31 January 2010

Grace Kim - Love Hotel

Title: Love Hotel
Artist: Grace Kim
limited edition artists' book
Number of pages: 15
Sizes: Book = 4.63 x 1.13 x 3.75 in / 11.7 x 2.9 x 9.5 cm
Photographs = 3 x 4.5 in / 7.62 x 11.43 cm
Edition size: 100
photographs are archival pigment prints on hahnemuhle fine art baryta paper
$80 + shipping

"2009. Portraits of unmade beds at love hotels in Seoul, where lovers are known to carry on secret affairs. The photographs were captured just after the lovers' departures. Hand made/bound with lots of love."

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30 January 2010

Beierle + Keijser - Joghurtbecher

Beierle + Keijser - Joghurtbecher
Box of prints with artists' statement
20 digital C-prints, 13x17 cm - 5x7 inch
Edition: 100
Year of publication: 2009
Digital C-prints in acid-free archival box with laser copies
Price: €60 excl. shipping

"This edition of prints grew out of a fortuitous play on words that turned into a singular homage to Bernd and Hille Becher. In German, the word Becher also means cup or container, and we simply could not resist creating a typology of the Joghurtbecher. With this set of prints you will be able to make your own typological grid and frame the way you like, or stick them with magnets on the fridge, or just keep them inside the box."

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Kai-Olaf Hesse  - Vingt-Six Stations Service

Kai-Olaf Hesse - Vingt-Six Stations Service
Book / Leporello / Artist's Edition
28 Pages
17x13,5cm - 6,7x5,3 Inches
Edition size: 5 + 1 AP
Digital Pigment Inkjet
Price: 300 Euro

"Road trip from Paris to Menton along France's RN 7 ­ the former promise of beach holidays and summer. In reference to Ed Ruscha's Twentysix Gasoline Stations."

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David Pollock - Sign, Symbol & Nature

Title: Sign, Symbol & Nature
Artist: David Pollock
Introduction: Jamie Drouin
Editor: Laura Trunkey
Design: Jocelyn Mandryk

Edition: 100
5 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches / 14x16.5 cm - 26 pages
Printed: Digital / Indigo - Hemlock Printers
CN $25.00

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29 January 2010

Laurent Champoussin - Zabriskiept

Title: Zabriskiept
Artist: Laurent Champoussin
book - edition of 30
32 pages
10x15 cm
type of printing : digital
8 Euros (shipping included)

"It's a travel journal, color photos, printed on mat paper in a little book (for the moment there are 4 publication of the book)"

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Shawn Records - Owner of This World

Owner of This World
Shawn Records
book, 88pp, 54 photographs, 8 3/8" x 11" (21.3 cm x 27.94 cm)
Xerographic laser prints with softcover binding

"Owner of This World is a book of photographs made by Shawn Records during the four months that his son, Max Records, spent working as an actor on the set of Where the Wild Things Are, Spike Jonze's film adaptation of the Maurice Sendak classic. Max was nine-years old at the time, and neither he nor his family had been involved in the film industry before. Records, the elder, is convinced that the book will disappoint anyone looking for insight into the film or the filmmakers and offers it as a manifestation of his own anxieties; a collection of fears and reassurances, upon letting his son out into a world that is beyond his control.."

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Koen Hauser - De Luister van het Land

Koen Hauser - De Luister van het Land
Design: Bart de Baets
Book, 144 pages / 24 x 15.5 cm
9 chapters printed in different pantone colors
Edition: 1000
Price: 19,95 euro
ISBN 978-0-9843010-0-3

'Galerie 37 Spaarnestad invited me to make new work with material from the Spaarnestad Photo archive, one of the largest pressarchives in Europe. De Luister van het Land is a caleidoscopic collection of over 400 photographs, a selection based on personal interests, fascination, and my obsession with the notion of ‘the diorama'.

