29 October 2011

Tiane Doan na Champassak - Looters

Title of publication: Looters
Name of artist: Tiane Doan na Champassak
Type of publication: book
Number of pages, size: 48 pages, 13,5 x 18,5 cm
Edition size: 150
Type of printing: Risograph printing by Après Midi Lab
Price: 10 euros + shipping

All images of Looters were captured during the riots that occurred in England between August 6-10, 2011 and were found on the internet.

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Jackson Eaton - Coney Island Malibu Beach

Title: Coney Island Malibu Beach
Artists: Jackson Eaton, Benjamin Acree, Robert S. Johnson
Additional contributor: Matthew Hall (essay)
Type: Book
Format: 64 pages, 29.7 x 21cm or 11.7 x 8.27 inch
Edition: 500 (limited)
Printing: Offset
Price: AUD $20 + shipping

This book gathers together a series of photographs taken by Benjamin Acree, Jackson Eaton and Robert S. Johnson, as they collectively passed through the United States. What is striking in these images is the very absence of the cultivated, dominant images, we all have, as everyday consumers of imagery and photography. It is this absence that defines the collection; an absence which does not attempt to signify the sanctity of the condition, but provides, determinedly, its own portrait of the Real.

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27 October 2011

Adrian Tyler - Form and Fiction

Title: Form and Fiction
Artist: Adrian Tyler
Type: Softcover book with dustjacket
Pages: 36
Size: 9.5” x 13.5” (240 x 340mm)
Edition: 500
Printing: Offset
Price: 15 Euros + PP

"Our visions of nature are loaded with memories, myths and meanings. Although we are accustomed to separate nature and human perception into two realms, they are indivisible. Landscape is the work of the mind, built up from memory. Forests in pagan tradition are the birthplace of nations and have a long rich history of associations, between the pagan tree idoltary, the distinctive forms of Gothic architecture, Christian iconography of the Tree of Life to images like Caspar David Friedrich’s association between the evergreen fir and the architecture of resurrection. (1) The project Forest has been made in the last surviving areas of European primeval forest and comprises of 21 images reflecting the anual cycle of vegitation where death composts the cycle of rebirth and seems to promise true immortality. (1) Simon Scharma, Landscape and Memory, Vintage Books 1996"

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17 October 2011

Lindsay Dye - Formaldehyde

Title: Formaldehyde
Artist: Lindsay Dye
28 full color pages
5.5 x 8.5 inches
Price: $20 with shipping

"Lindsay is a Florida native currently living and working in Miami. Formaldehyde is a collection of photographs of the artist’s friends, family and environments, which provides a sensual and stimulating view of our decaying world."

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Nick Davies - d PlsUR of d Txt

Title: d PlsUR of d Txt
Artist: Nick Davies
Design: Matt Burvill (HouseofBurvo)
102 pages
186mm x 130mm
Edition size: 160 (same as character limit of SMS and tweets)
Type of printing: Risograph
Price: £9.50

"d PlsUR of d Txt is a book that documents a conceptual work by Nick Davies. In this work Nick translated the Roland Barthes book The Pleasure of the Text into textese (text messaging language). The book documents this whole project and contains the translated text, description of the process, images of an accompanying print series, an essay by the artist."

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13 October 2011

Elisabeth Tonnard - Where Is God, Simulacra

Where Is God, Simulacra
Elisabeth Tonnard
117 pages
7.44 x 9.68 inches / 18.9 x 24.6 cm
Full color, digital print
75 euro including shipping, signed

"A reflection on absence; signs here have become independent, no longer referring to things. Colored surfaces are presented as simulacra of simulacra. Names in an online phonebook (‘Where’, ‘Is’, and ‘God’) led to phone-numbers that were used to create color fields and gradients using Photoshop."

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Phillip Kalantzis-Cope - On The Plane

Phillip Kalantzis-Cope
On The Plane
32 pages
5.8 x 8.2 in
Full Colour, Saddle-Stitch
Limited Edition of 100 [Numbered]

“Being in flight is one of the most unnatural, extraordinary, ordinary experiences of modern life. When we climb to 30,000 feet, our perspective becomes that of a deity, with the rules of time and space altered as we rush over the earth. In flight we are able to view the most remote corners of the natural world and the vast spread of the world we have constructed. It gives us the unique perspective to look at the interaction of the natural and constructed in a truly holistic way."

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12 October 2011

Pascal Amoyel & Thomas Bouquin - UN, Montréal-Paris

Title : UN, Montréal-Paris
Artists : Pascal Amoyel & Thomas Bouquin
24 pages
14*21,5 cm - 5,5*8,5
Edition of 100
Digital printing

"Montréal-Paris is the result of a photographic collaboration between Thomas Bouquin and Pascal Amoyel, both of them looking for a way of showing the city they live in. Issued in a numbered edition of 100 copies, UN is the first out of 6 periodical chapters which will form a final book."

