31 March 2013

Wataru Yamamoto - Drawing a Line

Drawing a Line
Wataru Yamamoto
Graphic design by In Residence
48 pages; cover folds out into a poster
23 x 30 cm (9 x 12 in)
B/W, Offset
500 copies
¥2500 (~$27)

“Drawing a Line” is the first photobook by experimental Japanese photographer Wataru Yamamoto. These photographs are, in his words, “self-portraits taken in the forest, using a cable release made of string.”

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Yu Morishita - Elephantine

Yu Morishita
12 x 18 cm / 4.7 x 7 in
30 numbered copies
color laser

"A concise archive of photographs taken at the Naumann Mammoth museum in Makubetsu, Japan."

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Oliver Weber - Social Life at Beach

Social Life at Beach
Oliver Weber
A5 format
24 pages

"Oliver Weber’s new and evolving series Social Life at Beach is a wonderful documentary about the touristic life on the Canary Islands of Spain. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists, mostly from Germany, England and meanwhile also from Russia, take over the Canary Islands and turn them into the perfect object for observation on Social Life at Beach. The result are captivating photographs that show this bizarre, surreal, sometimes melancholic and always fascinating world of tourism with all its side effects and cliches."

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29 March 2013

Anthony Gerace - People Living

People Living
Anthony Gerace
Perfect bound book with button tie envelope
54 pages
297 x 210 mm (A4), 11.7 x 8.3 in
First edition limited to 25 copies
Digital offset, full color
$60 + Shipping and Handling

"Native Publications is proud to announce it's second artist monograph, 'People Living' by Anthony Gerace. Join us in celebrating the work of this great artist with his limited edition artist book, released in sync with Gerace's gallery opening of 'People Living' in London."

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C.L. Rogers - Activities #2

Activities #2
C.L. Rogers
40 pages
100 Available
Color Xerox on heavy gloss paper

"Photos of men/young men taken at an Orlando, Florida Star Wars convention in 2012, all photos are in different Star Wars silhouettes."

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Calin Kruse - About 9 m² full of dog shit (and piss)

About 9 m² full of dog shit (and piss)
Calin Kruse
16 pages
14,8 x 21 cm
30 copies, signed and numbered on the bag
self-printed on yellow paper
4 €

"About 9 m² of grass full of dog shit and piss. Comes in a German dog shit bag (of course) and with a free cat (Satan) postcard."

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Alex Nichols - Raisin Catalog #2: Interiors

Raisin Catalog #2: Interiors
Alex Nichols
saddle stitched booklet
24 pages
8 x 8 inches / 20 cm x 20 cm

"Contains a selection of 360-degree panoramic landscape images. Detailed instructions are included."

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Laurent Chardon - Rester

Title: Rester
Artist: Laurent Chardon
40 pages
14,5 X 19 cm
Edition size: 500
type of printing: offset, duotone
Price: 15 euros

"If a part of the population lives with the feeling of being abandoned is that the region is struggling to recover from thirty years of separatist war. Some are already gone or dreamed of doing it. Then there are those who by choice or need, decide to stay. Pending the expected return of their loved ones, they maintain the memory and history of their family. Rester contains 21 photographs taken in Ziguinchor, Senegal in 2009."

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28 March 2013

IPG Project - In Search of the Crying Lady

In Search of the Crying Lady
IPG Project (Yoshi & Tamara Kametani)
artist book, 45 pp.
Size: 8 x 6"
Edition: 100 (individually numbered)
Price: $35+shipping

"In Search of the Crying Lady is a poetic and dark tale about a search for a tradition that never gets found."

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27 March 2013

Hana Miletic - The Molem Collective

The Molem Collective
Hana Miletic
Zak, Youri Balcers
LP (white vinyl / 12' / 45 RPM)
gatefold sleeve (4 pages)
300 copies
€ 15 + shipping

The Molem Collective gathers the collection of hip hop sneakers of the young Morocco-born Zakaria Haddou from Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Brussels, aka Zak from Molem. He was commissioned by the Croatian-Belgian artist Hana Miletic to portray his collection of 24 pairs of sneakers, bought during the last eighteen months. On a record of rap songs, selected by the youngster, he shares stories related to his collection that introduce the audience to some landmarks of the hip hop culture.

