31 July 2011

Jordan Sullivan & Pamela Love - The Ghost Country

The Ghost Country
Jordan Sullivan & Pamela Love
self-published artist book
soft cover, perfect bound, inkjet printing
116 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", 14 x 21.6 cm
edition of 100, numbered

"Photographs, prose, and collages recalling a season spent in New Mexico."

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Olga Perevalova

Title: Olga Perevalova
Artist: Olga Perevalova
20 pages
Edition size: 2nd edition of 100 copies
type of printing: digital on cyclus offset paper
Price: £4

"Oh, I get bored and I smile
when everything retreats
and the numbers become answers of love
and I feel like murdering the moon
the one that dissolves amongst greasy hair
and burns wild." - District Fuhi

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24 July 2011

Sean Stewart - L'eternal est Grand

L'eternal est Grand
Sean Stewart
self-published artist's book
20 Pages, 8.5"x11" (216 × 279mm)
Edition of 30, signed
inkjet book, saddle-stapled
$30 + Shipping

"'L'eternal est Grand' is a collection of photographs made in 2010-2011 about my first two years living in Brooklyn, NY. These images are about confusion, apartment life, and a false religious experience in America."

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Laura Braun - Trip

Laura Braun
Pages/Size: 9x11cm 3,55 x 4,35 in, concertina fold, 32 pages
Type of print: images digital, box screen print,
Assembled by hand
Edition of 100, signed and numbered
Price £15 plus shipping.

"London to Lisbon and back, November 2007 – June 2008. Many photographs have been taken on road trips, pictures of the towns and landscapes passed through without the pretence of a deeper analysis of them; images that tell not so much of the places visited as of the experience of being on the road. ’Trip’ is another collection of impressions of a journey, taken on Polaroid."

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22 July 2011

Simon Rydén - Dear Family

Title of publication: Dear Family
Name of artist: Simon Rydén
Type of publication/Description: Zine
Number of pages, size: 32, 21,4"x15,7"
Edition size: 200 hand numbered
Type of printing: Offset
Price: 10€

This story is about how you come to loose your closest while striving for your goals and how much you need to find one end before starting another.

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21 July 2011

Sarah Carlier - Four years, three deaths, sweaty armpits and a fetus

Four years, three deaths, sweaty armpits and a fetus
Sarah Carlier
23 x 30 cm, 132 pages
Edition size: 500
type of printing: offset
Price: 38 euro

"Four years, three deaths, sweaty armpits and a fetus is a fragmented tale from the life of the Romanian family Fuliash, who I became acquainted with fourteen years ago. The quick succession of events - death, new life and a marriage, all happening in a short period of time - were the reason for me to make this project. Specific for this book is the combination between realistic and metaphorical fictional situations translated in photos, video (stills) and text."

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18 July 2011

Rik Garrett - Symbiosis

Rik Garrett
introduction by Danielle Ezzo, typography by Howard Forbes
16 one-sided pages, 5x7 inches
edition of 24
archival digital pigment prints on Hahnemuhle smooth rag 308 gm paper
$90, shipping included

"Symbiosis is series of handmade books of my photographic images exploring ideas regarding love, relationships, magic, Alchemy and mutually beneficial partnerships in nature. Each book contains 14 images, and introduction page and a signed and numbered title page. The books are then contained in an envelope which is also signed and numbered, then sealed with a wax stamp."

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William Thomas - The Secret Hotel

The Secret Hotel
William Thomas
12 pages
5.5 x 8.5 inches
Edition size: 25, Signed
Type of printing: Laser printed / saddle stitched
Price: $8

"The Secret Hotel is a document of two people whose lives are in disarray and transition; William Thomas, the photographer and his unnamed subject, a woman who has given up her marriage and family to be with a female lover half her age. This book is a document of their brief encounter."

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12 July 2011

Elisabeth Tonnard - In this Dark Wood

In this Dark Wood
Elisabeth Tonnard
196 pages
6 x 9 inches / 15.24 x 22.86 cm
50 euro, signed

"This book is a modern gothic. It pairs images of people walking alone in nighttime city streets with 90 different English translations of the first lines of Dante’s Inferno. The images are re-expressions of each other, and so are the texts."

