28 February 2010

Jonathan Saunders - 21,120 Seconds | Ohio

Title: 21,120 Seconds | Ohio
Artist: Jonathan Saunders
Type: (POD book through creator)
42 pages, 9.6" x 8.25" - 24.45 x 20.96cm
open edition hard cover with dust jacket
published 365 days after creation
$75.00+$10 USA Shipping

"A friend's city, a friend's home, a friend's children and a friend's camera; all borrowed and lived amongst as if my own while I made my last photographs of L during 21,120 seconds of photography in Ohio."

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27 February 2010

Maximilian Pramatarov - Confrontations down the Danube

Title: Confrontations down the Danube
Artist: Maximilian Pramatarov
Type of Publication: Book
26 pages, 16 cm x 21 cm
Edition size: 300
Type of printing: offset
Price: 9 euro + shipping

"November 2005/ 13 day trip down the Danube from Vienna to the Black sea"

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23 February 2010

Morten Andersen - Leira

Title: Leira
Artist: Morten Andersen
book in a paper slipcase with a rc print
450 copies, all signed and numbered
64 pages, cloth hardcover, 28x21,5 cm
offset printing
US$ 65

"This catalogue comes from Lillestrom museum. It´s in a nice moderate slipcase, and the book has a very modernistic design, but the pictures of one river and the woods alongside it are in a very dark punk spirit. Quiet and at the same time wild."

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22 February 2010

Anna Yausheva

Title: Anna Yausheva
Artist: Anna Yausheva
Type of Publication: zine
24 pages, 11.5cm x 16.5cm
Edition size: 100
Type of printing: Black and White Digital
Price: 4.00 British Pounds

"I love punk rock. There's a song by one good Soviet rock group KINO (Russian for 'movie') and it says: 'My mother is anarchy and my father is a glass of port'. This is it. Better be dead than fashionable. I used to stand aside. My friends and I love punk rock to the back of our bones." - Anna Yausheva

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Davi Russo - Just a mouthful

Just a mouthful by Davi Russo

selfpublished softcover book, 142 pages
offset, tri-tone B&W
size: 9x6 inches - 22,86 x 15,24 cm
edition: 300 (about 75 copies left)
printing: offset, tri-tone B&W
year: 2006
price: $30 USD

"Just a Mouthful is the first published book exposing my body of work as a photographer. During the process of shooting the images in the book, I found myself really wanting to flirt with subjects, places, and experiences in which I thought would lead me to answers i was searching for. Those 2 weeks that resulted Just a Mouthful, was utterly miserable, I found myself destroying everything good around me and almost getting a divorce from my wife. In retrospect, I was flirting with disaster but the work of those pages hold dear and honest to me."

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21 February 2010

Mao Ishikawa - Life in Philly

Title: Life in Philly
Artist: Mao Ishikawa
additional contributor:Tomatsu Shomei
64 pages, 25.5x36cm / 10x14inch
Edition size: 1000
2-colour B/W offset printing, stapled binding, shrinkwrapped
2,500 Yen (approx 25 US$)

"Mao Ishikawa studied with Shomei Tomatsu in the 1960s then returned to her native Okinawa where she recorded her uninhibited life in and around the bars surrounding the US military base on the island. In 1986 she visited a friend who had returned home to live in a downtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. She recorded the life of her American friends without restraint, producing these exhuberantly frank images."

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19 February 2010

Alex McTigue - Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here
Alex McTigue
35 pages, 5"x8"
Hand bound Xeroxed photocopies
$6 / $8 ppd

"This zine and the photographs therein are the product of the necessary leave of absence I took from Brooklyn, NY during the summer of 2008. Sometimes you just gotta get away."

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17 February 2010

John Gossage - HERE

Photographs by John Gossage
Text by Kris Douglas
Published by the Rochester Art Center, 2010
80 pages, 57 x 32 cm / 22.5 x 12.5 in.
Edition of 500 copies

"In the spring of 2009, John Gossage was commissioned by the Rochester Art Center to make photographs in and around the neighborhoods of Rochester, MN. The completed series forms an entirely new body of work, and will eventually become part of a larger project by Gossage that considers the state of America in the 21st century."

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16 February 2010

Blå Skog/Blue Forest

Title: Blå Skog/Blue Forest
Artist: Morten Andersen
book, published 2009
256 pages, 14x21,5 cm, hardcover
edition: 500
offset printing

"Blå skog/Blue Forest is the manifestation of his long running forest project, the woods seen in glimpses and openings towards something bigger, captured on tungsten film and in medium format. Through subjective color tones Andersen lets us see the the forest in an un-romantizised and alien fashion which begets a renewed fascination by the landscape."

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15 February 2010

The Singled Person

The Singled Person
With photographs of Michael Ackerman, Morten Andersen, Thorsten Kirchhoff, Peer Kugler, André Lützen, Hisashi Murayama and Filippo Romano.
64 pages, 15 x 19 cm / 6 x 7.5 in.
4 color offset printing, swiss brochure binding (softcover)
edition of 1.000 copies
18 EUR

"The Singled Person was originally conceived as a slide projection for seven screens, viewable simultanously. In order to transform the projection into print form the different artists' works are intermixed, emphasizing the central concept rather then the individual photographer and allowing the viewer to connect emotionally, as recurrent moments of life are summarized, displaced, or just pass by."

