful – is the result."

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