25 March 2013

Charlie Hillhouse - Photographs

Charlie Hillhouse
Newsprint publication with xerox insert
20 pages + 8 page insert
28 x 38cm (11x 14in) newsprint, 17.5 x 20cm (6.8in x 7.8in) xerox
edition of 100
$14 + shipping

"The photographs in this new collection of Charlie Hillhouse’s work appear simple and understated on newsprint. As the collection’s purely descriptive title suggests, there is no concerted theme or narrative that binds the photographs together. There is, instead, a feeling for the fleeting moments, and a sense of their humble importance."

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Erik van der Weijde - Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings
Erik van der Weijde
22,5 x 17 cm / 8.8 x 6.7 inch
Edition: 500
Offset, hard back, linen cover, white embossed
€ 20 + shipping

"Photographs of a little boy, sleeping.'

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24 March 2013

Peter Sattler & Kristinn Gudmundsson - A Tree Is Best Measured When It's Down

A Tree Is Best Measured When It's Down
Peter Sattler & Kristinn Gudmundsson
Edited and designed by Xavier Fernández Fuentes
Book, 56 pp
21 x 29.7 cm/ 8.2 x 11.7 inches
Edition: 64, with postcard set and sawdust paper sheet
 Laser printing, monochrome
25€ + shipping

The publication illustrates the journey of the artists with one tree; from its cutting down in The Netherlands, through Austria and Iceland, in order to build objects with its wood that were later presented as 1:1 photographic prints. Throughout the process, each and every part of the tree was given a function. The images presented in this book are screenshots out of their documentation films. Published on occasion of the exhibition with the same title at gallery Amstel41, Amsterdam.

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19 March 2013

Simon Nunn - Free and Easy

Title: Free and Easy
Artist: Simon Nunn
42 pages
Size: 210 x 260 mm
Price: £20 + Shipping

"Free and Easy is a photography project created in the summer of 2011, documenting the ashes of biker rally culture in rural Norfolk and Suffolk, UK"

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18 March 2013

Megan Charland - Landed

Megan Charland
32 pages
7.75 x 8.25 inches
Open edition
HP Indigo digital press
$25.00 USD

"A visual poem."

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16 March 2013

On images and photographs

Title: On images and photographs
Artists: ARSO, Jošt Bukovec, Aljaž Celarc, Klemen Ilovar, Milan Katić, Matevž Kosterov, Ginevra Shay, Liga Spunde, Pawel Starzec, Boštjan Uršič and Yaniv Waissa
Publisher: Ena Rola Filma
Type of publication: zine
Hand numbered edition of 100
A5 sized zine (210 x 148 mm, 8.3 x 5.8 in), sixteen pages + four A3 posters.
Digital printing
4 Euros + shipping (1 Euro to Slovenia and 3 Euro Worldwide)

"Photography transformed into sublime image. Image production includes scanner footage, aerial photography, 3D images, auto-generated photography, movie stills, photo-booths, glitch photos, re-photographed photos, security camera and any other similar technique of image making. The most inevitable principle is the grotesque implantation of manipulation."

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Hannah Darabi - Unreal City

Unreal City
Hannah Darabi
Artist book
Number of pages: 40
Type of printing: digital
Limited edition of 30 copies, all copies are hand made by the artist, signed and numbered
NB: only 4 copies left per April 17!!
Size of the book: 19 x 29 cm
Price : 200euros + shipping

"Unreal City is a series of photographs of construction projects in three different countries (Iran, France, and the United States). Having grown up in Tehran, I was looking in abroad for an opportunity to reactivate the imaginary associated with this city: a construction site. Playing a contradictory role in the urban scene, the sites contain both signs of construction and ruin, a silent off-field of the city, something that is hidden, as it is usually hidden in the theater,  the change of scenery. These perpetual construction-ruins metaphorically represent the traces of the war in the urban area (starting with the Iran-Iraq war), as well as the economic crisis of a country in search of a new identity."

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15 March 2013

Hester Scheurwater - Shooting Back

Shooting Back
Hester Scheurwater
With an afterword by Walter Keller
Artist book
Number of pages: 108
Type of printing: digital
Publisher: Gerber & Keller Zurich
Limited Edition of 250 copies. All copies come with a signed and numbered inkjet print in the size of the book, printed with archival pigment print on Hahnemühle paper
135 euro + shipping

"Shooting Back is a series of self-portraits in which Hester Scheurwater investigates and critiques the role of woman as a sex object.  The mirrored self-images are her way of reacting on the imitated and fake media images, which are constantly calling upon our imagination, without intending to be taken too seriously."

