30 June 2014

Luke Shaw - Approachi Significans

Approachi Significans
Luke Shaw
42 pages
8.5 x 11 in (216 x 279 mm)
Edition of 30, signed and numbered
Perfect bound laser prints with letterpress covers
Includes 4 x 5 in pamphlet with essay by author and colophon
$55 + shipping

"The content of a theoretical physics book and the smell of you cat's pee equivalently have the potential to induce an idea. Incoming perceptions become linked to stored perceptions through similarity or context, thus there is typically a traceable mental workflow of A to B to C to D. Approachi Significans is the transcript of A to 7."

Stefan Vanthuyne - The hill that wasn't

The hill that wasn't
Stefan Vanthuyne
28 pages
Edition of 500
Offset printing, screenprinted linen cover
25 euro + shipping

"The hill that wasn't is a small book about an unexpected landscape, designed as a haiku and held together by the writings of Yutaka Takanashi."

Tanja Lažetić - Train Stations from Vienna to Istanbul in Alphabetical Order

Train Stations from Vienna to Istanbul in Alphabetical Order
Tanja Lažetić
48 Pages
10,4 x 15 cm (4.1 in x 15.9 in)
Edition: 300
Offset, softcover, sewn
8 € + shipping

"Biser is Bulgarian village and only one of the many places on the way from Vienna to Istanbul. Biser means pearl in most southern Slavic languages. I do not know why it got this name because it seems the exact opposite of a shiny pearl. But that's why I like it and that’s why it is the only image in the book."

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Andrew Hammerand - The New Town, Vol. 3

The New Town, Vol. 3
Andrew Hammerand
74 pages
8.5"x11" (21.59cm x 27.94cm)
First edition of 25, signed and numbered
Laser prints, full color

"As the third and final installment of 'The New Town', Volume 3 turns the screw and presents a hyper-specific yet banal view of one citizen as she goes about her day. Ultimately questioning the limitations of privacy and photographic interpretation, this sequence may require multiple reads."

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Fábio M. Roque - River

Fábio M. Roque
16 pages
210 mm x 148 mm
Edition of 15 signed & numered copies
Digital print
5 € + shipping

"River is a photography project where I propose an analysis and reflection to our emotional relationships, and also our relation with the environment."

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26 June 2014

Bojan Radovic - YU & ME

YU & ME 
Bojan Radovic
238 pages
21 x 15 cm
Perfect bound
Black & white digital printing on cyclus offset paper
Hand numbered & signed edition of 40 copies + 10 H.C. (hors de commerce)
 Price: 25,00 EUR + shipping

»All photos in this publication were made in the eighties, during the existence of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. At that time country was slowly declining after the death of TITO. In my life that decade was important in many ways, I graduated, I got my first job, I married with Ksenija and we got first child David. One of the projects I did (and it is unfinished as the state collapsed meanwhile) had a working title Images from Yugoslavia. Now this work is re-collected in this publication.«

Rick Hekman - 7 Hoog

7 Hoog
Rick Hekman
64 pages
16 x 23,5 cm (6,3 X 9,25inch)
Edition of 200 (numbered)
€19,95 without shipping

"All photographs are taken from location: N 52°04.283’ E 004°19.463’ GPS"

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Special Edition

7 Hoog, special edition.
Rick Hekman
64 pages
16 x 23,5 cm (6,3 X 9,25inch)

The Special Edition comes with:
- Signed photobook
- Handmade box.
- Fine art photoprint 16 x 23,5 cm (6,3 X 9,25inch)

Edition of 10 (numbered)
€125,- without shipping

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Elmer Driessen - Opslag Exoten

Opslag Exoten
Elmer Driessen
29 prints in archival folder, 26 x 34,5 cm (10,2 x 13,5 in)
Edition of 50, numbered and signed
Graphic design Xavier Fernández Fuentes
Digital full color print
55€ + shipping

"The species displayed in this publication are all invasive species found within the city borders of Amsterdam and preserved at biodiversity center Naturalis in Leiden (NL). Photographs were taken at Naturalis throughout the months of October and November 2012, and shot with a Hasselblad medium format camera with digital back."

