10 January 2010

Sean Davey - Pidgin

Sean Davey - Pidgin (2006)
soft cover book
106 pages, 49 b&w photographs, 21 x 25 cm (8.3 x 9.8 inches)
digitally printed (offset printed cover)
Ed. of 50, signed + numbered (about 20 remaining)
AUD$100 + shipping (Australian dollars)

"Pidgin is a different kind of road trip. It is a road trip mostly taken at night by a group of friends as they navigate, or more likely stagger through a landscape of drinking, driving and the pursuit of the next good time. The title Pidgin means a language that is simplified and adapted so that small groups can communicate. To me, it refers to the language of friends and how they come to understand one another." - Jeffrey Ladd

webpage, order here.

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