29 December 2015

Industrie 950 - Soleil du Nord

Soleil du Nord
by Industrie 950
44 pages, 14,8 x 21 cm
Digital printing
Edition: 50 ex.
Price: 10€

"Soleil du Nord is a book edited by Mauvaise Presse. Industrie950 make 35mm analog shots from differents travels in Belgium, France and Portugal. We can find desert urban landscapes." 

Tess Roby - Succession of Divers Into the Pool

Succession of Divers Into the Pool
by Tess Roby
55 pages, 5.5"x8.5" closed size (14cm x 21.5cm)
Perfect Bound in Colour
Edition of 40
$20 CDN + shipping

"Succession of Divers Into the Pool is a collection of colour photographs which follow the artist from her home in Montreal to her travels in New York City and the East Coast of Canada. Shot in the summer of 2015, the photographs visualize a loneliness which comes only with humidity, and the consistent back and forth between cities. Thoughtful and provocative, the photographs share Roby's search for light and abstraction in cities, wilderness and Montreal's Jarry Pool."

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Staś Zawada - HFJ

by Staś Zawada
64 pages, 25 x 20 cm
Offset print
Edition of 200 numbered copies
Price 26€ + shipping

"A book about Hafnarfjörður, the third largest town in Iceland. 27,990 inhabitants as of May 2015. No waterfalls, glaciers, geysers or volcanoes."

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26 December 2015

Julie Hascoët & Roméo Julien - « 1/7 »

 « 1/7 »
by Julie Hascoët & Roméo Julien
44 pages, 14,5 x 20,5 cm
Digital printing
Edition: 60
Price 10€ + shipping

"Chantier en cours is a joint artistic research project of Julie Hascoët (photographer) and Roméo Julien (illustrator), dealing with the themes of ruins and rubble and is questioning more generally the urban space: its metamorphoses, its architectural forms and its evolutions. This first opus (6 others to be published) explores the city of Belgrade and its surroundings."

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23 December 2015

Michelle Abadie - Found Animals

Found Animals
by Michelle Abadie
86pp, 155mm x 155mm
140gsm, matt double sided
Hard cover, dust jacket, hand stitched, laser printed
Not limited edition, but every book is hand produced.
Price: £30

"These books are handmade by Michelle Abadie using found images of animals. Found photography is based on the recovery of lost, unclaimed, or discarded photographs, often simple domestic photos, which were never intended for publication. They can be mistakes, accidentally beautiful, unintentionally funny, inexplicably heart warming or heart breaking, taken by anyone and everyone they often accidentally document a social history."

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Julia Borissova - J.B. about men floating in the air

J.B. about men floating in the air
by Julia Borissova
Self published art book
Handmade, Leporello binding, Hardcover
28 pages, 100mm x 150mm
Digital print
Limited Edition of 75, signed and numbered by hand
27€ + shipping

"My book is about every person’s dream to break the vicious circle of all kinds of constraints and to fly away to a distant unknown in search of unlimited freedom and to find there true motherland and real home."

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22 December 2015

Massimo Mastrorillo - Aliqual

by Massimo Mastrorillo
designed by 3/3
Published by Skinnerboox
128 pages, 28x19,7ccm
Offset Printing
Edition of 750 copies
Price: 35€

"aliqualaliqualaliqualaliqualaliqualaliqualaliqualaliqualaliqualaliqualaliqualaliqual, there is a very simple game that consists of repeating a word again and again until its meaning breaks down."

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Elvira Lindo - Boys are so Dumb

Boys are so Dumb
Photography & text by Elvira Lindo
Design & layout: Caravanbook
Published by Caravanbook
Translation: Itziar Yagüe
Digital laser color print, A6 size, 20 + 4 pages
Cyclus paper 90 grs. (100% recycled)
10 eur + shipping costs

"Boys Are So Dumb is our new photo book about New York city. It shows us a very particular portrait of that wild city made by the well-known writer Elvira Lindo. She photographs with curiosity, tenderness and certain cheekiness and although she is not a photographer, she has created a wonderful body of images."

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Colin Stearns - Meridian

by Colin Stearns
Publisher: RITA Books
140 pages, 82 duotone black & white photographs, 6.5"x 8"
Limited Edition of 125

"Colin Stearns’ Meridian was made over the course of three years split between Paris, Normandy, and New York City. Stearns’ photo-novel reflects on isolation and loss through the scientific phenomenon of the optic nerve after-image. Photographs fade in and out, reappearing throughout the book as distant augmented memories."

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19 December 2015

Tom Janssen - Parade

by Tom Janssen
design by Simon Burer, story by Frank Heinen, essay by Dirk van Weelden
88 pages with 4 fold-outs + booklet, 60 photographs, 30x23,6cm / 11,8x9,3inch
offset print
edition of 1000 including 24 special editions
€ 34,50

“With over five hundred parades each year in such a small country as the Netherlands, one can’t neglect the role they play within large parts of society. The building of a float takes months and stands in no comparison to the sparse hours that they roll through the streets, and their real beauty can be found in the perseverance with which they are made. Positioned within the well-organized Dutch landscape all those surreal creations almost seem like a silent protest against conformity.”


