26 October 2013

Larry Fink - Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits
Larry Fink
96 pages
9 x 9.375 in / 22 x 23 cm
500 advanced purchase with name credit, then unlimited

"Kindred Spirits by internationally-acclaimed photographer Larry Fink, is an entreé to the Horvaths who run a family farm to raise food for their own consumption, selling the rest to family, friends, and passersby. Working with a small digital camera and his signature mischievous eye, Fink’s latest work is powerful in composition and content."

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23 October 2013

Henrik Malmström - Life Is One Live It Well

Life Is One Live It Well
Henrik Malmström
Printing: Digital Tabloid
36 pages
29 x 38 cm / 28 color images
Edition: 75
Price: 10 euros + p/p

"A newspaper about the bars and people of St. Georg, Hamburg."

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Michael Max McLeod - Casual Encounters

Casual Encounters
Michael Max McLeod
Box set of ten zines
Ten 12-page zines (120 pages)
Laser printed

"Over the course of several years, I published a ten-zine series, culminating in this box set. Each zine features a man I met on an internet dating website. Zines are also available individually."

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Évita Yumul - Photographs I Took (from Facebook) IV

Photographs I Took (from Facebook) IV
Évita Yumul
5 x 7 inches / 12.5 x 17.5cm
30 copies
Risograph printed
Free (pay shipping)

"A series of photographs taken from Facebook."

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18 October 2013

Carles Palacio - Capitalismo Barbarie

Capitalismo Barbarie
Carles Palacio
24 pages
18,5 x 12,5 cm (7 x 5 1/8 in)
Edition size: 69, numbered
Printing: Digital
Price: 5€

"Capitalismo Barbarie shows a full year works from Carles Palacio on social protests and manifestations on the streets in Barcelona and Girona."

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15 October 2013

Thomas Bonfert - Diary of a field worker 2006-2013

Diary of a field worker 2006-2013
Thomas Bonfert
digital print
94 pages
6,4x8,4 inch
Price: 17€ + shipping

"a Portfolio book and a bizarre journey through Austria"

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Tamara Lichtenstein - Untitled

Tamara Lichtenstein
32 pages
First edition of 44

"This pressing marks Lichtenstein's first solo zine with BOTY- a long overdue venture. 'Untitled' is typical Tamara- images that are both soft and proper while instantly makes one envious that they didn't shoot it themselvess."

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14 October 2013

Tarrah Krajnak - South Sound

South Sound
Tarrah Krajnak
Essay by Alexander Keefe
6 x 8 in.
114 pages
Edition of 100 (15 signed & numbered copies include one of 15 signed 11 x 14 inch pigment prints by the artist)
Price: $25

"South Sound is the outcome of several months spent in a small cabin built in 1954 on Puget Sound by an Anglican minster & unorthodox Jungian psychologist. Drawing upon old snapshots & books she found in the cabin, photographer Tarrah Krajnak has created juxtapositions that are meant to be suggestive rather than expository. Relying on the formal and material qualities of the objects within them as well as their mysterious textual and photographic contents, her photographs elicit responses ranging from synthetic story-making to mute, impassable aporia."

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Various - ED IT: The substantial system for photographic maintenance

ED IT: The substantial system for photographic maintenance
Ola Lanko, Sterre Sprengers, Simone Engelen, Brigiet van der Berg and Nikki Brormann
Softcover pocket + appendix
456 pages + 148 pages
Edition: 500
Price: 14,99 Euro excl. shipping

"The book 'ED IT: The substantial system for photographic maintenance' explores a four-step system to manually edit a private, digital photo archive down to a representative selection of images. Together with ED IT Appendix called Discoveries is included. Appendix explores tendencies, observations and discoveries about the ways photography is used today, these were made during the archive analysis."