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Mountains: Issue One

Mountains: Issue One
Brooks Reynolds (photography), Jason Mante (design), Jackie Musial (illustration)
96 pages + Cover
6" x 9"/15.24cm x 22.86cm
1000 Printed
Perfect Bound, Offset Press, Uncoated Paper, Spotgloss on Cover
$8 + Shipping

"Photographer Brooks Reynolds spent seven weeks traveling through America on a photo expedition shooting pictures of the people and places that inspire him. Along with the photo essays, there are other features in the book, including a wonderful illustration profile on Jackie Musial."
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14 February 2010

Blurfect - Tread

Blurfect - TREAD
36 pages+cover
36 images+words
8 X 8 inch, 20.32 X 20.32 cm
Printed on 100# Accent Opaque
75 signed/numbered - $10
25 available with 4"X4" print of Jager-Girls on Archival paper signed/numbered - $21

"A collection of black and white images captured using old toy cameras and film. Images are loosely narrated with thoughts, brief and quite possibly--irrelevant."

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10 February 2010

Henry Horenstein - SHOW

SHOW - Henry Horenstein
Introduction by Murray Hill
112 pages, duotone
13" x 9.5" - 33 x 24,13 cm
Deluxe board/dye-cut cover
Offset printed, Oddi Printing Iceland
  • 600 Artist’s edition : $75
  • 400 soft cover edition : $35
  • 20 Deluxe Limited Collector’s edition, slipcased with original, signed and numbered print : $750
"The noir-styled images in SHOW are variously amusing, sexy, and harsh — true reflections of the world they document. The book covers a myriad of burlesque-style performance, including drag, fetish, and sideshow."

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Sean Davy - 8 MILE

8 MILE: photographs from the margins of Port Moresby (2010)
Sean Davey / Emmanuel Onom Mel
Introduction by Motsy David
Texts by Emmanuel Onom Mel and Sean Davey
softcover, offset printed
36 pages, 23 x 22.5cm - 9 x 8,86 inch
Edition: 500
AUD $15 / 10 Euro / USD $15 plus postage

This publication accompanies the 8 MILE: photographs from the margins of Port Moresby exhibition at the Monash GAllery of Art in Melbourne, Australia. This collaborative exhibition between Australian photorgapher Sean Davey and seventeen year old 8 Mile resident Emmanuel Onom Mel is curated by Stephen Zagala and stems from an arts workshop that took place in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea in 2009.

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08 February 2010

Lauren Henkin - Displaced

Title: Displaced
Artist: Lauren Henkin
Handmade Artist Book
56 pages
39 images
Size: 9.5" x 13" (24.13cm x 33.02cm)
Price: Edition #s 1-15 $350, 16-30 $475, 31-45 $650, 46-60 $900

"Displaced is a deeply personal handmade book about finding external beauty in the midst of intense internal crisis. Landscape photographer Lauren Henkin has created an introspective book which resides at the zenith of craftsmanship, and one which describes a hunger for inspiration during the breakup of her marriage."

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05 February 2010

Adam Murray - Your Negatives

'Your Negatives'
Adam Murray
24 Pages
Edition of 30
10cm x 12.5cm or 4 3/4in x 4in
Inkjet printed and presented in glassine envelope

"A selection of images from sixty negative that I bought for £1 from Preston market on Saturday 6th December 2009."

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Thomas Bonfert - Diary of a field worker

Photo album: Diary of a field worker
Thomas Bonfert
Between photozine and photo book
24 pages, approx 19x21cm/7,48x8,27inch
Edition of 100, numbered
Color photographs (C-prints 5x6,73inch) glued with photo corners
Price 28.-Euro + shipping

"This project emerged in the course of my driving through Austria. Driving a car makes images and impressions drift by documenting them, revealing them from the driver's viewpoint was my goal."

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03 February 2010

Katharina Gaenssler - Edition Merzbau

Katharina Gaenssler
Edition Merzbau
published by the Friends of the Sprengel Museum Hannover e.V.
Edition 20+4, 2009/2010
Carbon Print, 55 x 40 cm
280.00 €

"The interaction of art and everyday life takes us to the space where this work will be on view, in Schwitters' Merzbau. The reconstruction of this room within the Sprengel Museum Hannover has also captured Katharina Gaenssler's attention and is dealt with in the framework of her retrospective. Gaenssler plays with the essence of this unique space by contrasting fragments and mass, the ephemeral and that which is fixed, reality and fantasy: she deconstructed the Merzbau, using her camera to follow how a gamut of fragments can be perceived as a whole, and, through qualities unique to a book as a medium, re-ordered the reconstruction of the space."

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TBW Books - Subscription Series #2

TBW Books - Subscription Series #2
Ohio by Todd Hido
Away by Abner Nolan
Noon by Marianne Mueller
Sheep by Alec Soth
limited edition set of four books
offset print, hand-numbered and hand-stamped
edition of 800
44 pages each
6 x 8 in. / 15.24 x 20.32 cm
$100 plus shipping (price includes all four books)

"Four accomplished artists working in the photographic medium were invited to present an intensely personal and poetic exploration of their work to be released in the form of a book. Each artist will be represented by one book in this four book series. Given complete creative control, these gifted individuals crafted powerful, surprising, and completely uncompromised works that implore the viewer to contemplate the relationships between images."

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01 February 2010

Nothing to write home about

Title: Nothing to write home about
Compiled by Michelle Abadie and Susan Beale
Artists: John Hinde, Edmund Nagele, E Ludwig, D Noble, Joan Willis
120 pages
Size: 215mm x 155mm, 8.5" x 6"
Type of printing: offset

"'Nothing to write home about' documents the heyday of the British holiday postcard. They have lovingly compiled a collection of John Hinde postcards and the messages written on them by holidaymakers between 1960s and 1980s."

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