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10 July 2011

Vincent P. - Dormeur (Sleeper)

Dormeur (Sleeper)
Vincent P.
36 pages
21 cm x 25 cm / 8.3 x 9.8
comes in a 10" / 75t vinyl sleeve with an original photo, stickers and a business card
Edition size: 67, numbered and signed
type of printing: screenprinting (serigraphy)
Price: 20 €

"The project originated by chance one night when the my webcam accidentally snapped a picture of me in a deep state of slumber. Inspired by this serendipitous event, I took over 600 photos of myself in various states of consciousness. Then I use all these snapshots to make a 100% handmade book by screenprinting (serigraphy) with black and phosphorescent ink (so it glows in dark, it can be seen at night during sleeping!)."

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Joe Cooke - Lackluster Muster

Lackluster Muster
Joe Cooke
36 Pages, 14x20 cm (5"x8")
Edition of 30

"This zine explores the interesting in the everyday; inviting you to look closer and see what I see when taking the photograph or making the image. Maybe that’s too profound; there is no brilliant theme or subject, it’s just a look into my life and the things that surround me. Things that amuse me mostly."

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Mark John Ostrowski/Diego Medrano - Festuki

Mark John Ostrowski (photographs)
Diego Medrano (text)
softcover book with sewn binding
148 pages
15x20 cm. / 6x8"
250 stamp-numbered copies
offset printing
20 euros

“This is a pull-no-punches collaborative effort between Ostrowski and Medrano that delves into the raw spectacle of young ‘gods in the throes of suicide'. It simply has no peer in recent Spanish publishing history, and one must go back to the tandem of Colom and Cela to find a visual and literary tour de force of such calibre.”

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V.A. - Circulación #2

Circulación #2
Various Artists (Barbetti, Ibarra, Lahitte, Maffini, Manrique, Onassis, Ruiz, Sebastiani)
48 pages
17X24 cm
Offset Lithography

"Circulación is a publication of photography. We are 8 photographers editing a selection of everyone’s material. Everyone edits other’s photographs; all together we ...edit other’s photographs, everybody’s photographs. Circulación is an editing process."

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05 July 2011

Elisabeth Tonnard - Two of Us. Encounters

Two of Us. Encounters
Elisabeth Tonnard
424 pages
6 x 9 inches / 15.24 x 22.86 cm
50 euro, signed

"This book, designed and printed like a novel, reconstructs a pattern found in the immense archive of a street photographer working in San Francisco from the 40’s to the 70’s. It shows countless doubles, walking the city streets. The images are combined with a poem by Baudelaire, which is broken apart into separate words, set, and rotated progressively at an angle below each photograph."

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The Jane Mirror (Gregory Kalliche) - Twankle King/Coaching The Rocks Out Of Their Lethargy

Coaching the Rocks out of their Lethargy/Twankle King
The Jane Mirror
16 pages
10.5 x 13.7 cm / 4.1 x 5.4 in
b&w laser printed, staple bound
numbered edition of 100

"The Jane Mirror is an ongoing collection of original and manipulated content assembled by Gregory Kalliche, featuring a mix of writing, digital photography, animated gifs, digital collage and sometimes sound. Coaching The Rocks Out Of Their Lethargy is the first installment in a series of mini-magazines to be produced from the website www.janemirror.com."

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04 July 2011

Zheng Yaohua - Behind

Zheng Yaohua
92 pages, 120 images, full color
Digital offset
Softcover, perfect bound
8.25" x 10.75" (20.96cm x 27.31cm)
Edition 200
32.00 US Dollars plus shipping

"120 portraits, taken from behind, on New York streets. Few people know what they look like from behind. This book might be seen as mirrors in a fitting room."

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Alan Pelz-Sharpe - New England Winter

New England Winter
Alan Pelz-Sharpe
Small Edition Artist Book
31 pages, 23 photographs
10cm x 12.5cm / 4" x 5"
Edition size: 15 signed copies (Plus 2 Artist Proofs)
Price: $15

"Handmade, butterfly stitched, archival paper. This series of images documents my experience of living in and walking through the forests of New England during the harsh winter of 2010. It is the second in a series that combine my work as a photographer with that of my wife Sandra, a bookbinder."

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Filipe Casaca - my home is where you are

my home is where you are
Filipe Casaca
24×310 mm / 9.44"x12"
Edition size: 300 Copies, signed by the author
Hardcover in black fabric with silver stamping
Type of paper: GardaPat 13 Kiara – 200gr
Portuguese and English
40 pages plus a booklet of 4 pages with information in English
Offset Tritone
Price: 30 €

"'my home is where you are' is a series of photographs created during a period of three years that reflect about intimacy as theme. It is a broad portrait with a domestic atmosphere about the author´s wife, and of a private life in a place shared between two persons."