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Andrés Medina - Tránsito


Andrés Medina 
21 x 29,7 cm

16 pages
Edition of 75

Digital laser print

5 € + shipping

"Its main purpose is to reflect a vital anxienty, a metaphor of the personal journey searching for the sense of one-self life. Across the wilderness, this inner trip is marked out with the unexpected, the cruelty, the beauty, the organic as well as the artificial."

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Yannick Vallet - Le Banc

Le Banc
Yannick Vallet
Handmade book, folded like an accordion, in a cardboard box kraft with title
7 cm x 7,7 cm (2,75” x 3”) - unfolded : 77 cm (30,3”)
Edition of 30, signed and numbered
Price: 15 € +shipping (book + an original print : € 35.00 +shipping)

"The story of a bench, in seven pictures, between 7:56 am to 8:32 pm"

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Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira - Small Town South

Small Town South
Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira
12 pages
14.8 x 21 cm
Edition: 30
digital print
3 € + shipping

"Gruissan plage. France"

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12 October 2013

Tyrone Lebon - Baron

Author: Tyrone Lebon
Editor: Max Pearmain
Photography book
36 Pages in colour, size 235 x 300mm, embossed hard cover
Edition: 1000
Offset printed
Price £30 UK & Europe, £40 International

"The second issue of Baron is a photographic journey over a 12-month period, photographed by Tyrone Lebon and guest edited by Max Pearmain. A central theme for this issue has been to question the evolvement of sexuality in today’s image sharing society."

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Yannick Vallet - Le Banc

Le Banc
Yannick Vallet
Book (handmade) folded like an accordion, in a cardboard box kraft with title
7 cm x 7,7 cm (2,75” x 3”) - unfolded : 77 cm (30,3”)
Edition of 30, signed and numbered

The book : 15 € (+ shipping)
The book + an original print : € 35.00 (+ shipping)

"The story of a bench, in seven pictures, beetwen 7:56 am to 8:32 pm"

11 October 2013

Felipe Hernández - Slum Pills

Title:  Slum Pills #3
Author: Felipe Hernández
60 pages
54 photos, black & white  
14.8 x 21 cm
Digital print
Edition: 100 copies, hand numbered
Price: 3 € + shipping

"Slum pills is a diary about what i see and the people i meet. Straight and honest. Pills of psychedelic pop."

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08 October 2013

Alison Baitz - On Flora

On Flora
Alison Baitz
32 pages
5.5"x7.5" or 13.97cm x 19.05cm
Digitally printed
$10USD + shipping

"On Flora is a photo zine dedicated to plants and flowers. Both slightly ironic and completely earnest, it features 100% original film photography. Inside you will find photos of elaborate arrangements in crappy containers, floral art featuring donuts and a section dedicated to the array of fake flowers available for purchase in craft stores."

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07 October 2013

Jurgen Maelfeyt - Les Pierres

Jurgen Maelfeyt
Les Pierres
19 x 27 cm
80 pages
edition of 500
€ 25 + shipping

"Les Pierres is a collection of photographs found in books combined with stock photography."

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Erik Kessels /Paul Kooiker - Incredibly small photobooks

Erik Kessels /Paul Kooiker
Incredibly small photobooks
30 x 37 cm
64 pages
newspaper print
€ 12 + shipping

"Paul Kooiker and Erik Kessels have made a selection of their finest books from within this questionable new genre. Incredibly small photobooks is the second volume (after Terribly awesome photobooks) showing this amazing collection."

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04 October 2013

Morten Gjerde - Small Significant Moments

Small Significant Moments
Morten Gjerde
40 pages
14.8x21 cm / 5.82x8.26 in.
Edition size: 100
Canon professional imagepress digital print
$24.99 - Free shipping

"In this edition you will find street photography from many different countries and continents. This Zine is filled with 34 black/white pictures from Norway, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy, USA, Germany, Poland, India, UK, and Aruba. Numbered and signed and strictly limited edition of 100 Zines. No reprint."