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Artist : Thomas Kneubühler
Artist book
Published by Les Éditions Dazibao, Montreal
32 pages, 21,5 X 17 cm / 8,5 x 6.5 inch, with 18 colour reproductions, hard cover
Edtion: 500
Offset print
ISBN: 978-2-922135-28-2
CAD $ 22.05 (shipping included)

"Kneubühler's photographs depict dark and deserted places. The only human presence in them are the security guards whose forbidding stance indicates that these sites are private property. Parking lots, surveillance systems, lampposts, illuminated office buildings at night, create the fascinating universe of Private Property/Propriété privée."

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28 January 2010

Noah Beil - This Is Not My Sky

This Is Not My Sky
Noah Beil
Artist Book
Published by Extant Books
ISBN 978-0-9843010-0-3
16 pages / 8.5" x 5.5" / 21.6cm x 14cm
Edition of 50, signed and numbered
Inkjet plates, cover and title/colophon pages letterpress printed with hand set type
US$20 plus shipping

"In May of 2009 I visited Los Angeles, California for the opening of a group exhibition featuring some of my photographs. The images in 'This Is Not My Sky' were taken in Santa Monica where I stayed during the trip. My process for making this book incorporated letterpress printed text using hand set type, inkjet printed images, and a saddle stitch binding."

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Kim Bouvy - Phantom City

Title: Phantom City - a photo novel
Artist: Kim Bouvy
Graphic design by Hansje van Halem, published by Pels & Kemper publishers
276 pages, 19 x 12 cm / 7.5 x 4.7 in
Edition size: 1000 (1st edition january 2010)
type of printing:off-set, black, FM screen
29,50 EUR (excl. shipping)

"'Phantom City' is constructed as a novel which tells the story of a phantom city: a place that everybody recognizes but no one knows. By mixing her own texts and 'flaneur'- photographs all taken in Rotterdam between 2003 and 2009 with images and words culled from newspaper clippings, promotional materials, postcards, an image of an city emerges where the present, future and past collide and merge into an unexpected narrative."

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Lucia Nimcova, Marian Kusik, Michal Moravcik - LEFTOVERS

LEFTOVERS by Lucia Nimcova, Marian Kusik, Michal Moravcik
Book, 64 pages, soft cover, 15x20cm 5.9 x 7.9 inch
Edition: 500
Printing: offset
Price: 15 EUR

This book comprises only a small proportion of Marian Kusik’s work. It offers a view, an insight, into the everyday reality of a world that no longer exists. I focused on secondary photos of children and shots that help complete the story of Marian’s life. They are snapshots that capture moments between “real” shots.

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27 January 2010

Rasha Kahil - XI and la Gueule du Monde

"XI and la Gueule du Monde" by Rasha Kahil

Limited hand-numbered publication, printed offset in 1000 copies.
35 x 25cm (13.8 x 9.8 in), 48-page, full-color, 100% recycled newsprint paper, stapled.

Price: £6.00

Short erotic stories of sexual encounters recounted from one girl's point of view in reverse chronological order, from her latest to her first partner. The stories punctuate pages of portrait photography, of men and women alike: no girl in particular is the author, and any of the men photographed could be one of the men of the encounters... Sex becomes just another portrait, anyone's encounter, and is brought down into the fabric of everyday life.

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Tell mum everything is ok

Tell mum everything is ok
Various artists
A5, 80 pages
Edition size: 300, numbered
HP Indigo
12 Euros

"Created from the start like a fanzine, with limited financial means and much gatherings of ends and odds, Tell mum everything is ok is a participative fanzine edited by the associativ publishing house, The Editions FP&CF. Each issue is based on a theme, and every photographers can participate to the editorial creation of the zine by sending his own contributions. It's the opportunity to discover new authors and their works on a variety of different themes."

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26 January 2010

Eric Jan van de Geer - 036º04' 41"41N-032º50' 03"O (Polaroids)

Eric Jan van de Geer - 036º04' 41"41N-032º50' 03"O (Polaroids)
Book (hardcover, cover: blind print, 21,4 x17,4 cm, 8,43 x 6,85 inch
fullcolour, 80 pages)
Design / layout: www.werkraum3149.com
Printing DruckVerlag Kettler, Bönen, Germany
Year of publication: 2008
Edition: 300
Price: € 12,50 (excl. shipping)

The title of the book refers to the coordinates of Düsseldorf, where Eric Jan van de Geer was 'Artist in Residence' in 2008. The book contains three series of Fujiroids, Eingänge, Fleisch en Spielplätze, made during his Artist in Residence period in Düsseldorf.

