31 January 2011

Daniel Evans - La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia
Daniel Evans
24 Pages, 14cm x 20cm / 5.5"x8"
Edition of 100. Numbered.
b/w digital [Cyclus Offset 80gsm]

"La Sagrada Familia is a series of images taken in Barcelona in January 2011. Named after the famous Gaudi Cathedral, the publication shows no trace of the building, rather the mass of tourist spectators."

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Henry Roy - Feb.17,2009

Title: Feb.17,2009
Artist: Henry Roy
36 pages, 14 x 23 cm
first edition of 200 handnumbered copies
Price: 12 euros

"In this zine, the Paris based (born in Haiti) photographer Henry Roy portrays a day of his life. FEB.17,2009 describes an imaginary day inspired by his environment, in a dreamy and cinematic perception of reality. Between reality and fiction, everyday life and 'mise en scene', his work mixes family and street pictures with portraits of, among others, the French filmmaker Claire Denis or the writer, musician and art critic Jeff Rian with his daughter Emma. Henry also asked the musician Jimmy Tomenou to play his own part for this story."

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Harvey Benge - Paris Diary, November 2010

Title: Paris Diary, November 2010
Artist: Harvey Benge
First Edition: 75 copies
24 pages, 20 photographs
226 x 160mm (8.75" x 6.25")
digital print on 160gsm coated art paper
Saddle stitched.
Each book, signed and numbered.


"This is the visual diary I made following my month in Paris last November. Strange appearances, order, disorder. Paris? But it could be anywhere!"

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30 January 2011

Jackson Eaton - "Thanks for coming."

Title: "Thanks for coming."
Artist: Jackson Eaton
First Edition, 500 copies
32 Pages
14,8 x 21 cm (5" x 8")
Full Color Offset
Saddle Stich Bound
€ 8,00

"This book is about trying to have a good time. About the artist: Jackson Eaton. He was born longer ago than you would expect and lives in a boring place with nice weather."

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24 January 2011

Filipe Bianchi - India

Filipe Bianchi
Limited edition artist's book
28 pages, 14x21cm
Soft cover with dust jacket
Colour digital printing; staple bound
Book with accompanying 10x15cm signed print
Edition of 50, signed and numbered
20 euro + shipping

"India seen by the portuguese photographer Filipe Bianchi. A photographic journey to India's people, places, and culture. This small edition book is accompanied by a numbered and signed print."

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23 January 2011

Scott Vahan Tavitian - Planned Progress: Master Plan Update

Planned Progress: Master Plan Update
Scott Vahan Tavitian
106 pages, 21.6x27.9 cm / 8.5x11 inches
Edition of 500, signed and numbered
$50 (including shipping)

"Planned Progress is an exploration of the American suburbs through an appropriated town planning document. The term sprawl describes a landscape of disorder; but by examining the history of town planning in America we can see that it is anything but. A false cohesion is created through separation of land uses buffered by expanses of landscaping, but above all we see a shallow veneer that promotes quality, success and a power over nature that are barely skin deep."

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21 January 2011

Craig Atkinson - 101112

Craig Atkinson
32 Pages, 14cm x 20cm / 5.5"x8"
Edition of 100. Numbered.
colour digital [Cyclus Offset 80gsm]

"This zine is a collection of day-to-day images taken during the last two months of 2010."

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20 January 2011

Marianne van Loo - The collective unconscious in the city

Title: The collective unconscious in the city
Artist: Marianne van Loo
Type of publication: newspaper
Number of pages and size: 12 size 63 x 46 cm
Edition size: 8, handnumbered
Type of printing: newspaper
Price: £4.00 + Postage

"My project explores social dimensions of modernity. By looking at the micro level (the no smoking ban) we can deduct information about the social climate we live in. I also explored the notion that institutional constraint is always answered by individual acts of resistance."

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Guangzhi - Little River

Title: Little River
Artists: Guangzhi
70 B&W photos on orange paper
Soft cover
Offset print
Edition of 200 copies
Price: $22 (including postage worldwide)

This book starts in a ship and ends in a train, this book is not about story, not about landscape, even not about river, need be patient to read it.

17 January 2011

Thodoris Tzalavras - Nicosia in Dark and White

Title: Nicosia in Dark and White
Artist: Thodoris Tzalavras
Introduction and short story by Ioanna Mavrou, additional text by David Alan Harvey
108 pages, 23x25cm
Edition of 1000 copies
Type of printing: offset duotone
Price 35 Euro

"A look inside the abandoned buildings adjacent to the Green Line, Nicosia in Dark and White is quintessential reading for anyone interested in Cyprus. 40 black and white photographs in a deluxe clothbound hardback edition. English/Greek text."

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Greg Girard - In the Near Distance

Title: In the Near Distance
Artist: Greg Girard
Essay by Joerg Colberg, designed by Misha Kominek
96 pages, 21x28 cm
Edition size: 500 copies, 50 of the 500 as special edition with print.
type of printing: offset
Price: 38.- Euro

"In the Near Distance 1973-86 is the document of Greg Girard's early wanderings, the adolescent search for prospects and aims: nocturnal street sceneries, portraits of 'sailors and friends', images of creatures of the night and hotel rooms."

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12 January 2011

Thomas Wieland - Neuperlach Zentrum

Neuperlach Zentrum
Thomas Wieland
Soft cover, perfect bound
36 pages, 14.8 x 21.0 cm (5.8 x 8.3 in)
Numbered edition of 50
Digitally printed in Germany
Price: €10 + shipping

"Founded on the periphery of Munich in 1967, Neuperlach is one of the big urban settlements of post-war Germany. The aim of its initiators was not only to provide housing for 80,000 inhabitants but to create a place for a new attitude towards urban life. 'Neuperlach Zentrum' is a photographic exploration of this ambitious experiment in urban planning."

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T. Reilly Hodgson - Kiss It Goodbye

Kiss It Goodbye
T. Reilly Hodgson
photo zine
12 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
1st edition of 15 signed and numbered
Laser printed on gray paper

"Kiss It Goodbye contains both excellent B&W film photos and cell phone pictures taken by Canadian artist T. Reilly Hodgson during the last month of 2010 and the first month of 2011."

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10 January 2011

Viviane Sassen - Sketches

Title: Sketches
Artist: Viviane Sassen
designed by Sybren Kuiper
36 pages, 16x20 cm
Edition size: 1000 copies
type of printing: offset
Price: 18.- Euro

"Polaroids made in Africa between 2002 and 2010. The images in this book could be an introduction or could be an explanation to the Flamboya project and book but in fact Sketches is a small and magic book on its own"

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03 January 2011

WassinkLundgren/Lu Xiaoben - Lu Xiaoben

Title: Lu Xiaoben
Artists: WassinkLundgren/Lu Xiaoben
Preface by Rudolf Simon Bekink and text by Yang Lin
Hardboard leporello
10 pages, 20x34 cm
Edition of 1500 copies
offset printing
12 euro

"A two meter long leporello book with life size image of Lu Xiaoben. The book explores cultural differences between China and the West, using his 200cm height as a tool to become a real Chinese celebrity."

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01 January 2011

Kim Winderman - Photographs, 2010

Title: Photographs, 2010
Artist: Kim Winderman
44 pages of 21 photographs
Black & White on Cream Text
Soft Cover, Perfect Bound
5.13 x 8 inches.
Edition size: 50
Price: $16 (solo), $20 (with print)

"Featuring photographs taken in July 2010 of 250 million year old rock ledges formed by prehistoric glaciation, and an Oak Hickory forest in Northeastern Ohio. Partial proceeds will have been donated to support environmental protection through the NRDC."

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