15 December 2015

Alessandro Rizzi - Sculptures

by Alessandro Rizzi
23x32,5cm, 112 pages
offset color printing
uv lamination
500 copies

"Sculptures by Alessandro Rizzi is a book whose photographs were shot over the timespan of a few hours in Washington D.C. on December 13, 2014, and more precisely, during the civil rights protests that took place in the capital after the fatal shooting and civil unrest originating in Ferguson. Rizzi gives back a sharp and paradigmatic work on American society as a whole, and on the importance of a political demonstration that is a sign of the times and is coherent to its prescribed script, he plays with the fragments and cracks of what could be a historic moment for the struggle of the black community but that does not appear to be so: the sculptures at play in this event are part of a larger scenario that provides for their presence and contribution as actors both united and alone. This kind of structural weakness of the human element does not manifest in what is portrayed in the photographs which always appears to be plastic and structured, but instead lives within this visual paradox, as testimony to the distance in the union, and a fragility, despite the solidity, structure, and plasticity within each one of us."

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Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson - A Sudden Drop (Eight and a Half Days)

A Sudden Drop (Eight and a Half Days)
by Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson
Text by Stian Gabrielsen
192 pages, 743 photographic illustrations
21,1 x 29 x 1,6 cm/8,31 x 11,42 x 0,63 inches
(Inserted) 16 pages, 8 photographic illustrations, 19,5 x 27 cm/7,68 x 10,63 inches
Offset print
Edition of 500

"A Sudden Drop features photographs of clothing found on streets in a central part of Oslo. The book is part of a larger body of work that includes cartographical material, sculptures and installations. The theme of these works – consumer consumption and decay in a specific geographical area – takes on a somewhat abstract and scientific tone. Jóhannsson’s photographic method follows up ideas he has explored in earlier publications: instrumentality is juxtaposed with temporality yet also infused with consumer aesthetics and technical misunderstandings."


Pascal Anders - Aftermath

by Pascal Anders
100 pages, 48 images
13 x 20 cm, 5×8 inches
First edition of 100 copies
Black and white Offset printed

“Images from the aftermath of the terror attacks that killed 130 people in Paris on the night of Friday 13 November 2015.“

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14 December 2015

Matt Borruso - IMAGE File

by Matt Borruso
76 pages, 8.75 X 10.75 inches
Black risograph printing, hand silk-screened hardcover, hand bound
Edition edition of 50, signed and numbered
Price $60.00

"Images of early humans, prosthetic make-up, sculpture molds, concrete architecture, and deep space. From the archive of visual artist Matt Borruso."

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10 December 2015

Riccardo Vitali - Lunigiana eye open

Lunigiana eye open
by Riccardo Vitali
60 pages,21x26 cm
Digital printing
Edition of 5
20 euro

"Lunigiana is an almost unknown Italian region administratively divided between Tuscany and Liguria but historically and culturally a unique land.The book collects photos taken from 2013 to 2015."

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09 December 2015

Cedric Van Turtelboom - Noroc

by Cedric Van Turtelboom
Design : -SYB- 
Text : Jean-Marc Bodson
86 pages 17 x 22,4 cm
offset color printing
Edition of 550
30 euros + shipping

"Van Turtelboom keeps us on a tightrope that traverses the fine line between what we believe we know and that which seems strange. By means of his photography, he warns us that the world’s logic is nothing but an optical illusion. The time has passed for judgement: now we need to learn how to live a nomadic life in a sensory no man’s land."

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08 December 2015

Jason Rusnock - Solar Power #3

Solar Power #3
Jason Rusnock
20 pages, 21.60 x 21.60cm (8.5 x 8.5 in)
digital print
edition of 110
$7.00 USD + shipping

"Light and time are photography’s most fundamental elements; light and shadow create form, and time determines their recorded values. Through manipulations in the photographic process, these images captured on film are presented in ways unique to the medium. They illustrate details both seen by the human eye, and those seen only by the camera."

07 December 2015

Jackie Roman - Old Domino

Old Domino
Jackie Roman
52 page, 210x148mm
Offset print
Perfect bound
Edition of 500
£12 + shipping

"Old Domino documents five of the DIY art and music venues that have been displaced as a result of the excessive luxury development of the Domino Sugar Refinery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from 2007-2014. The images are a street-level glimpse into Death By Audio, Glasslands, 285 Kent, Monster Island and Dead Herring. Photographer Jackie Roman compiles concert reportage and street scenes in a photo book that takes the viewer on a tour of a community that was once considered a mecca for DIY and underground music."

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04 December 2015

Regina Anzenberger - Roots & Bonds

Roots & Bonds (signed)
by Regina Anzenberger
112 pages, 67 photos and 9 drawings
Offset Print
Year: 2015
edition: 350
Price: 45 €

"It all started with one particular tree in the winter forest that caught my eye during one of my walks with my dog Shakeera. I kept returning there over an entire year and photographed the tree through every season."