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24 January 2010

Shen Wei - Almost Naked

Title: Almost Naked
Artist: Shen Wei
Portfolio Book
25 individual prints + Title Page, Statement, Edition Certificate and Image Index.
7.5" x 9.8" (250mm x 190mm)
Edition size:218
type of printing: Offset

"The book is designed as an artist's portfolio, all pages are separated and placed in a custom made wooden box with silver linen paper interior, and magnum closure. Each book is signed, numbered and dated by the artist."

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22 January 2010

Travis Shaffer - Thirtyfour Parking Lots in Los Angeles . . . via Google Maps

Thirtyfour Parking Lots in Los Angeles . . . via Google Maps
Travis Shaffer
8.5" x 5.5", 44p., perfect bound soft cover
offset printed
edition size: 400

"This book features 31 images re-representing the parking lots photographed in 1967 by Art Alanis for Ed Ruscha and sequentially replicates the original. The images are screen captures taken from Google Maps, taking advantage of the cool, detached perspective provided by satellite surveillance."

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Kai-Olaf Hesse - edition365_10 + edition365_11

Kai-Olaf Hesse
edition365_10 (from the digital files) + edition365_11 (from the negatives)
Book(s) / Artist's Edition, 32 pages, 21x16 cm - 8.3 x 6.3 inch
Edition: 365
Digital Offset
Price €20 each
Although the two books are meant to complement each other, the books can be bought seperately too.

seeing becomes looking_aimless and from the periphery of my perception. liberating and immediately different. a conglomerate of transits.from project to single image, from analogue to digital, from viewfinder to screen. fronegative to file. and at the same time from person to family."

seeing through // on to_ years in transit. found images of personal meaning. re-projecting dreams, hopes and sense of place. situations of obstruction in both a visual, aesthetic and a mental sense. from perception to materialized negative. and at the same time from real places to personal memory."

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Benoît Grimalt - Do you know Syd Barrett?

Do you know Syd Barrett? - Benoît Grimalt
Published by Poursuite Editions
A book of 64 color pages, 13,5 x 18,5 cm - 5,3 x 7,28 inch
Offset printing
Edition: 600
Price 12€

"Following the death, in July 2006, of Syd Barrett, guitarist, singer and founding member of the band Pink Floyd, and a series of reports about him in the media, Benoît Grimalt, like many other people, got to learn more about this musician and his music than the couple of his group’s hit songs that had been profusely aired for 40 years. As he grew curious about this character, and under the charm of his music, he decided to go to Cambridge, where Syd Barrett had quite early withdrawn from the busy world, at the age of 29. Reading Do you know Syd Barrett? , we will learn nothing more about the musician than what we already know. Benoît Grimalt’s photographs are not meant to investigate further into Barrett’s life and work, but they draw a romantic vision of Cambridge and of England, in tribute to the artist."

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20 January 2010

Simon Menner IBB-Award for Photography 2009

Simon Menner - 'IBB-Award for Photography 2009'
Introduction: Dr. Matthias Harder, Curator Helmut Newton Foundation Berlin
Publisher: Investment Bank Berlin and Karl Hofer Society Berlin, 2009
Softcover, 32 Pages, 21x25cm, 8,26x9,84 inch
Texts in German, but a English translation comes with the book
Offset Print
Edition: 750 copies
Price: the book itself is free, you only pay for shipping and handling, €5,00 inside the EU, €8,00 woldwide, ordering limited to one copy per person.