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Alexander Alekseenko - 84/20 seconds

Title: 84/20 seconds
Artist: Alexander Alekseenko
saddle-stitched book
48 pages
14,8 x 21 cm
Edition size: first printing of 20
digitally printed
Price: 12£(GBP)

"The following photographs were taken during the period of June and July 2011 using Ricoh R10 compact camera and 4 rolls of Fuji Superia iso200 film. Within two months I tried to document the abrupt change my life took and capture the new environment I have thrown myself into. The city, being the major theme, is interpreted in various ways focusing on and emphasizing its obscure side."

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11 October 2011

Fergus Jordan - Under Cover Of Darkness

Title: Under Cover Of Darkness
Artist: Fergus Jordan
Introduction: Colin Darke
32 pages
20 Colour photographs with essay
33 cm x 24 cm/ 13 Inch by 9.5 Inch
Edition of 1000
Offset printing, matt black soft cover with spot UV text
Price: 10.50 Sterling U.K. 14.00 Sterling International (Price includes postage)

"The series of 20 photographs by Fergus Jordan journeys through the darkened streets of Northern Ireland orchestrating the sense of anxiety and paranoia that is present in the sectarian landscape. Introduced with a short essay by Artist Colin Darke."

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David Akiba - Knot This Broken Thread

Knot This Broken Thread
David Akiba
small perfect bound book with stamped opaque paper cover
58 pages
8.25 x 9 inches (20.95 x 22.86 cm)
Edition size: First printing of 100
Digital print
Price: $30

"Knot This Broken Thread is based on an artists book of work David Akiba made between 1978 and 1980 re-photographing Xerox copies of his original prints."

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10 October 2011

Chad Moore - Between Us

Chad Moore
Between Us
32 Pages
14,8 x 21 cm
Full Color Offset

"Chad Moore's photographs capture the ineffable quality of youth - those nostalgia - inducing moments that usually happen sometime between dusk and dawn. Forgoing the tired irony of so much postmodern work, (which has itself at this point become cliché), Moore presents moments of youthful sincerity, albeit often faded, aggressive, and lustful. Breaking down the distance that traditionally separates photographer from subject, Equal parts spontaneous and formally precise, Moore's work eulogizes the messiness that's left behind, and all too often forgotten."

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Maximilian Rossner - II II V two and two makes five

II II V two and two makes five
Maximilian Rossner
92 pages
8x11 inch, with additional papersleeve
edition of 500
longotone duplex offsetprint
Price: 20 euro

"II II V is about imagination, holes, riddles, bathrobes, abstraction, structures, rabbits, sculptures and interpretation"

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07 October 2011

Joe Cooke - Lackluster Muster Volume 2

Lackluster Muster Volume 2
Joe Cooke
40 Pages
14x20 cm (5"x8")
Edition of 60

"A second helping of photographic oddments from the archives of Joe Cooke. Let curiosity slide inside you."

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05 October 2011

Laurent Champoussin - The world won't listen (zabriskiept 8)

Title: The world won't listen (zabriskiept 8)
Artist : Laurent Champoussin
30 pages
Edition size : edition of 30 booklets
type of printing : inkjet print
Price : 10 euros (shipping included)

"This is about British countryside, Sussex and Yorkshire, a plastic wedding, The Smiths and riots."

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Graeme Mitchell - Unprotected Beaches

Unprotected Beaches
Graeme Mitchell
Small book / folio
28 pages
8.5x11" / 21x28cm
Edition will be limited to 25 + 1A/P, signed and numbered.
B&W silver RC prints
$45 + s/h

"This is a fun book of photographs I shot while at the beach this summer. There are 17 5x7 B&W prints mounted in a plain white children's craft book with acrylic stenciled front and back covers and shipped in a clear protective sleeve. Each book is completely unique."

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Title: VOID
Photographers: Shawn Brackbill, Nick Demilio, Alexander Singh, Cara Stricker
Designers: James Kape, Briton Smith
Type: Newspaper / Broadsheet
30 pages
15" x 22.25" / 38.1 x 57.785cm
Edition Size: 1000
Type of Printing: Offset
Price: $12 (U.S.) $15 (International) including shipping

"VOID issue 03.01 features imagery captured during New York Fashion Week. Its design capitalises on its large format by marrying minimalism with deconstructivism to create a synthesis of poster, pin-up and traditional broadsheet paper."

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03 October 2011

Christopher King - 'Other Histories'

Title: 'Other Histories'
Artist: Christopher King
Designer: Steve Burgess/Historic Royal Palaces
Other Contributors: Alex Drago, Zinta Jauntis
Black & White, soft cover
32 Pages
Editon: 1000
Size 19 cm x 25cm (7.5in x 10in)
Price: FREE

'Made by Historic Royal Palaces to accompany the exhibition of Christopher King's 'Other Histories' ( The Tower of London Residency) this book contains examples of photographs, contact sheets and notebooks, as well as a selection of extracts from the projects blog. It attempts to show the working process behind the photographs made during the 8 month residency.'

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