27 April 2016

Johannes Groht - Im Tal der Zeichen (Kosmografien aus dem Schams)

Im Tal der Zeichen
Kosmografien aus dem Schams
by Johannes Groht
14,8 x 21 cm, 348 pages, open thread-stitching
all black and white pictures
Limited edition of 50 hand-numbered and signed copies 
Comes with full colour C-Print, 14,3 x 20,3 cm, hand-numbered and signed on the back side, in glassine cover
68 € (plus shipping costs)

"Black lines, meandering, gathering and knotting, winding to signs, faces, and landscapes – calligraphy? Rock art? Abstract expressionism? The black lines are marks of repair works on the streets of a swiss alpine valley, called the Schams. Where frost and heat afflict the tarmac, the cracks get fixed with hot asphalt. These repainted fractures are isolated from photographs and remain as abstract forms."

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26 April 2016

Koji Kitagawa - Daughter

Koji Kitagawa
262 Pages, 29.7 x 21.0 cm
B/W laser print
Edition of 100
4,800 JPY + shipping

"Animal Health "

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David Spagnolo - Elevations

by David Spagnolo
Published by E23 Editions
20 pages, 7.50 x 6 inches
Mohawk premium natural white uncoated heavy stock
Printed by Conveyor Arts, Newark, NJ
Edition of 100, numbered and signed
$20 (postage included)

Elevations is a select group of photographs from a series depicting the thousands of trees that inhabit the midtown and downtown areas of Sacramento, California. Long exposures made during fall and winter nights using an 8x10 view camera and contact printed onto gold-toned silver chloride paper, the photographs radiate a dark yet absorbing sense of light, atmosphere, and mystery. "Elevations" is the first book by Sacramento based photographer David Spagnolo and is published by E23 Editions, the personal imprint for the photographer as a platform to display his own work and that of other photographers and painters. "

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25 April 2016

Cyril Baumgartner - au cœur du CHABLAIS

au cœur du CHABLAIS
By Cyril Baumgartner
Preface by René-Claude Emery
Published by Camargue éditions
72 pages, 22 x 29 cm - 8.7 x 11.4 inches
Hardcover saddle-stitched, Offset semi-mat paper 170g., flyleaf Sirio Dark Blue
Edition 1000 & 10 numbered and signed with a giclee print 20 x 28 cm - 7.9 x 11 inches
45€ + shipping

"This book is one of the first art books dedicated to the swiss Chablais region (near Montreux). He's composed of photographs from typical landscapes, villages and architecture."

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Ieva Balode - Invisible Images

Invisible Images
by Ieva Balode
32 pages + 12 leporello, 18x18 cm.
Offset printing
Edition: 99
25 euros + shipping

"While combining personal and archival material and drawing references from the experiments in social psychology carried out by Solomon Ash, Stanley Milgram and Philip Zimbardo, this is a tale of psychological reality experienced by an individual upon encountering and ultimately losing one’s identity in the social environment. The book ‘Invisible Images’ by Ieva Balode (published by NoRoutineBooks) consist of 13 authors analogue photographs, 12 wartime images with archival material from National Library of Latvia and the Latvian War Museum and several quotations from research articles."

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Laure Maugeais - Le Pli

Le Pli
by Laure Maugeais
130cm - 7 polaroid pictures, hardcover with an elastic 10x8cm - binding, designed by LM and handmade  
type: bellerose et Euphemia
edition: 14
Price 40 euros

"The delicate surface of the Polaroid is unfolded and reveals the heart of the subject: the mountain, this immensity. From a geological point of view, the mountain is made of folds itself.What is folded does not exist outside what wraps it, an infinite spiritual strength, it is the reason of the fold, the essence.

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David Nollet - Façade démocratique

Façade démocratique
by David Nollet
Graphic design by Kaat Flamey
104 pp. , 22,5 x 31,5 cm / 8,8 x 12,4 inch)
stochastic printing
Price: 40 €

"Façade démocratique is a poem in photographs made in Belgium just before the financial, political and societal crises that erupted since 2008. But beware, this is not a photo book about Belgium!"

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19 April 2016

various artists - joy & sorrow

joy & sorrow
by Paolo Morales, Zora J Murff, Rachel Jump, Katharina Bühler, Claire Cushing, Nathan Pearce, Rana Young, Jeff Downer, Benoit Chailleux, Maddi Montero, Sam Haberman, Ian Kline and Taylor Galloway
Essay by Natalie Blanton and a poem by Molly Dickinson
 8.5 x 5.5 inches, 32 pages
Edition: 50
Price $10

"For our newest group zine we put out an open call asking photographers to send us photos on the themes of joy or sorrow."