"This catalog shows three different projects awarded with the IBB-Award for Photography in 2009. Camouflage, Murder Weapons and Boobytraps. These different projects all try to deal with the nature of terror and the mechanisms that a used to spread terror and fear in peoples minds."


reviewed on mrs. deane

Martin Becka - Dubai Transmutations

Martin Becka - "Dubai Transmutations"
Text contribution: J.P. Quignaux,
Published by The Empty Quarter, Dubai & Baudoin Lebon, Paris
Design: Chris Verraes
Printed by Calff & Meischke, Amsterdam
Text in French, English and Arabic
Year of Publication: 2009
Hardcover book, 86 pages, 32x23cm - 9x14 Inch
Offset printing
Edition: 1000 copies
ISBN 2-87688 063 6
Price: 135 Euros

"For this project, Martin Becka has captured the city of Dubai using techniques that date back to the very beginnings of photography. By staging a collision between the historical and the present time, Becka creates a deliberate anachronism and therewith takes us far from the usual expectations we harbour towards Dubai. In Becka's earthly warm and exquisitely detailed salted paper prints a monument has been erected for the future generations of Dubai."

webpagehttp://martin.becka.pagesperso-orange.fr/page1/page4/page4.html, order here

Pause, to Begin Catalogue

Title: Pause, to Begin Catalogue
Artists: Matthew Gamber, Tealia Ellis-Ritter, John Mann, Colin Blakely, Shawn Records, Thomas Prior, Hin Chua, Sonja Thomsen, Brea Souders, Timothy Briner, Alejandro Cartagena, Erika Larsen, Matthew Eich, Shannon Johnstone, Shawn Gust.
Additional contributors: Ethan Jones, David Wright, Susan Morelock, Joyce Tenneson, John Paul Caponigro, Cig Harvey.
Hand-bound book, ISBN 0-9765368-9-7
108 pages, 9.5 x 6.375 (in), 24 x 16.25 (cm)
Edition size: 500
Type of printing: digital, color.
US$31.99 + shipping.

"The Pause, to Begin Catalogue, published by Booksmart Studio, showcases 15 emerging photographers, and features writing on photography and the creation of Pause, to Begin by founders Ethan Jones and David Wright; advisors John Paul Caponigro and Joyce Tenneson; juror Cig Harvey; and editorial director Susan Morelock. Hand bound at New Ridge Bindery, the Catalogue (color, 108 pages) accompanies the Pause, to Begin Exhibition held at Booksmart Studio from January 2-30, 2009."

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19 January 2010

Sebastien Girard - Nothing but home

Sebastien Girard - Nothing but home
Book, offset printing, 48 pages
29.9 x 23.1 cm 11,77 x 9,09 inch
Edition of 500 signed
Price: € 39

"Nothing but Home, the first in a series, takes the unity of a place as its starting point: the photographer's house, his first house. From this inaugural sign, a first book emerges. Based on minute details detected under the rubble and within the mutating building site, Sébastien Girard builds a singular language, rescuing everyday life, where a single tool or entangled ordinary materials organize themselves into an intimate account of events."

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reviewed on 5b4

18 January 2010

Jeff Luker - The World Is Saved

Title: The World Is Saved
Artist: Jeff Luker
50 pages/ 8.25 x 10.75 in /21 cm x 27.3 cm
edition of 100, signed
digital printing
US$15 + shipping

"A collection of personal color photographs from five years of traveling throughout the United States of America."

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A note from your friendly booklisters

It's been a great first two weeks for The Independent Photo Book, with already over fifty publications listed and more coming up. Although we haven't got hard figures on all publications, we know that sales do happen (it would be nice to receive feedback from those of you listed here). So this is a good thing we got going here.

However, there is always a dark side to the moon, in this case being the inordinate amount of time Joerg and I have been spending on communicating with submitters, trying to collect all the relevant data and files. This in spite of the fact that if you follow the guidelines (looking at the published posts will give you an idea what information we need), it ought to be a breeze for us to post your book. So this is not a good thing if you all want us to be able to continue.

At a future stage, there might be submission procedure via a form you can either fill out online or download, but for the time being we have to economize what little time we have. In other words, if a submission is incomplete or does not meet the requirements, we will send you *one* mail informing you this is the case. It is then up to the submitter to look again at the guidelines and see how to complement the information.

