29 August 2016

Julia Borissova - DOM (Document Object Model)

DOM (Document Object Model)
by Julia Borissova
Self published art book
Gatefold softcover, swiss brochure, hand-bound
48 pages including 12 four-panel gatefolds + 20 p. booklet
15 x 20 cm
Digital Print
Edition of 75, signed and hand numbered
The book will come with art. print 20 x 13 cm (3 different motifs, edition of 25 of each motif)
55 € + shipping 10 €

"For my project DOM I wanted to “grow” an image. My idea was to create a utopian version of of apartment buildings which I removed from their usual context and placed in other settings. I explored how our concept of home changes over time and transforms in connection with the place in which we live."

25 August 2016

Tomas Bachot - Those who eat fish from the cyanide lake improve their sex life

Those who eat fish from the cyanide lake improve their sex life
by Tomas Bachot
Design by Maria Mitcheva
Interviews by Roxi Pop & Tomas Bachot
204 pages, 165mm x 240mm
printed in full color offset on 80g Cyclus Offset Paper
edition: 500
24 €  (shipping not included)

"T: Do you think that the woman in the picture represents the area?
– No.
T: Why not?
– I think you took this picture in the country you come from and show it here."


13 August 2016

Fábio Miguel Roque - I found fireflies in my dream, talking to a strange, drunk and dead man!

I found fireflies in my dream, talking to a strange, drunk and dead man!
by Fábio Miguel Roque
Edit & Graphic Design: Peter Oey
62 pages, A5
HP Indigo Print, Perfect Bound
Edition of 50, Numbered & Signed
All books comes with a 10x15 cm signed print
The first 15 copies comes with an A3 Poster
15,00 €

"I'm a dreamer. Usually, I don't remember my dreams. When I actually remember them, it's not a good sign. This book is my interpretation of some of these dreams."

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Lewis Bush - City of Dust

City of Dust
by Lewis Bush
28 pages, 29 x 38cm
digital printing on newsprint
Edition: 150
£5 + shipping

"Viewing London as a memory palace, this series acts as prequel to my 2015 book Metropole. While Metropole examined the new face of a rapidly transforming metropolis, City of Dust documents the traces of what is being lost in the process and uses these images as the basis for an esoteric and highly personal history of the city."

12 August 2016

Sandra Köstler - Postsadness Taipei

Postsadness Taipei
by Sandra Köstler
142 pages, 23 x 28 cm (9.06 x 11.02 inches)
Digital printing on Condat Matt Perigord
Edition: 150
35 € + shipping

"Postsadness Taipei is a documentary project using photography and text to capture Taipei´s ongoing change in between an authoritarian past and an uncertain future. It explores how modernization and the dichotomies of change are reflected in the everyday life and urban fabric of contemporary Taipei."

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Jeffrey Déragon - Oui, nous avons la TV française

Oui, nous avons la TV française
by Jeffrey Déragon
82 pp, 7 x 9 in (17,8 cm x 22,9 cm)
HP Indigo Print
Edition: 200
25$ + shipping

"Oui, nous avons la TV française is a photo essay on a group of seasonal immigrants from Quebec (known as 'snowbirds') living in the small gated community of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale. Midway between documentary and fiction, this book presents itself as an investigation on the limits of the self-titled "Southern Myth", i.e. an idealized vision of the Orange State as a promised land and as a prerequisite to the ultimate bloom of the American-Quebecers’ dreams."

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09 August 2016

Zoltan Enevold - FOTOFUN


by Zoltan Enevold

96 pages
8.5 x 6.75 inches (21 cm x 14,8 cm)
Softcover, perfect binding

Offset printing
Edition: 120 copies (Self-published) 

9.50€ + shipping

“As actors through life, we use different masks and make-ups in order to build our own personality but many times they´re just roles or identities. 
Through a collection of photos I found on the street and black & white bitmapsof these photos I try to represent the search of our identity.”

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Julie Hascoët - 0892563672 CODE210516 CALAOPARTY

0892563672 CODE210516 CALAOPARTY
by Julie Hascoët
Publisher self-published / co-produced with Myzantrop Soundsystem
48 pages (photo leaflet + text leaflet), 130 x 167 mm
Digital printing on Munken print white 115g (for the photo leaflet) + Munken Lynx 80g (for the text leaflet)
Edition: 200
8€ + shipping

"This zine is about a 24h-illegal-techno-party that happened in an old nightclub, organized by 4 different sound systems, and is co-produced by one of them. This publication is part of a project called « Murs de l’Atlantique » (Atlantic walls) which offers visual dialogue between two phenomena: the visible remains of the German Atlantic Wall (bunkers, blockhaus) which cover the coastline of Brittany on a permanent basis; and the « free parties » (illegal techno parties) emerging spontaneously in the countryside and on the coast, before immediately disappearing. This project is translated into a series of photographs, installations and independent publications."

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