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13 April 2016

Aaron McElroy - Sugar

Aaron McElroy
black and white laser jet
Edition of 120 (10 copies left and 5 special editions with print left)

“Sugar - the final book of the Sugar series - contains a plethora of black and white images-a selection of old and more recent nude photographs. The muted color palette and the diarist approach are replaced by the lines and form of the female figure mixed with the textures and off beat tones of the laser prints inside making each book unique."

Dorian Teti - Untitled A1

Untitled A1
by Dorian Teti
Published by Editions 77
24 pages, 14x20cm
Digital printing, Munken Polar 130g + plastic sleeve
Edition: 100

"With an (almost) untitled project and twelve diptychs, Dorian Teti draws up the best inventory of contemporary art that one could have hoped for, and that with an elegant mix of style, humor and sobriety."

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Christian Reister - Driftwood Vol. 1-4

DRIFTWOOD 1 | Berlin
by Christian Reister
40 b/w pages + red text-inlay
14.8 x 21 cm / 5.83 x 8.27 inches
digital printing, saddle stitch
Edition: 50
€ 40 + shipping

NB: Price is for the first 4 (!) issues of Driftwood. Each will be shipped by the date of release
(every 3 months, April 2016 - 2017)

"Driftwood is a new zine published by Christian Reister. Each issue will have another topic, No. 1 is "Berlin". It stands in the tradition of his photobook Alle Katzen Grau from 2015 and contains 22 moody black/white late night Berlin photos, most of them printed on full double pages."


12 April 2016

Lark Foord - Plain Sight

Plain Sight
by Lark Foord
Published by Another Place Press
40pp, 150 x 215mm
Digital print on Fedrigoni Silk paper
Limited first edition of 150 copies
Price £10 + p&p

"On the surface, Plain Sight is a simple study in found abstractions, ordinary objects and the spaces in between spaces. The underlying theme is an expression of a pervasive otherness."

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11 April 2016

Chiara de Franciscis - VDNKh

by Chiara de Franciscis
Published by Odd Eye Press
Perfect Binding Hardcover
60 pages, 29x21 cm 
Offset printing
Limited First Edition of 100
£30 + shipping

VDNKh, pronounced “vedeenkha”, is a trade show and amusement park located in the north of Moscow featuring more than 250 Soviet-era palaces and pavilions, numerous fountains, the Vostok rocket and the Space Pavilion. The park is better known by Moscovites under the acronym VDNKh, which stands for Vystavka Dostizheniy Narodnovo Khozyaystva (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy). The book depicts images of the buildings, the Monument to the Conquerors of Space together with a series of eerie portraits of people posing with some wax statues on loan from the Wax Museum in Saint Petersburg and shown at the VDNKh.

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Antoine Leblond - 列車がきます / ressha ga kimasu

列車がきます / ressha ga kimasu
by Antoine Leblond
60 pages, 47 photographs
19 × 26 cm, 7.4 × 10 in.
60 page duotone offset printing on Fedrigoni Old Mill + 1 page hand-printed on Fedrigoni Materica
softcover (w/ obi), hot stamping on Arjowiggins Curious Matter
edition of 200, self-published
40.00 € + 4.00 € (worldwide shipping)

"The photographs presented in this book are just a short segment of a never-ending project I started a few years ago — and still in progress — about Japan as seen through its railways. Humans are just robots now. Locomotives have faces, characters, appear dazzled, anesthetized by the snow, exhausted by endless trips… A (kind of) photographic homage to Kraftwerk’s T.E.E. album."

Fred Cray - Silhouettes

by Fred Cray
58 pages, 15.9cm x 23.5cm / 6.25" x 9.25"
printing: 4 color digital offset
edition: 120
40$ + shipping

"Silhouettes continues Fred Cray's unique photographs project. In this book the photographs are derived from scanned double printed works with silhouettes or their inverse on top of a variety of subjects. Each copy of Silhouettes contains 1 unique stamped and numbered 4"x6" photograph."

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04 April 2016

Pascal Anders - Society of the Spectacle

Society of the Spectacle
by Pascal Anders
142 pages, 134 images
13 x 20 cm, 5×8 inches
Black and white Offset printed
First edition of 100 copies

“A glitched version of Guy Debord’s Society of Spectacle.“

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