Also, please do not submit more than one book (or zine) at a time, so that everybody gets the chance to submit their work. If you have more than one book/zine to promote, you may send them in installments, one per week. Note that we will not be listing every single issue of a zine that is published regularly (unless it comes out once or twice a year).

We do not say this to put anyone off, but it would be nice if you can think along with us. After all, this is not a commercial venue and we are here to promote your work on a purely voluntary basis. Don't abuse that. Take your time to make it worth ours.

Eric Jan van der Geer - Textures, structures and The ordinary 

Eric Jan van de Geer - Textures, structures and The ordinary
Text contribution: Christoph Kivelitz
Design/layout: Arian De Vette
32 pages, 16,8 x 24 cm - 6.6 x 9.4 inch
Printing: DruckVerlag Kettler, Bönen (Westf.) Germany
Year of publication: 2009
Edition: 300
Publisher: RaumEins Edition, G. Martin Kraus and T66
Price: €5,00 (excl.shipping)

"The book has been published after the solo show at T66 in Freiburg (D). It contains 32 pages (in English) with recent work from the series Hedges/ Fences, polaroid serie Private Landscape II, Hedges/ white structures, and stills from 2 new films: Pine tree and conifer."

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Vice Versa - A magazine about places

Ein Magazine über Orte - Issue no. 6 Home
Format 21 x 27 cm - 8.27 x 10.63 inch
Paper: Cyclus Offset matt
80 Pages
Printing: Offset, 4-color
Edition: 1500 copies
Language: German / English
Price: 11 € (Germany) 12,50 / 14 € (Europe / World)
Frequency: Biannual
ISSN -Nr. 1866–2331

"»Ein Magazin über Orte« (A magazine about places) deals with a different location in every issue. The magazine collects works of various authors in form of photographs, drawings and text. It was launched by Elmar Bambach (photographer), Julia Marquardt (photographer) and Birgit Vogel (graphic designer). »Ein Magazin über Orte« is published twice a year. All texts are in German and English. This issue includes contributions by Peter Bichsel, Peter Granser, Felicitas Hoppe, Nigel Peake, Annie Pootoogook, Jan Stenmark, etc."

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Lewis Chaplin - Variations on a theme

Title: Variations on a theme
Artist : Lewis Chaplin
32 pages / 17 x 24 cm
Edition size : 150 copies
type of printing : digital
9 Euros

"Variations on a Theme is a book of photographs from existence."

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Kate Glicksberg - Interstatial

Kate Glicksberg
color xerox, 7 in x 5 1/2 in, 36 pages
edition of 200
US$20 + postage

"A photographic documentation of a coast-to-coast journey and a state of mind. It's August 2003, an honorable nation is in denial - and one person's passage from one life into another is a set of road-trip photos. (with text by Piotr Orlov)"

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Stuart Woodman - Now We Are 30

Title: Now We Are 30
Artist: Stuart Woodman
Published by Doubleplusgood Books
48 pages, 26.4 x 21.6cm, 36 full colour images
Edition of 500
softcover, lithographic offset, perfect bound

"Now We Are 30 is a series of Polaroid images charting one year in the life of Stuart Woodman: a year of change; of breakup; of new beginnings and strange places. But also, like any other year, of the mundane and minute. Using the un-editable immediacy of a Polaroid, Woodman tracks the big and little things of his life, adhering to a strict policy of 'one day, one image': days of moving cities, of failing relationships, of new beginnings. This book – poignant, moving, reflective, grainily beautiful – is the result."

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Maarten van Schaik - VEGAS

Maarten van Schaik - VEGAS
Book with print, both signed and numbered.
book: 56 pages, 20x25 cm 7.8x9.75 inch
print: 19x23 cm 7.41x8.97 inch
edition: 30
Digital printing
Price: € 145 (excl. VAT & shipping)

"Over the course of 4 years photographer Maarten van Schaik made annual trips to Las Vegas to make photographs and play poker to pay his expences and travel-costs. This book is a search for silence and quietness in one of the most crowded, touristic places in the world. The images in this book are what Maarten van Schaik describes as "black holes" or "non-places", and show beauty in mundaine everyday objects and spaces."