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24 June 2014

Skylar Blum - Sole (in-progress)

Sole (in-progress)
Skylar Blum
92 pages
8.5 x 11 in (216 x 279 mm)
Edition of 500
$30.00 + Shipping

"Sole (in-progress) is an abstract visual poem which describes a pilgrimage through consciousness. The images render this infinite progress or process of finding/realizing a singular all inclusive existence and consciousness as a sort of maze with no ending. Abandon what you know, calm your mind, and feel your own truth. Anything you say is part of the illusion."

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19 June 2014

Enver Hirsch - Bangkok Curbside

Bangkok Curbside
Enver Hirsch
Essay by Peter Lindhorst (in German)
Cardboard box, 16 x 11,5cm (6,3 x 4,5), including 4 Leporellos with 8 images each 15 x 94,5cm (5,9 x 37,2)
Edition 500, hand-numbered
Cover hand-stamped, leporellos printed in offset
14,50 Euro (plus shipping)

"During the 14 months that I spent in Bangkok between 2010 and 2011, I stumbled across many objects that had been crafted without any artistic intent, and that, through being photographed, unfolded a strange sculptural quality. The box comprises four series that translate to 'parking place blockers', 'curbside objects', 'squeeze faces' and 'boardwalk backdrops'."

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Thomas Bonfert - Photo Album: Herrenreisen 2013

Photo Album: Herrenreisen 2013
Thomas Bonfert
19 color photographs (C-prints 6x8inch and 6,7x5inch) glued with photo corners
Edition of 15, signed
40 pages
8,3x11,7 inch
Price: 28€ + shipping

"Herrenreisen 2013, is the photo story of two bike rides of 3 friends in Europe."

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18 June 2014

Kristina Williamson - One Year on Kythera

One Year on Kythera
Kristina Williamson
Foreword by John Stathatos
160 Pages
25 x 37 cm (9.8 in x 14.6 in)
$49.00 USA / €39.00 EU / £39.00 UK

"Kristina Williamson explores the intersection of art, ethnography, and globalization in her close study of the Greek island of Kythera. In intimate photographs that cut across genres—landscapes, portraits, interiors—Williamson explores themes of memory and tradition in the faces of those who stay and the absences of those who leave. These images—shot in gorgeous 35mm film—eschew nostalgia and often probe deeper to a level of the everyday surreal, an ongoing theme in Williamson’s work."

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17 June 2014

Alex Johns - Selfie on The Bund

Selfie on The Bund
Alex Johns
36 pages
Edition of 88
Indigo digital print
£8 (Free UK postage + £2 for international postage)

"From miniature cities and portable fish to department store mascots and reflections that smile. 'Selfie on The Bund' is a photo book documenting journeys through the districts of Shanghai."

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Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira - Mixed Places #03

Mixed Places #03
Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira
20 pages
14,8 x 21 cm
Edition: 18
laser black and white print
5 € + shipping

"Sequence of a transition places, two interiors courtyards and a table."

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Hannah Platt - In Bloom

In Bloom
Hannah Platt
60 Pages
A5 (21x15cm)
Perfect bound, Signed, Hand Numbered
Edition of 30
Individual dustcover print taken from the series
£10.00 (Special Edition Copies also available)

"Moving from winter to spring a transition appears. We say goodbye to the brief dark days and welcome the beginning of opportunity. Amongst all of the green, blossom blooms and outshines, creating instant beauty to its surrounding."

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16 June 2014

Nathan Pearce - Midwest Dirt

Midwest Dirt
Nathan Pearce
80 pages
6 1/2 inches x 9 1/4 inches
digital print
edition of 135

"Now it’s just after harvest time, my favorite time of year. The fields are almost cleared and I’m barefoot on my porch with a beer in my hand. I can see for miles."

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15 June 2014

Maarten Boswijk - When Sea saw Summer

When Sea saw Summer
Maarten Boswijk
Handmade rough linen box
special edition of 10, signed and numbered 
Includes 10, 24x30cm (24 x 29,5) Digital C-Prints
Cover illustration by Elies Thijs
€ 250,- excl. Shipping

"On June 17, weather channels reported that the heat record dating back to august 23, 1944 was bound to be broken. Despite grey skies and limited sun so far, on June 19, the mercury was bound to rise past the current Dutch record of 38.6 celsius. That morning, all beach chairs were already put out across the shore of Scheveningen, The Netherland's most central beach. Bar owners were expecting sunbathers to finally fill the spots. However, the boulevard disappeared into the mist that morning."

