29 April 2015

Javier Gastelum - All that is solid melts into air

All that is solid melts into air
by Javier Gastelum
40 pages, 37,5 X 52cm / 14.7 X 20.4 inches
digital offset printing
Edition: 50
25€ + shipping

"All that is Solid Melts Into Air links the two global cities Frankfurt and London. Aspects such as the development of information technologies, globalization and cross-linking complicate the reading of social processes in an urban space. The rejection of the idea of a endogenous space leads to a crisis in which the urban topography still exists but is increasingly replaced by it's own image."

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Joseph Charroy - вилково

by Joseph Charroy
22 photographs + one watercolour by Florence Cats
44 pages 150X200 mm
digital printing on recycled paper
12€ + shipping

"An evocation of the small town of Vylkovo in Ukraine through found photographs, portraits of anonymous characters, and pictures taken in the street of the town during the summer 2013."

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26 April 2015

Julie Hascoët - MURS

by Julie Hascoët
44 pages, 170 x 235 mm
digital printing on recycled paper
edition of 100

"Murs de l'Atlantique draws a panorama of the Breton territory (a region in North-West of France) and suggests a visual dialogue between two specific phenomena: the remains of the Atlantic Wall (blockhaus, bunkers) and illegal techno parties."

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Pascal Anders - Podmoskovye

by Pascal Anders
144 pages, 84 images
13 x 20 cm, 5×8 inches
First edition of 100 copies
Color Offset printed

"Podmoskovye features images from the Moscow suburbs made with surveillance cameras."

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23 April 2015

J.H. Hardcastle - Blood Rites

Blood Rites
by J.H. Hardcastle
Published by Cold Green Tea Press
28 pages, 17.78 cm x 13.87 cm (7” x 5.5”)
high-quality monochrome laser printing, hand sewn
1st edition of 50 copies
$13 + shipping

“These photographs were taken on my family’s ranch in Texas, where hundreds of antlers hang in neat rows as the trophies of long-dead hunters and a measure of the years.” --J.H. Hardcastle

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Roc Herms - < YO >< YO >< YO >

< YO >< YO >< YO >
by Roc Herms
Edited and designed with Eloi Gimeno
96 pages, 34x23cm
Offset printing
Edition: 1000
Price: 20€ + shipping

"For super-users —digital natives that make computer technology a way of life and who are often classified as the new urban tribe of the geeks— computers are much more than just a device for work, they are an extension of their identity and the digital ecosystem where they decide to live. < YO >< YO >< YO > sets out a journey from the plug into the computer, with the intention of portraying this kind of super-user along the way."

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16 April 2015

Peter Oey - Autumn in Paris

Autumn in Paris
by Peter Oey
Softcover, Saddle stitched
28 pages + cover, 105 x 148 mm
Indigo press, 80 gsm recycled + 170 gsm recycled
€10,00 + shipping

"Perfume yellow cold
The metro circulates warmth

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14 April 2015

Line Bøhmer Løkken - Kastepåstikka

Angle 4°, Kastepåstikka
by Line Bøhmer Løkken
24 pages, 14,8x20 cm
Booklet, saddle stitched
Offset print
ISBN 978-82-92224-16-8
Edition of 360
€ 11 / free shipping

"Kastepåstikka or Pitching pennies was a sure sign of spring. We played on gravel as soon as the ice and snow had melted. I vaguely remember the brown coins."

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12 April 2015

Tammy Mercure - The Quarter

The Quarter
by Tammy Mercure
10 pages, 127mmX 177mm (5"x7")
Inkjet printing
Edition: 30
$24 + shipping

"There is no place in the world like the French Quarter in New Orleans. This book contains ten portraits of people who inhabit this area."

11 April 2015

Anders Mortensen - Not yet remembered

Not yet remembered
Anders Mortensen
289 x 380 mm, 48 pages
Edition of 12
40 dkk / 6 eur / 6 usd

"Collection of personal photographs shot with different analog cameras between 2005-2013"

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10 April 2015

Ekaterina Solovieva - Kolodozero

by Ekaterina Solovieva
36 pages
230 x 150 mm
Edition of 50, numered
black & white digital print
8,00 € + shipping

"All who come to Arkady’s home in Kolodozero, or to his church for the service – they are all running away, somewhere or from something. From the urban noise or weariness, from the absurdity of life, from themselves, from their former selves, from their sins or wrongs. Arkady himself is a fugitive, more than once he has said that he was here, “because I am weak, the strong are able to leave.”

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05 April 2015

Matthias Kümpel - 38,6° - a tale

38,6° - a tale
by Matthias Kümpel
60 pages, 18cm x 18cm (7in x 7in)
digital printed on matte, 100# (148GSM) paper
linen hardcover with dust jacket
limited edition of 39, numbered
38,60 EUR (+ shipping outside germany)

"A tale told by 55 black&white photographs. All photos where taken on journeys to South East Asia between 2012 and 2014."

03 April 2015

Peter Oey - Sagrada

by Peter Oey
A handcrafted single signature, pamphlet thread stitched booklet.
Softcover, 32 pp.,  14 x 19 cm
Inkjet printed
Inside 120 gsm uncoated Biotop
Cover 160 gsm MI Teintes
120 gsm Kraftliner colophon inset
Signed & Numbered Edition of 44
€16,00 + shipping

"These are pictures from an old mirror. It is 1991 and Barcelona resides in it's pre-Olympic year. The community is aware that social shifts will occur. The city looks in the mirror for the last time."

01 April 2015

Toru - Technoland

by Toru
28 pages, 140mm x 210mm (5.5in x 8,3in)
Black and white laser print on iceland 80g paper
Edition of 30
5,50€ Spain / 8€ International (shipping included)

"A lot has happened since the first electro music parties in Germany and Detroit and still today, is the heart of many people around the world. Toru shows us one of the many experiences he has with this type of festivals. Xum-Xum-Xum..."

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Montserrat Baches - Baches

by Montserrat Baches
Published by Olhavê
15 x 20 cm size, 48 pages, 26 photos
Offset printing, pólen paper, hotstamping cover
500 copies, signed and numbered
Price: $ 25 + Shipping

"The desire to understand the subjective documental image is not a direct or assertive process about something we see. Baches meditates upon intersections of human relationships. It all happens in one single environment with people who do not think about speaking for photography."

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Ezio D'Agostino - Alphabet

by Ezio D'Agostino
designed by Treterzi
published by Skinnerboox
56 pages, 23,7x32 cm
Offset printed
250 copies
28,00 euro + shipping

"An intensive research conducted in 2011 on Le Forum Des Halles in Paris before its renovation."

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