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01 July 2011

Corey Presha - Observations

Corey Presha
5.5 x 8.5 inches
16 pages, staple bound
Edition of 50, signed and numbered
b&w xerox on cardstock
$20 ppd

"Observations is a project about shape and visual memory. A short game prompting the viewer to flip back and forth."

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Craig Atkinson - Someone Else's Wedding

Someone Else's Wedding
Craig Atkinson
Published by Café Royal Books
24 Pages, 14cm x 20cm / 5.5"x8"
numbered edition of 100
b/w digital [Xerox Recycled 80gsm]

"A processed and published film of someone else's wedding. Film from a charity shop."

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Sasha Kurmaz - Nude sensitivity

Nude sensitivity
Sasha Kurmaz
40 pages
Edition size: 100
digital printing
Price: 12€

"My photography is a process of a self-study. I am always interested when both sides are involved: my personal inside and environment around; people’s own identity and the beauty of human body; depth of intimate desires and their artistic reconstruction."

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Luke Swenson - Brooklyn

Luke Swenson
32 pages, Saddle-Stitch,
5.8 x 8.2 in / 14.8 x 21.0 mm,
115gsm Offwhite, Recycled Paper,
Black and White,
Limited, Numbered, Edition of 100,

Including Limited Edition Print,
Hand-made by the Artist.
8.27 x 11.69 in / 203 x 254 mm
Signed and Numbered by Artist
[Limited to 15]

"In 'Brooklyn', Luke Swenson presents to us the monolithic structures that dominate the Brooklyn skyline - the council apartments. Using his medium format camera, and shot exclusively in black and white, Swenson expertly captures the enigmatic aura that envelopes this particular New York borough. Infamous for it high crime rates but simultaneously undergoing a cultural renaissance, Brooklyn has long been in the shadows of its neighbour Manhattan. This dark and beak portrayal of the city demonstrates all that is misunderstood and captivating about the city."

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Oscar Wolfe, Kingsley Ifill, Simon Wellington - Devirginized

Oscar Wolfe, Kingsley Ifill, Simon Wellington
Photo zine
Number of pages: 32
5 1/4" x 8 1/4" (13.3 cm x 21cm)
Edition size: 20
type of printing: Xerox
Price: £4

"All the best and funniest photos we could get together that showed what life was like while living together in London."

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Alba Yruela - Estaría bien poner un título aquí

"Estaría bien poner un título aquí"
Artist: Alba Yruela
32 Pages
14,8 x 21 cm (5" x 8")
Color Offset on 150gr Recycling Paper
Saddle Stich Bound
€ 8,00

"It's a fragment of my life documented"

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Laurent Champoussin - Fade into you (part one is Karim)

Fade into you (part one is Karim)
Laurent Champoussin
37 pages, black and white
9cm x 14cm
edition of 10 booklets + 2 ap
type of printing : digital, handmade binding
Price : 12 euros (shipping included)

"it is about a long white fade-out portrait"

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Misha de Ridder - Abendsonne

Misha de Ridder
300 x 360 mm / 11,8 x 14,2 inch
14 pages
8 full-colour photos
Edition: 400 copies regular edition / 100 copies special editon
type of printing: offset
Price: 60 EURO

"Sometimes natural phenomena can become so estranged and mysterious, that we are inclined to describe them as unreal realities. It might be the extraordinary shape of a tree, a mountain, a shadow, a cloud or the mirroring reflection of nature in a lake, but it is foremost the unfamiliarity of the natural aesthetics of reality. The photos in this book literally refer to such an unfamiliar natural phenomenon, a mysterious phenomenon known as ‘Abendsonne’."

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Al Harley - BODØ

Al Harley
34 Pages
Edition size: 100
BW Lazer Printed

"From Oslo and up into the Arctic Circle, BODØ documents Al Harley’s view of the Scandinavian culture and architecture as he discovered it, along with vignettes of time spent with his friends and travelling companions."

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Maya Rochat - (ma tête à couper!)

(ma tête à couper!)
Maya Rochat
Artist book
32 pages, full color, + a 24-page photocopied booklet on green paper, printed on a 4 meter long paper, folded to 18 x 13 cm
100 numbered copies
12 Euro

"Inspired by her online work '(ma tête à couper!)' (2009-2011), in this artist book Maya confronts differents moments of the allday life. Almost schizophrenic, she interrogates society behaviours, questions beauty, the representation of ourselves, the disguisements linked to the social conventions. The artists uses herself as a blank sheet, questions her inner reality confronted to the outer realities."

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