10 June 2014

Alfonso Calero - Tsukiji Market

Tsukiji Market
An involuntary Tourist Phenomenon
Written by Ken Banwell
Photography by Alfonso Calero
62 pages 18  x 18 mm
Offset printing
AUD $25 (Free Worldwide Delivery)

 "Tokyo Fish Market" is a self commissioned project by me and my good friend Ken, the writer. We felt the need to produce this book as there are plans to demolish this historic market and relocate to another site in Tokyo, where a new market is currently under initial stages of construction. Access to the auction & wholesale areas has become very difficult recently and tourists are under strict orders not to disturb any of the locals as they go about their business in a highly energized environment with very limited space. Their patience for rubber-necked tourists can wear thin but despite this most are very accommodating. This book is filled with loads of great images that are quite difficult to capture for those not skilled in the art of photography in this type of environment. The book contains valuable statistical and historical information provided by Ken, a tuna broker here on the market for over 20 years."

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09 June 2014

Erik Kessels, Erik Steinbrecher and Erik van der Weijde - Tables to Meet

Tables to Meet
Erik Kessels, Erik Steinbrecher and Erik van der Weijde
320p. / 16x22cm
ed. 800 / Orange linen hard cover
Offset (black on blue paper)

"Three men named Erik have planned to meet for a long time. The problem is that one Erik lives in The Netherlands, one in Germany, and one in Brazil. So the Eriks began exchanging pictures of tables; each one a possible table at which to meet. Many, many pictures of tables later, and the Eriks still haven't met."

06 June 2014

Jason Jaworski - Sea

Jason Jaworski
200 Pages w/ multiple inserts
152x178mm / 6"x7"
Edition of 50 (signed & numbered)
Laser Printed w/ dusted charcoal, a hand-torched mylar cover & additional Fuji Noritsu color print

"On 31 January 2013 at about 3:45pm local time, an explosion occurred in the basement of a parking garage adjacent to the main office building of the Pemex Executive Tower in Mexico City, killing 37 people and injuring over 120 more. This photobook, part of a new SSK Press series that debuted at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA for the 2014 Los Angeles Art Book Fair, is a collection of images created the days before and after the blast on a one-week trip to Mexico City. The images were developed using a series of experimental processes involving boiling water, excessive agitation, and intentional fluorescent exposure, which, along with the melted mylar cover and charcoal dusted on each page, gives the book a feeling as though one were looking through the wreckage of an anonymous sea of fire."

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Daniel Donnelly - For the Children

For the Children
Daniel Donnelly
22 p, 148x210mm/5.8x8.3”
Edition of 50
Digital Print
£6 including UK shipping

“For the Children contains photos taken on Eid al- Adha in October 2013 in Asilah, Morocco.”

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02 June 2014

Paul Gaffney - We Make the Path by Walking (Special Edition)

We Make the Path by Walking (Special Edition)
Paul Gaffney
78 pages
16cm x 21cm
Colour offset printing
Limited edition of 50 with signed and numbered print and walnut presentation box
200 euro (incl. shipping)

"During 2012 I walked over 3,500 kilometres with the aim of creating a body of work which would explore the idea of long-distance walking as a form of meditation and personal transformation. My intention was to create a series of quiet, meditative images, which would evoke the experience of being immersed in nature and capture the essence of the journey. The images seek to engage the viewer in this walk, and to communicate a sense of the subtle internal and psychological changes which one may undergo while negotiating the landscape."

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Sebastien Bonin - 20.000 legho sotto i mari

20.000 legho sotto i mari
Sebastien Bonin
88 pages

"Sébastien Bonin’s recent work belongs to this movement. Although in the past he has turned his camera to the great landscapes of the American West or to the trivial details of his urban environment, since 2013 the artist has been experimenting since with the photogram technique – considered to be the forerunner of photography – to produce non-figurative photos."

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