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17 January 2010

Jeremy D. Horowitz - L.A. Meditations: Light/Color/Shape/Space

Title: L.A. Meditations: Light/Color/Shape/Space
Artist: Jeremy D. Horowitz
40 pages, 8in X 8in (203mm X 203mm)
Type of printing: Digital (HP Indigo)

"An examination of Los Angeles, highlighting the city's vibrant colors amid meditative scenes. L.A. has much fewer photographic books dedicated to it solely as a great American city, compared with New York. My overall project is to shine light on those things about and around L.A. that make me smile, make me think, and just make me feel good."

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15 January 2010

Poor But Sexy

Title: Poor But Sexy
Artist(s): Seed9/Ingrid Jones and Thomas Bollmann
Additional contributors: Thomas Bollmann, Show&Tell Gallery, Stacey Brandford, Ryan Carter, Angela Lewis, Darrin Klimek, Jennifer Rome
biannual Magazine
116 Pages at 8.5x11in

"Developed by Seed9 Photography and Design, Poor But Sexy is a Canadian independent publication created to provide a fresh avenue for artists and marketers to showcase their work through project-based spreads, profiles, stories, and interviews. Poor But Sexy isn't just a showcase for new works by established artists that we know and love, it's a portal for up-and-coming talent who are just stepping into the business of art and eager to share their innovative ideas."

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Beierle + Keijser - Hier gebeurt nooit wat (Nothing ever happens here)

Beierle + Keijser - Hier gebeurt nooit wat (Nothing ever happens here)
Design: Jelle F. Post
Essay by Christophe van Gerrewey
Published by Green Paper Press
ISBN: 978-9078702078
Book: 48 pages, 15 x 21cm 6 x 8,25 inch
Offset, saddle stich bound, full color + overprint on Biotop, cover with flaps
Inserted booklet with translations: 24pp, 10 x 14.7 cm 4 x 5,6 inch
Risograph print on pink paper, stapled
English Edition: 100
€17,50 (EUR or €20,20 (World) incl. S&H

“In door-to-door conversations Beierle + Keijser asked residents of the Heroes of the Sea District where they felt that something dramatic, tragic or memorable had taken place. This question is the significant core of their artistic project; one might wonder if a more legitimate question exists concerning the contemporary public domain. Twenty hand­written texts accompanying the photographs documenting the locations indicated by the residents, describe, a little brazen, often typically Dutch, but always amusing and never wholly unambiguous, the sensational, or at any rate exceptional events that, nonetheless, attempt to imbue these places with meaning. This process doesn’t differ that much from the way the news, the papers or politics attach significance to something — but it is the style and the principles of art that make us view these things differently." - Christophe van Gerrewey

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Michael Kim - Bicycles

Artist: Michael Kim
48 pages
4 x 5.75 in (10 x 14.5 cm)
Edition size: 500
Offset, perfect-bound, 1/1, b/w interior

"Bicycles is a collection of newspaper clippings where bicycles appear incidentally to the photograph's subject."

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Marlies Swinkels - Dag broer (Bye brother)

Dag broer (Bye brother)
Marlies Swinkels
Book, 44 pages (7 gatefolds)
162 x 200 mm / 6.37 x 7.87 inch
Full colour, digital (Indigo)
Edition: 300
€22 (excl. shipping)

"The loss of a loved one, how do you cope? 8 portraits of young women who all have something in common. They have lost their brother just like myself. The book shows how these eight young women deal with their grief."

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Christopher Young - Five

Christopher Young - Five
Book, 16pp, 148 x 210mm (5.8 × 8.3 inches)
Edition: First printing of 200 copies
Type of printing: Digital (Indigo), full colour throughout.
Price: AUD$10 + $10 P&P

" Five explores the power of ambiguity, minimalism and ‘the frame’ in photography. It develops concepts of implied narrative to communicate, amongst other things, darkness and danger. The book includes the images, statement and a supporting essay."

