30 September 2013

Andrew Hammerand - The New Town, Vol. 2

The New Town, Vol. 2
Andrew Hammerand
76 pages
8.5"x11" (21.59cm x 27.94cm)
First edition of 25, signed and numbered Laser prints, full color

"'The New Town, Vol. 2' is a continuation of the photographs within 'The New Town', which introduced an almost hermetically sealed Midwestern American community. Taken from the same network camera mounted atop a tower, Volume 2 presents a focused view of the activities from the civic park in the center of town: the grassy knoll."

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Kevin Tadge - Torii Torii Torii

Torii Torii Torii
Kevin Tadge
48 pages
8.25 x 10.8 inches / 21 x 27 cm
Edition of 100 Digital Offset (BW)

"A dream-like narrative that meanders through Japan, through reality into the imagined, and through the infinite torii."

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Fred Cray - Unique Photographs

Unique Photographs
Fred Cray
146 Pages
Edition of 200 plus 22 collector's copies (with unique print)

"Since 2008 over 10,000 unique photographs have been left or hidden in unexpected places in New York, around the United States, and in different parts of the world including Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa. The photographs are sized 4"x6" stamped and numbered. This artists' book frames the ongoing project, includes many of the best photographs, photographs of them in situ and some emails from individuals who have felt the compulsion to contact the artist after the random encounter with his work. Each copy comes with four unique photographs."

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Louis M. Brill - Sacred Destinations and Journeys Along The Way

Sacred Destinations and Journeys Along The Way
Louis M. Brill
17 cm x 17 cm (7 in x 7 in)

"Sacred Destinations and Journeys Along The Way is a photography book of visionary Lumia light sculptures that have been organized into a metaphorical visual presentation of making your way through life and what you encounter along the way. There are goals (destinations) and the efforts made (journeys) to reach these goals."

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Jacob Raupach - Radiata

Jacob Raupach
52 Pages
Edition of 100
Digital Newsprint

"Radiata is an historical archive exploring the mythology of the timber industry through a collection of selected newspaper images from the Tumut timber boom of the 1980's."

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Al Palmer - Flood of Sunshine

Flood of Sunshine
Al Palmer
24 pages
210x148mm/8.3x5.8 in
Edition of 150, 20 copies with limited edition 8x6" print
Digital printing
£6 plus shipping

"Flood of Sunshine is a study of the relationship between the built landscape and the organic forms that exist in between the architecture. The contrast between the grey Brutalist architecture and white snow initially makes the viewer assume that the photographs are black and white, in reality they are colour images. The dichotomy of the man-made and the nature gives the photographs both tension and harmony."

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Laurent Champoussin - Portraiture / Basile

Portraiture / Basile
Laurent Champoussin
20 pages
10,5cm * 14,5 cm
Edition size : 20 +2 ap
pigmentary print on canson paper
Price : 30 euros (shipping included)

"about portraiture, about Basile, about dance"

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20 September 2013

Dimitri Karakostas - Road Work

Road Work
Dimitri Karakostas
64 pages
Edition of 50
BW laser print

"A loose collection of work shot on the road over the first two weeks of September- starting with forgetting most camera gear and ending with an overnighter on Bleecker St."

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18 September 2013

Philip J Brittan - Autumn River

Autumn River
Philip J Brittan
Essay by Julian Hoffman
32 pages
23 x 23 cm / 9 x 9 inches
Edition of 300 signed with signed colour print
Colour offset printed
Price: £12.50 plus p/p

"Autumn River is a series of images created along the length of the River Frome in the south west of England during the autumn of 2012. The images were made by moving into the flowing water either on foot or by boat. Leaves in the water are reflected and distorted - a mass of intoxicating colours intensified and blurred with movement, trees on the riverbank viewed through a pink and orange haze."

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Milo Montelli - Read Carefully Before

Read Carefully Before
Milo Montelli
A5 format
32 pages
90 copies
Risograph printing, 2 colors
7,00 euro + shipping

"This zine is made by selection of pictures taken from old camera's manuals re-edited with love"

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17 September 2013

Robert Dunn - Meeting Robert Frank

Meeting Robert Frank
Robert Dunn
16 pages
7 inches by 5 inches; 17.78 centimeters by 12.7
Price: $20.00

"Meeting Robert Frank is just that. The photographer saw Frank at a gallery opening, spoke to him (in tribute), then decided to take a photo. His digital camera, wholly unbeknownst to him, had shifted into movie mode, which he'd never used before. He didn't even know how to play back the two "shots" till he got home and read the manual. The first "shot": ceiling, elbow, black, ceiling, black. The second: black, black, and then a head swam into view. The resulting book is the clips for the wholly inadvertent movie shot as Robert Frank walked past."

