31 August 2013

Birgit Wudtke - Untouched Touched Retouched

Untouched Touched Retouched
Birgit Wudtke
Text: Ursula Meyer-Rogge
64 pages
16,5 cm x 20,5 cm
1st edition, 300 copies four-colour-offsetprint
Price: 22,- Euro

"Landscapes - Portraits - Retouching Layers
The sequence of the photographs are grouped into three chapters which allude to specific themes, namely, `untouched touched retouched.´ Touch, in the German translation conveys a gentleness, a sensitivity, it goes beyond the sense of touch implying that one is moved or touched by something, or in the perfect tense, was touched by something. Thus a translation of the word should include the component of retouched or "touched again", a meaning, still contained in the French origin of the word."

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30 August 2013

Riccardo Nava - Oliver

Riccardo Nava
44 pages
14,85x21 cm
Edition size: 1st edition, 50 copies
Type of printing: digital
 Price: 12,00 Euro

"Oliver is a book based on found photos. All the pictures of the book were found in a flea market in Berlin during the Spring 2012. The dog seems funny as a human but also extremely lonely."

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28 August 2013

David Schulz - How The West Was Won. Copyright Applied For.

How The West Was Won. Copyright Applied For.
David Schulz
108 pages
edition of 100 copies
digital offset, casebound, tipped-in photo on cover
$50 US

"How The West Was Won. Copyright Applied For. investigates the roles of archived documents and literary genres in the creation, preservation, and reconstruction of cultural memory and the historical representation of the myth of "how the west was won" through extant documents and photographs from the 1923 theatrical production of The Pioneer Pageant in Walla Walla, Washington."

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Joachim Schmid - X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot
Joachim Schmid
84 pages
14.8 x 10.5 cm / 6 x 4"
edition of 100 copies
digital printing
14 € / 19 US$

"The site where John F. Kennedy was assassinated is a major tourist magnet. White Xes on the pavement mark the spots where the president was fatally shot. Visitors often get their photos taken there. Some of the photos end up in online photo sharing sites. A webcam is positioned at the site where an assassin allegedly fired the shots that killed Kennedy as the presidential motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza. The camera’s perspective exactly matches that of the assassin: it now shoots the tourists shooting their own memorial photos, and we can watch this in real time. The book combines snapshots taken by tourists at Dealey Plaza with footage from the webcam."

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Emile Hyperion Dubuisson - Far

Emile Hyperion Dubuisson
Foreword: Boris Mikhailov
21 x 26 cm
96 pages
Print run of 600, all numbered, the first 35 copies are part of a limited edition including a print
£35 + shipping

"Far offers a strange, poetic vision of the bleakness of Siberia evoking its remoteness in both time and space through a combination of Dubuisson’s singular scenes of sub-zero life and the unintentional effects of the passage of time and the photographic process."

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27 August 2013

Sara Kiršić - It-is-an

Sara Kiršić
 80 pages
17cm x 23 cm
 First edition of 8, signed and numbered, hand sewn by artist, including artist hair glued between the book cover and spreads
Xerox print

"'It – is – an' is the expectation and the wish (for truth, meaning, learning …). It includes the images of personal fascinations, reflexion, traces, objects, indexes, simulation. They are the scapes of history, presence and future, which as a whole become a medium of present time, a medium of space and time and in this also the medium of the event in a specific time."

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26 August 2013

Michiel Burger - Black Guys on Race Bikes

Black Guys on Race Bikes
Michiel Burger
26 pages
17 x 11 cm
Edition size: 50
10 Euros

"An attempt to unhide the way in which I might unconsciously treat black different then white people, even though i might not want to do so consciously. All pictures were taken in New York City in 2011."

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23 August 2013

Garapa Collective - A Margem (The Riverbank)

A Margem (The Riverbank)
Author: Garapa Collective
Design: Milena Galli
Essay by: Eder Chiodetto
250 x 170mm/ 10 x 7 inches, 96 pp.
First Edition, 2000 copies
Price: BRL 15.00 / US$10, plus shipping

“Conscious of the labyrinthine historical and symbolic folds kept between the two 594 miles long banks of the Tietê River, the Garapa photographers threw themselves into a series of expeditions, remaking the courses of navigators who took part in exploratory missions along the river in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, in Brazil. This book intends to be the retribution to the public of what was collected along those journeys. It suggests a reflection on how to construct narratives from a subject that slides and won’t let us catch it in a direct, objective way.” (Eder Chiodetto)

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22 August 2013

Max Branigan - Hello Other

Hello Other
Max Branigan
44 pages
Edition of 50, signed
digital offset printing

"From the Artist 'There is a constant struggle in the photographic medium with what is a familiar and what is foreign. In the portraits that make up Hello Other I am attempting to describe the in between zone of the medium, wherein we must accept that portraiture cannot bring us closer to the ones it portrays.'"

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21 August 2013

Jason Larkin - After the Mines

After the Mines
Jason Larkin
Essayist: Mara Kardas-Nelson
32 pages
 367 x 265 mm / 14.5 x 10.4 in
First edition, 1000 copies
Price: ZAR80.00 / US$10, plus shipping

"British photographer Jason Larkin explores the vast waste dumps created by Johannesburg’s gold mining industry. Larkin’s images of life on and around the city’s incongruous man-made hills shed light on some of the most challenging questions facing South Africa today—the legacy and future of the mines, environmental degradation, service delivery and the housing crisis. An essay by Mara Kardas-Nelson considers the complex debates amongst environmentalists, government entities and communities about the future of the mine dumps."