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14 January 2010

Seth Fluker - Before Things Change

Before Things Change
Seth Fluker
7.5 x 9.5 in, 28 pages + fold-out, 14 photographs
color offset, stapled soft cover, first edition 2010, 500 copies
$17.50 CAD

"Before Things Change” is a small insight into Seth Fluker’s undesirable occupation at Whole Foods Market Soho. Each image slowly evolved and quickly disappeared within his workspace while washing grimy kitchen utensils and haphazardly disposing customer waste. Through the sequencing of this edition, Seth aimed to represent the ever-changing emotions he felt during each shift."

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Lucienne van der Mijle - Setsuna

Title: Setsuna – Fleeting Instant – Vorbeifliegender Augenblick – Voorbijsnellend Ogenblik
Artist(s): Lucienne van der Mijle (photographer), Kok Korpershoek (graphic design)
Additional contributors: Masa Ogawa, Peter Kümmel (text)
80 pages, 24 x 17,5 cm. with 100 photographs
Offset full color.
Edition size: 1500
20 Euro without shipping

"Setsuna - Fleeting Instant, a photo book by Lucienne van der Mijle; a personal glimpse of Japan today, with the percussion group YAMATO - The Drummers of Japan as a recurring theme. Masa Ogawa, founder and artistic director of this company wrote the foreword. The introduction is by Peter Kümmel, theatre critic of the German newspaper Die Zeit."

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Sterre Sprengers - Nieuwe Oernatuur

Title: Nieuwe Oernatuur [New Primeval Nature]
Artist: Sterre Sprengers
Additional contribution: Tracy Metz (text)
56 pages, 24x30 cm
Edition: 400

"In 1990 is the Nature planning policy outlined, which stipulates that the Netherlands should consist 0f 728,500 hectares of nature in 2018, a threefold increase. The book shows the Dutch nature reserves where recently new primeval nature is created. Nine areas make up the characters, introduced by a short text on the development of the region. What kind of primeval nature is that, to let itself be created?"

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13 January 2010

Bruce Connew - I Must Behave

I Must Behave
by Bruce Connew
Design: Catherine Griffiths/Bruce Connew
Typography: Catherine Griffiths
Cloth case bound, 132 pages
85 four-colour photographs
Printed on GardaPat Kiara by EBS, Italy
121 x 167mm upright (4.76 x 6.57 inches)
signed and numbered edition of 600,
50, from within the edition, with archival print

NZ$85 (signed, numbered edition of 600)
NZ$190 (signed, numbered, with signed, numbered archival digital print of first image (129 x 86mm), on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, edition of 50)

"I Must Behave examines notions of behaviour and control, from simple self-restraint to government manipulation. The complex disquiet of globalisation, which turns its back on a single, literal definition, has fostered an anxious disengagement among contemporary social orders that can be uncovered away from headlines of conflict and financial chaos, in everyday, normal endeavours."

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Erik van der Weijde - Foto.zine nr.3 series set of 4 issues

Foto.zine nr.3 series set of 4 issues
By Erik van der Weijde
Foto zine
96 Pages, 15 x 21 cm / 6 x 8.2 inch
Edition of 300, 2009
Offset printed in Brazil
15 Euros

"Contains 4 different issues, with different series of collected images; Palm tree diseases, Handguns, a butt, 1950´s car accidents"

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Natasha Mhatre - Secret Lives

Title: Secret Lives
Artist: Natasha Mhatre
230 pages, size: 8.5 x 8.5 inches
Type of printing: Offset
INR 1500/ USD 32 / GBP 20

"Secret lives is a photographic chronicle of a part of an urban academic campus that few ever see, it's wildlife. Its a visual story of how animals can and do survive and go about their lives right next to humans. But the photographs are only the beginning and each one is placed in the context of current ideas in ecology, evolutionary biology and wildlife conservation."

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Erik van der Weijde - Praia

By Erik van der Weijde
104 Pages
15 x 21 cm / 6 x 8.2 inch
Edition of 500
Full color and black offset printed in Brazil
18 Euros

"contains 96 photographs from a beach in the north east of Brazil, taken by Van der Weijde over the course of one year."

