29 September 2017

Stefano Reboli - ЗИМА (Zima)

ЗИМА (Zima)
by Stefano Reboli
Self published
Pamphlet stitch binding, Hand bound
210x300 mm, 22 pages/21 photographs + Inserts
Digital Print on various papers
Limited Edition of 50, Hand numbered
27 € + shipping

“During winter when everything freezes also time stands still. An instant is wide enough to let you look behind the scenes. There is always something hidden, a surface to be broken, a surprise to be revealed.”

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25 September 2017

Rosemarie Zens - As the Eye Wanders

As the Eye Wanders
by Rosemarie Zens
48 pages, 22,5×29,5 cm
Six leporellos in a sleeve
Offset print
Published by Brave Books
500 copies
€25 + shipping

"As the Eye Wanders retraces the pictorial transfigurations where memory and perception are interwoven on different planes."

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Laurent Champoussin - Rodin, Etude de poses avec Colby Keller

Rodin, Etude de poses avec Colby Keller
by Laurent Champoussin
24 pages, 19x25 cm - 7,5 x9,8 inches
Digital Print
Edition of 200 copies
20 € + shipping

"Confrontation of a body (Colby Keller) to the Rodin Sculptures. Is reproduction possible?"

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Attilio Solzi - Home Video Diary

Home Video Diary
by Attilio Solzi
Design by João Linneu
200 pp. / 16 x 23 cm
Offset printing
Edition: 300
35 euros

“If there is a task for art it is to represent its time. Art that does not hurt anyone probably does not serve anything.”

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Eva Saukane - Roots

by Eva Saukane
38 visible pages, 23x15 cm (w/h)
Duotone offset printing
First edition, 800 copies
35 € + shipping

"The book consists of an unedited roll of film, which Eva Saukane discovered inside her grandfather's camera. Having stood untouched for about 20 years, mould had grown into the film, blurring the images similarly as time does to our recalled memories."


19 September 2017

Fabrizio Musu - Sa Manna

Sa Manna
Fabrizio Musu
28 pages (11 photographs)
A5, 21x15 cm
edition of 30, hand-numbered
Digital printing
6 € + shipping

"Photographs taken in 2012 at Salina Manna, a salt lake in Sinis (Sardinia), with a broken camera and a 20-years expired film."

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Juanjo - (pain)remains

by Juanjo
44 pp / 210x297mm
 Xerox Black and White photocopy
Edition: 33

"Portraits of human remains shot at the UCL Pathology Collection."

16 September 2017

Nathan Pearce - Midwest Dirt

Midwest Dirt
by Nathan Pearce
Published by Halfmoon Projects
Edited by Jake Reinhart
Designed by Elana Schlenker
64 pages, 6x8 inches
Digital offset printing
Edition: 200
 $29 + shipping

"This new iteration of Nathan Pearce’s long running project, Midwest Dirt, the third publication from the series, features a new edit by Pearce and Jake Reinhart and book design by Elana Schlenker."

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15 September 2017

Maki - 寓喩 Gûyu – Allegory

寓喩 Gûyu – Allegory
by Maki
Softcover with silver jacket
112 duotone pages
16 × 24 cm
Texts in english/french
Limited edition of 300
35 € + shipping

"寓喩 « Gûyu » in Japanese, means « allegory ». For Maki, the figure of speech is a photographic category. During his travels in Japan of the past 15 years, Maki stayed tireless, circulating through metropolitan cities, from island to island, with a rear base in Tokyo, Shinjuku district - a point of "eternal return" for the Japanese photographers."

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Michal Iwanowski - Clear of People

Clear of People
by Michal Iwanowski
120 pages, 19,5×25,5 cm
Section-sewn, swiss-bound
Offset print
Published by Brave Books
700 copies
€45 + shipping

"Clear of People documents a 2,200km solitary journey that echoes his grandfather’s daring escape from soviet captivity in 1945."

14 September 2017

Johannes Groht - REIN RAGN RHEIN

Johannes Groht
(SEDIMENTE I, 2000–2017)
272 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm
194 B&W, 30 colour plates
Digital printing, open thread-stitching
First edition of 42 handnumbered and signed copies: 78 €

"How do we construct our reality? Can we trust our eyes, when rocks become human faces, coppices look like animals and snowfields show abstract signs? With his works from the region of the springs of the river Rhine in the Swiss Alps Groht examines the deep interaction between natural structures and the human mind by questioning the validity of our everyday perception of the visible world."

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Mikhail Emelchenkov - Sommer Moscow

Sommer Moscow
by Mikhail Emelchenkov
14 pages, 21 x 14.5 cm
Digital printing
Two editions: Yellow and RED
24.95 US$ + Shipping for Yellow
39.95 US$ + Shipping for RED.

"Art photo album. The introvert story about Moscow. A story for introverts. About "what kind of Moscow is, and what their feelings find in hearts of other people like themselves."

06 September 2017

Nikita Khalkin, Katherina Sadovsky & Andrey Krapivin - Violet Inner Visions

Violet Inner Visions
Curated & edited by Anna Block
Artists: Nikita Khalkin, Katherina Sadovsky and Andrey Krapivin
52 pages, 20,5x26,5cm
Digital printing, manually stitched.
Edition 40 copies, signed and numbered
Contains an inlaid print by Andrey Krapivin: 12x18cm on HP Matte Litho-Realistic paper 296gsm.
Price 30€ + 6€ tracked shipping

"It is a periodic collective book showcasing Russian artists whose work is largely informed by their subjective, emotional, unrestricted perception of themselves and the world around them. It`s raw, eclectic and a bit mystical."

Petr Antonov - Trees, Сars, Figures of People, Assorted Barriers

Trees, Сars, Figures of People, Assorted Barriers
by Petr Antonov
136 pages, 22 x 28cm
Full colour digital printing, 63 colour plates
Unlimited edition
35 € incl. shipping

"The book explores the aesthetic possibilities of contemporary Russian cityscape, taking Moscow as the perfect example of a post-Soviet inhabited location. Historically, the archetype city and the model for any other city within Russian cultural space, Moscow also acts as the place where changes in the cultural landscape become most pronounced and are visible with special acuteness."

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Iván Nespereira - Nueva Galicia

Iván Nespereira
Nueva Galicia
by Iván Nespereira
Additional contributors: Juan Junquera & Vicente Vázquez
120m pages, 205×260 mm
Offset & Risograph printing
Edition: 500
40€ + shipping

"Nueva Galicia explores the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon River, the Ucayali River, the Abujao River. A container ship, a barge, a canoe. A trip looking for the trace left by European migrants on their way through the Amazon attracted by rubber tree. A photobook, a map and three notebooks.”