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Elisabeth Tonnard - The Kingdom

The Kingdom
Elisabeth Tonnard
352 pages
4.13 x 5.9 inches / 10.5 x 15 cm
 digital printing
edition of 100 numbered copies
€ 40

"A small book that presents a glimpse of the kingdom that rises from the darkness and goes back into the same darkness. Rise and fall are created through the book’s peculiar structure, in which (almost) the whole book doubles back on itself and (almost) each page has its twin. The book includes text from Macbeth."

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14 September 2013

Harry Gould Harvey IV - Canadian Fruit

Canadian Fruit
Harry Gould Harvey IV
design by Morgan Brill
64 pages
8 x 10 inches
First Edition 150
Indigo - Digital offset

"A narrative surrounding the time of my personal wedding and honeymoon. In this work I am interested in creating a fictional tale based in reality."

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Pascal Anders - Lothringen

Pascal Anders
32 pages
13 x 20 cm, 5×8 inches
First edition of 100 copies
Color Offset printed
8 € (free for a period of time)

"A book about Lothringen."

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10 September 2013

Elisabeth Tonnard - The Gospel of the Photographer

The Gospel of the Photographer
Elisabeth Tonnard
64 pages
8.25 x 5.9 inches / 21 x 15 cm
digital printing
25 €

"A rewriting of one of the gospels, born from the idea of seeing Jesus as a photographer and photography as a healing agent. A book for every photographer’s nightstand. Includes 25 newly discovered photographs."

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09 September 2013

Nico Baumgarten - ma almeno ci sei tu amore mio (but at least you are here my love)

ma almeno ci sei tu amore mio (but at least you are here my love)
Nico Baumgarten
handmade artist's book
68 pages
14,4 cm x 20,5 cm / 5,7 x 8,1 inch
Edition size: 100 signed and numbered copies
Printing: digital offset
Price: 18 € + shipping

"Scampia is a neighborhood in the outskirts of Naples and is mainly known as a stronghold of the Camorra mafia. Most stories about Scampia deal with gangsters or junkies. In 'ma almeno ci sei tu amore mio; (but at least you are here my love) - following the leitmotif of love - I show the everyday life of those, who don't have anything to do with all this."

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Estelle Hanania - Glacial Jubilé

Glacial Jubilé
Estelle Hanania
Interview with Alexis Vaillant
160 pages
19 x 24 cm
First edition of 700 copies
Full color offset
45 euros

"First monograph dedicated to the work of Estelle Hanania, Glacial Jubilé features six sets of photographs taken in Switzerland, Bulgaria, Pays Basque, Italy and Austria between 2006 and 2011."

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08 September 2013

Eduardo Nave
 - A la hora, en el lugar

A la hora, en el lugar (At the time, in the place)
Eduardo Nave

Text by Mireia A. Puigventos.
Design by Juanjo Justicia
Photo book

First Edition, 212 pages, 223 x 280 mm, 9 x 11 inches

Edition: 1000

Type of printing: Offset

Price: 40€

"The book collects those common places that were marked by the death in different attacks by terrorist group ETA [Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, Basque Homeland and Freedom] since the sixties to the present. The author subjects himself to the nature of the perpetrated incidents. On the same day, at the exact time, he appears on the precise scene of the event and takes a photograph. Both the framing and time of exposure reproduce the location and endurance of the event. Without the chance to choose the most adequate light or point of view, the author captures raw reality. At the Time, in the Place is a portrait of loss and absence, but above all it is the examination of a world snatched away.


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05 September 2013

Erik van der Weijde - Souvenir III

Souvenir III
Erik van der Weijde

silk-screened folder with 10 transparent sleeves containing a total of 35 photographs / cards
A4 folder
Ed.100, numbered
offset, w/ silkscreened cover folder
Price: €45

"The images show anonymous girls in motels getting undressed, taking showers and posing for the camera. All images have been produced during the making of 'Praia' in 2003, but were since then hidden and forgotten in one of the artist's storages."

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