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Erik van der Weijde - This is not my son

By Erik van der Weijde
108 Pages
18,5 x 25 cm / 7.3 x 9.8 inch
First Edition of 100, 2009
35 Euros
Printed on Risograph / dust jacket Gocco print

"108 pages of full bleed pictures of his son, shot by dutch artist Erik van der Weijde over the past few years. Printed by Swiss specialized publisher Rollo Press in collaboration with 4478zine.com"

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Virgílio Ferreira - Daily Pilgrims

Virgílio Ferreira - Daily Pilgrims
Texts: Maria do Carmo Serén & Rui Mota Cardoso
Graphic Design: Patrícia Costa
Author´s edition, Bilingual (Portuguese English).
The book features 35 images, format 14.5 x 18 cm (5.7 x 7 inch), 72 pages offset printed on gardapat in 4 colours and protective varnish (1.3) 150 grs, unprinted endpapers in pop set 170 grs. and cardboard hardcover 2,5mm, covered in geltex with 2 printed areas, sewn and cardboard binded (right spine).
Edition: 500 (only 15 left!)
Price: 13€ (excl. shipping)

“This project was developed in 2006 in some Asian cities: Bangkok, Macao, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo. In all of them, territory and behaviour are changing fast.”

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12 January 2010

Luc ten Klooster - She, a photo-essay

She, a photo-essay
by Luc ten Klooster
hard-cover, 96 pages, 25 x 30 cm (10 x 12 in)
Offset full color, with 86 photographs.
25 Euros

"Pictures of Women through the camera eye of the Dutch photographer Luc ten Klooster. As a portrait or elevated to a work of art (in as far as not every woman is a work of art). With quotations about Women from famous authors and philosophers. The Umpteenth Book about Women but 'every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter' (Oscar Wilde)."

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Lester B. Morrion - Lost Boy Mountain

Title: Lost Boy Mountain
Artist: Lester B. Morrion
24 pages
Edition of: 1,000
Color Offset

"Lester B. Morrison’s first book is a combination of collage and Haiku."

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Erik Christenhusz - DOKA

Title: DOKA
Name of artists: De Kift (band), Erik Christenhusz (photographer)
68 pages, 24x31 cm, 9 1/2 x 12 in
type of printing: offset
25 euros

"Because there’s no celebration without pictures, we released DOKA: a book filled with pictures taken of De Kift by Erik Christenhusz. For nearly three years photographer Erik Christenhusz searched for De Kift's essence through his analogue camera. He saw the images come together in the stop bath, and each time, he got a little closer to the soul."

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11 January 2010

Marcelo Gomes - Taciturn Heart

Taciturn Heart
Marcelo Gomes
Softcover, perfect bound, embossed cover, 4 color offset
32 pages, 6.5 x 9 in (16.5 x 22.9 cm)
Edition of 500

"The photographs of Marcelo Gomes are not classical or rooted in formalism; rather, they disembark from the tropes of photography and enter an extraordinary realm of spontaneity and reconfiguration of frame. Often out of focus and off centered, the subjects of phenomena, humans, and nature are captured with remarkable vibrancy and colorful hues. Taciturn Heart is Gomes' second book."

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Rob Philip - On the Game/Bisnisjongens

Title: 'On the Game/Bisnisjongens'

Artist(s): Rob Philip (photographer) Ineke Teeninga (graphic design)
Additional contributors: Paul van Gelder (text)
44 pages, 24 x 16,7 cm. / 9,45 x 6,57 in
Edition size: 250
type of printing: offset
19,50 Euro without shipping

"If you open the book you see wallpapers. A lot of different ones. That’s what you usually see if you want to show things that are hidden, concealed from the ‘normal’ world we live in. If you want to see the photo’s of Dutch male prostitutes and their workspaces, you have to do some effort. Carefully tear the pages loose and disclose the world behind the wallpaper. Be surprised, be judgmental, be revolted or in awe. As long as you take the effort to tear the pages…"

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