Nuno Moreira - Zona

by Nuno Moreira
Texts by José Luis Peixoto
108 pages, 30 b/w tritone photographs, 140 x 210 mm
Hardcover clothbound with embossed title
Limited edition of 300 copies
35 Euros (includes shipping worldwide)

"Done between Tokyo and Lisbon, Zona is a visual exploration on mental and physical space - an attempt to represent the unconscious mind and the symbolic nature of archetypes - by Portuguese artist Nuno Moreira that emerged directly from faded memories and notes from a dream-diary. It's narrative follows a live-performance and is somewhat similar to a dream experience – one feels both familiarity, intimacy and strangeness. Zona shows Moreira investigating in shadows and discovering new means by which to speak about thoughts and the realms of the psyche." 

Chiara De Franciscis - Silver Ghost

Silver Ghost
by Chiara De Franciscis
Published by Odd Eye Press
Softcover, 64 black and white pages, 29x21 cm
Wire bound
Offset printing
Edition of 100, signed and numbered
£25 (free worldwide shipping)

"Silver Ghost contains images of three different ghost towns located in California and Nevada: Bodie, Rhyolite and Calico. These mining towns were settlements originating from the gold and silver rush during the 19th century. They were subsequently abandoned when the mines closed. The inhabitants left everything behind, transforming the once flourishing towns into a shadowy semblance of their former self."

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Nicola Albertin - FROBEN

by Nicola Albertin
Book design by Annagina Totaro
28, cm.19.5x27
1 color Indigo printing
Edition of 75
10 Euro + shipping

"FROBEN is a return to basics with a selection of 24 black & white photographs taken in recent years around northern of Italy and printed on Fedrigoni paper, binding with staples and minimal layout by Annagina Totaro. During processing I had a cough and to soothe it I took a homeopathic version of FROBEN, my preferred cough syrup. I spoke with Annagina, via whatsapp, and she decided to use it as a title, much more beautiful and immediate, and less staid of the first version.

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Various artists - Adulthood


Jarmal Martis, Karl Child, Helen Korpak, Alison Postma, Marc Gassó, Dominik Wojciechowski, Christiane Peschek, Philip Keith, Louis De Belle, Sinziana Velicescu, Antoine Derriey, La Millesh, Jade Leetz, Lukasz Wierzbowski, David Shaw, Emily Porter, Dora Kontha, Emilía Turner, Btihal Remli, Harald Wawrzyniak, Lita Bosch, Milica Stefanovic, Robbie Hala’api’api, Yaniv Waissa, Shelbi Ryder, Lin Xuecong, Tanja Gorsic, David Scholl, Mon Levchenkova, Alejandro Aguilar, Takuroh Toyama, Li Guanqun, Alessandro Ruggieri, Dila Ramos, Aram Tanis, Peter Kowalski, Massimo Palmieri, Allison Baker, Nora Lowinsky, Noah Waldeck, Ryan James MacFarland, Ulrike Biets, Dana Stirling, AdeY, Panu Heikki Johannes, Elena Cremona, Esthaem, Alba Giertz, Kersti K and Mr. Iozo

82 pages, 50 color & b/w images
21x29.7cm, 8.27x11.69in
HP Indigo Print, Perfect bound
Edition of 200
€ 16 + shipping

"The book contains five series, each created in an exquisite corpse type approach. The initial topic of each series is adulthood, which the first photograph is directly based upon. All the following photographs are based solely on the contribution that came immediately before."

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Aaron McElroy - Candy

by Aaron McElroy
55 pages
White wire binding
Cover printed on 215 gsm ink jet paper, contents on 70lb Ivory paper
Edition of 120 (only 10-20 copies left)
$65.00 + shipping

"Candy"is the second installment of the Sugar series, containing a plethora of black and white images, a selection of older and new nude photographs. The muted color palette and the diaristic approach from his previous publications are replaced by the lines and form of the female figure mixed with the textures and off beat tones of the laser prints inside.

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Marcus Held - Abrasion/Sedimentation

by Marcus Held
Essay(in german): Stefan Höhne
Design: Nicole Christ
80p / 23,5x28cm
Edition of 250

"Abrasion / Sedimentation deals with the construction of place through perceiving geological and semantic layers. The book itself utilizes the process of layering to presage a structural transparency of apparently obvious information."

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Philip Anderson - Bellwether live at First Avenue

Bellwether live at First Avenue
by Philip Anderson
Foreword by Will Agar
46 pages, 6"x6"
digital printing
edition of 100

"A photographic book and live CD capturing a moment in which the band Bellwether was performing at the legendary First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It evokes a time in our lives when we as people are experiencing the freedom of adulthood and not yet restricted by responsibilities. It is an homage to creativity and doing what is needed to realize that creativity."

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