19 April 2017

Henrik Malmström / Mario Bocchicchio - Paisajes de Asia

Paisajes de Asia
by Henrik Malmström / Mario Bocchicchio
48 pp / 20 x 31 cm / 7.9 x 12.2 inch
Digital Printing
Edition: 50
Price: 20€  + shipping

"Collaboration between Henrik Malmström and Mario Bocchicchio. Including internet images, notes, sketches, paintings and photographs from Buenos Aires."

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18 April 2017

Aonymous - Twin Set

Twin Set
Found photograph set
Publisher: Ghetto Squirrel Press
16pp, 297 x 210mm (8.27 x 11.69 inches)
Digital Print
First Edition of 50 copies, numbered
£4 + £1.50 shipping

"'Twin Set' is a 16 page book containing a set of found photographs taken at random times throughout the lives of twin sisters. The first pictures are taken when the twins are young girls in what looks like the 1940s. We don't have any other details, the names of the twins, where they lived or how their lives unfolded."

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16 April 2017

Tim Carpenter, J Carrier, Nelson Chan, Carl Wooley - TIS02

by Tim Carpenter, J Carrier, Nelson Chan, Carl Wooley
4 books (3 color, 1 b/w, ranging 32-48pp), 20cm x 24cm
HP Indigo printing
Edition of 300
$50 + shipping

"In TIS02, photographers Carl Wooley, Nelson Chan, J Carrier, and Tim Carpenter again join together to create a multifaceted work that is both a set of four unique books and a unified cohesive statement. TIS02 reflects a collaborative concern to bring the camera and the world together in a way that honors both the thusness of the object and the interiority of the subject."


13 April 2017

Rodrigo Ramos - Ex Corde

Ex Corde
by Rodrigo Ramos
Additional contributors: Emiliano Molina, Alejandra Magdaleno
8 diptychs of paper in a folder (32 pages), 38 x 27.5 cm
Offset printing
Edition: 500
$21 + shipping

"Inspired by the pictorial image of the martyr San Sabastian, Ex Corde (Latin phrase that means “from the heart”) is a documentary project with boxers; however, I wanted to distance myself from the representation of the sport by way of images that made reference to pain and fragility."

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Julia Borissova - J.B. about men floating in the air

J.B. about men floating in the air
by Julia Borissova
Self published art book
Handmade, Leporello binding, Hardcover
28 pages + postcard, 100mm x 150mm
Digital print
The second english edition of 300 copies, signed and numbered by hand
€35 + €7 shipping

"My book is about every person’s dream to break the vicious circle of all kinds of constraints and to fly away to a distant unknown in search of unlimited freedom and to find there true motherland and real home."

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12 April 2017

Thomas Locke Hobbs - Mountain fields like stairways of stone

Mountain fields like stairways of stone
by Thomas Locke Hobbs
54pp. 8.5x11" or 22x28cm
 Laser printed on recycled paper
Edition: 100
USD 30 (includes free shipping in USA)

"Mountain fields like stairways of stone is a handmade artist book with photographs exploring the human-altered landscape in the highlands of Peru and Bolivia. The book draws visual parallels between the ancient practice of hillside crop terracing with the more recent phenomenon of massive and informal urban development."

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Bogdan Boghitoi and Sorin Vidis - Oina

by Bogdan Boghitoi and Sorin Vidis
112 pages, 28x22 cm (11x8.5 '')
Off-set stochastic print
200 pcs
27 € + shipping

"The photobook documents the world of oina, ultimately a little known game, although it is the national sport of Romania. Oina precariously clings to existence, surviving only due to a group of aficionados, who play it not for fame or money – because it doesn’t bring any – but just for the sake of it. This photo-essay is the visual record of this exceptional phenomenon."

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11 April 2017

Tanaka - Unidentified

By Tanaka
19x 14cm, 54 pages+ 2 Photolites
Soft cover golden paper / limited 0/ 30
interior paper IQ selection 100gr.
digital printing
18€ + shipping

"The book can be experienced as an alternative family album to what is not identified, a landscape or a face without identity, but that once had one, which over time was forgotten, manipulated or destroyed."

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John Bolloten - Nothing To See Here

Nothing To See Here
John Bolloten
64 pages
292 x 212mm
Numbered edition of 150
b/w digital printing
£8 plus postage

"An exploration into homelessness, destitution and drug and alcohol misuse in Bradford."
Warning: Contains images of drug use and nudity.

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10 April 2017

Philippe Spigolon - Pédiatrie

by Philippe Spigolon
4 books in a box
Each book : 392 pages
A4 size
Digital offset
Weight: 7 kg
Edition of 10 copies, each hand numbered and signed.
Self-published, 2017
280€  (incl. shipping within France)

"Pediatrics" presents thousands of images of the same reviewed details of a small hospital service. Immersion, routine. By a French nurse from the south-west of France.

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05 April 2017

Jamèl Van de Pas - Berlin Prague Budapest

Berlin Prague Budapest
by Jamèl Van de Pas
Introduction by Miguel Oriola
118 pages. 21 x 29,7 cm
HP Indigo Print
Published by The Unknown Books, March 2017
Cover Paper - White Offset 300 gr
Inside Paper - White Offset 150 gr
ISBN: 978-989-207291
Edition of 100
25,00 € + shipping

"'Berlin Prague Budapest' shows the 18-day-trip Dutch photographer Jamèl van de Pas went on during the summer of 2016. At age 18, he embarked on a journey visiting the three European capitals by train."

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Margareta Bergman - being transported And rapt in secret studies

being transported And rapt in secret studies
by Margareta Bergman
200 pages, 19 x 25 cm
Hardcover with tipped-in image
Offset print 
Published by Multipress
Edition of 600
€ 32.00 + € 8.00 shipping

"The volume's formulation and images create their own landscape space for the eye to wander through and they invite the reader to be a co-observer and reflect on the societal and topographical alterations bound up with roads and their construction. As a tool for creating new contexts, the book becomes a new statement of Bergman's credo: destroy and repair. Set against the system of rules, plans, and structures established for the road, the book can be experienced as an alternative travel guide to intuitive and free thought."

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03 April 2017

Cynthia Estébanez - Explorando

by Cynthia Estébanez
44 pp. 27,3 x 20,5 cm / 10,7 x 8 in
Digital printing
Edition: 100
10€  + shipping

"This zine is about places where apparently there doesn't happen anything, but where a lot of things do happen. Places for walking and imagine."

Andreea Tănase - Armenians in Romania. The Stories of the People Close to Us

Armenians in Romania. The Stories of the People Close to Us
by Andreea Tănase
400 Pages, 561 color images, 32x24 cm / 12.59x9.44 in
Offset printing
English edition, 500 copies
65 € / 70 $ + shipment

"The documentary project Armenians in Romania is a testimony of the Armenian community in Romania, as seen today. It is a foray into the Armenian tradition, history and their personal stories. Following the theme of getting to know the Armenian community in Romania, present only in small numbers today (approximately 6 000 people), this documentary fills the Romanian cultural diversity space by presenting a community often omitted by the cultural index or too little known to the public."

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Bertus Gerssen - In Situ

In Situ
by Bertus Gerssen
All design by We Are AMP
184pp..  24x17.3cm
Risograph printing
Edition: 300
 €27,50 plus shipping

"In situ is an ode to the people of the Hague’s underground music scene (NL), it’s organisers and its frequent visitors. It is a result of a three year photography quest, visiting underground venues. Places run by enthusiastic people giving their all and everything. All photo’s were made between 2013 and 2016."

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