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Paul Paper - Contemporary Photography

Contemporary Photography
Paul Paper
Black offset printing
Edition of 500
16 x 22.5 cm
48 pages
€ 5.00

"A quick and painless anthology of contemporary photography by artist Paul Paper. The book contains short texts that describes the motifs of present-day photography."

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03 October 2013

Max Sher - A Remote Barely Audible Evening Waltz

A Remote Barely Audible Evening Waltz
Max Sher
168 pages
17.5x24 cm / 6.9x9.4in.
Edition size: 200
Digital offset, embossed cloth hardcover with tracing paper jacket and tipped-in image on the back
$45 / 35€ + Shipping

"Max Sher's first artist book A Remote Barely Audible Evening Waltz examines how we perceive our past through images and what is the image of history in our collective minds. A collection of found photos edited into a poetic visual sequence plus a few images taken at the place where they had been found, the book also reveals a rare and unusual view of the private life of Soviet middle class in the 1960-80s."

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02 October 2013

Vaan - Invisible Architecture

Invisible Architecture
28 pages
230x305mm / 9x12in.
Edition of 250, signed and numbered
Offset printing
$20 / 15€

"Invisible Architecture is a series of architectural photographs, taken in Tokyo in summer 2011. Usually this type of construction is not considered to be itself architecture, but I consider architecture to be often where it is not expected."

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Jana Romanova - Shvilishvili

Jana Romanova
Hand-made artist book, signed and numbered
106 pages
15 x 32 cm / 5,9 x 12,6 inches
Edition of 67 (each 10 copies are different)
Archival pigment print
220 euro

"“Shvilishvili” is Georgian for “grandchild”. In this project, presented as a hand-made photography book-object, the author questions the value of family ties in modern society through the blood line that connects and separates her relatives who live both in Russia and Georgia. The family is divided between two countries, and the problems of it’s members on both sides of the border arise from the post-war political situation as well as the tragic story of a murder committed inside the family."

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Mirko Smerdel - At Home He Feels Like a Tourist

At Home He Feels Like a Tourist
Mirko Smerdel
60 pages
15 x 21cm (comes with a jacket/poster)
Indigo - Digital offset
Edition size: 250
Price: £16

"All the images in AHHFLAT come from a group of negatives bought online sight unseen from the USA. They capture snapshots of what looks like the recreation time of three separate and independent groups of people. Linking them, is their acting within a common frame. Like tourists at home, these people pose and move within symbolic and iconic places characteristic of the American landscape and its culture."

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Gustavo Alemán - (No) soy de aquí

(No) soy de aquí
Gustavo Alemán
60 pages
21.5 x 16 cm / 8.43 x 6.3 inches
Edition of 750 ( 250 available to the public)
20 euros + shipping

 "(No) soy de aquí/ I´m (not) from here " was born of a faint but persistent discomfort, of the feeling of disbelief about my surroundings and of a dual rejection / attraction that this territory provokes in me. This work is the exploration of that discomfort and of my beliefs about Murcia, the region where I live. Exorcism, homage, mockery and research at once, "(No) soy de aquí" is the (self) portrait, made by one of its confused inhabitants, of a place impossible but real."

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01 October 2013

Bruno Quinquet - Salaryman Project business schedule 2014

Salaryman Project business schedule 2014
Bruno Quinquet
64 pages
18.2 x 25.7cm or 7.2 x 10.1 inches
(comes along with a "confidential" 8 pages publication)
offset printed in Japan
Edition size: 500
Price: €30 EMS international shipping included / ¥2310 in Japan.

"Through a mix of street photography and conceptual documentary, the ongoing Salaryman Project depicts the world of Tokyo's male office workers (aka salarymen) and the Japanese sense of the season. The work is published as an illustrated Japanese professional agenda. Obscuring the faces on purpose is an attempt to adapt in a creative way to the constraints of portraits rights on candid photography. As a result, mystery and poetry seem to blossom around the supposedly boring corporate world."

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