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12 March 2013

Mary Gaudin - Six Ten

Six Ten
Mary Gaudin
48 pages
13.5 x 18 cm (5.3 x 7in) booklet; 23.5 x 34.5 cm (9.3 x 13.5in) folded insert
Edition of 50
B/w risograph

"Six Ten is a series of photographs taken by the author during her stay at Cité Radieuse in Marsailles, France. The series favors spatial navigation over photographic reification, and works to place a moment in time."

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11 March 2013

S.A.Robinson - ABCD

36 pages
135 x 190mm (5.5 x 7.5 inches)
Numbered edition of 100
b/w digital printing

"Photographs of birds, dogs and cats taken while wandering the streets of Glasgow and Kirkcudbrightshire."

Martín Batallés & Gabriela Costoya - El mejor cumpleaños

Title: El mejor cumpleaños
Artist: Martín Batallés & Gabriela Costoya
Accordion fold book
Number of pages: 15
Size: 8 x 8 cm
Type of printing: Digital
Price: 2 american dollars + shipping

"A tree, a cemetery, a moon, a dog, a glasshouse, a snake, two goats, a mouse, another dog, a room, a tv, a woman, a birthday cake."

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George Underwood - Freedom

Title: Freedom
Artist: George Underwood
Type: Perfect bound Book
48 Pages 
8" Square
Printing: Offset Digital
Price: 10$ USD
"Freedom features 20 large format photographs dealing with the American landscape, patriotism and human relationships. With subjects ranging from a small town's 4th of July celebration to the city of Manhattan in the wake of hurricane Sandy, but amongst the large scopes and chaos, he also manages to capture the passionate expressions of individuals and their intimate connections to one another. These connections evoke a duality between the American notion of freedom, exemplified by the location and scope of his scenes, and the interconnectedness that the people in these places inhabit. This constant need for human contact contradicts the very notion of freedom."

Calvin Lee - A Romance in Pictures

Title:  A Romance in Pictures
Artist:  Calvin Lee
24 pages
size: 5.5x8.5"
Edition size: 100 signed copies
type of printing: Digital
Price: $14.00 USD

"In A Romance in Pictures, Calvin Lee investigates the abstract spaces of desire conditioned in representation. Drawing from his archive of magazine advertisement tear pages, Lee selects, appropriates, and merges images to create collaged compositions. The manipulation of the ads explores technological applications and the digital form in its own self-reflexive plasticity."

05 March 2013

Aaron McElroy - After Wake

After Wake
Aaron McElroy
6 x 8 in.
94 pages
Edition of 100
20 signed & numbered copies include one of four signed 5x7 inch photographs by the artist.
Price is $28 ($100 signed)

"After Wake is a collection of visual fragments & anonymous female subjects from the artist’s daily life. Separated from the minutia of McElroy’s lived reality, however, the photographs also allow for an endless drift of fictitious suggestion & voyeurism. After Wake can be a half-alert morning recollection of disjointed dreams. Or it's a catalog of contradictory eyewitness accounts. It may also be selections from the visual diaries & detritus of a life-long peeping tom. Perhaps it's a snapshot paper trail of lovely women from a savant's poetic thoughts. Or it's the happy Saturday memories of two lovers, tinged by the banal possessions of a soiled suburban life. It may also be something like the outtakes from a B movie chronicling pleasure, grotesque beauty, infidelity, addiction, abuse & redemption. In short, After Wake is a collection of provoking photographs by McElory that eschews concept & meaning in favor of imagination & a stream of inchoate ideas."

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04 March 2013

Chris Mear - "Life is Life, Hakuna Matata"

"Life is Life, Hakuna Matata"
Chris Mear
50 pages
18x18 cm
Edition 0f 43

"'Life is Life, Hakuna Matata' is a limited edition book of photographs dedicated to the people of Sekei, and the volunteers of the Rural Community Network, Tanzania. made over the course of three months in 2011. Juxtapose the similarities and differences in; ambition, needs and wants of a life lived by the rich Tanzanian, the poor Tanzanian and the "fat rich white man" who's just passing through on the popular East African safari circuit."

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