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20 August 2013

Levi Mandel - Picturesque Bits of Berlin, Malmö, Paris, Stockholm, and Other Studies

Picturesque Bits of Berlin, Malmö, Paris, Stockholm, and Other Studies
Levi Mandel
68 pages
5.25" x 8.25"
1st edition of 40
Digital printing

"This book is a collection of work I made during my first (and so far only) adventure through Europe, I was away from home for 6 months. There is a loose narrative in the sequencing of the book that begins with images I made as a tourist (landmarks and new places) and concludes with work that becomes far more personal and situational."

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Isidro Ramirez - Closed for Winter

Closed for Winter
Isidro Ramirez
16 pages
152 x 177 mm
Offset Printed
Limited Edition of 300

"Closed for Winter is about those quiet winter months in tourist towns where the landscapes stand idle and unused. Ramirez's photos are poignant captures of such towns and resorts in their quiet season, waiting."

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Massimo Sordi - 100 Blows

100 Blows
Massimo Sordi
112 pages, 100 colour photographs
20x24 cm
Edition of 50 signed copies
Digital printing
12 euros plus shipping

"100 Blows is the first chapter of a long-term project entitled La vie mode d'emploi, a sort of machine for inspiring stories (G. Perec) focusing on people's daily rituals. This book shows a series of people blowing out the candles on their birthdays (from age 1 to age 100). All the images are taken from Flickr. I wish to thank all the photographers whose images have been included in this work."

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15 August 2013

Mike Spears - Form & Function

Form & Function
Mike Spears
40 pages
8.5” x 7” / 21.6cm x 17.75cm
Edition of 200
Color Xerox

"Mike Spears' new zine Form & Function is a collection of 35mm personal, street, and travel photos. The intended functions of the forms presented in these images take on new humorous, subversive, or metaphoric meanings. These ideas are conveyed thru the expressive use of color, composition, and layout."

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Anastasia Bogomolova - Recall

Anastasia Bogomolova
Book with handmade box and original photo from the family album
48 + 16 pages
155 x 220 mm
Digital print
Edition of 30 Signed and numbered
$ 33 (€ 25) + shipping

"As long as the memory itself lives and remains flexible, as long as it is not petrified, there is not a single chance at trying to bring to a halt this flood of recalls and capture images frozen in time. Faces of the past never freeze forever. Images of the whole generations of a family — they get farther away from the present, they are constantly revived in our multiple recollections — and they change relentlessly. Some of the features are erased; some of them come back to surface. Again and again we address our own and other’s memory and we have to finish writing family stories and to touch-up portraits of our own relatives."

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14 August 2013

Fábio M. Roque - Afterword

Fábio M. Roque
36 pages
13.5 x 18cm / 5.3 x 7in
50 copies
risograph printed

"A grouping of peopled situations and images, photographed between 2005-2012. An afterword to Stories (Bad Weather Press, 2013)."

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Julia Borissova - The Farther Shore

The Farther Shore
Julia Borissova
152 pages
155 x 220 mm
Digital Print
Edition of 100, signed and hand numbered
50€ + shipping costs

 “The Farther Shore” is about how the history of the past and present endowed with memory intertwines in today's space. The pictures were taken in Russia on the Volga River where in the 1930’s was built a hydrosystem and 4 6oo sq. km the area was flooded. One of the main issues which became starting point for the creation of this book is why during the evacuation of flooded land some people preferred to stay in their homes and die but not to leave their native places?"

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06 August 2013

Anna Meschiari - At once

At once
Anna Meschiari
36 pages
20x26 cm vertical
the cover becomes a poster 40x52 cm
Edition of 50
Digital Print
24€ + shipping costs

"In this project, I am primarily concerned with changes in the state of the human body. It is a questioning of the spasms that are related to the duality of being, which I accept and then try to exploit in the photograph. This work touches on several aspects of being a woman, pain, abandonment, emotions that usually remain hidden, especially in the presence of several «me.» The self-portraits taken with a character-crazy laugh, create a line at a time uninterrupted interspersed with pictures coexisting in the same spirit of storytelling."

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02 August 2013

Pierre Le Hors & Erik van der Weijde - New Holland

New Holland
Pierre Le Hors & Erik van der Weijde
size A5 / 24pages

"New Holland is a zine created by Pierre Le Hors and Erik van der Weijde. They used the 24 frames of a disposable camera, that they mailed to each other, to photograph remains of the Dutch in respectively New York and Natal, Brazil. Each side of the zine commences a journey that encounters the other in the center of the publication."

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01 August 2013

various - The Gallimaufry Edition - issue 2

The Gallimaufry Edition - issue 2
Sunny Shokrae, Phil Brown, Sahara Borja, Sarah Girner, Matt McDonough
12 pages, 289mm x 380mm, 11 3/8" x 15" (both metric and non-metric)
Edition: 100
Full color digital newsprint
Price: $8 + shipping

"An infrequent and irregular periodical showcasing a disparate collection of work from five photographers who met in New York City in the summer of 2008."

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