30 March 2012

James Feldman - Surfing Hong Kong

Title: Surfing Hong Kong
Artist: James Feldman
Designer: Elise Inthavixay
40 pages, 37 color plates
24.4 x 16.8 cm / 9 5/8 x 6 5/8 in
edition of 500
offset lithograph
27 euros + shipping

"Surfing Hong Kong: 37 incredible surf photos of questionable veracity, from the former British colony in the South China Sea."

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28 March 2012

Yann Lemaire - Cars

Yann Lemaire
posters "zine"
10 spreads (5 sheets, posters front/back)
40 x 28,5 cm (as booklet) — (20 x 28,5 cm in a blister)
b/w laser (high quality photocopy)
gray paper
50 numbered copies
6 euros (+ shipping)

First published photographic work of Yann Lemaire. A wandering in the cold night among the dead carcasses of cars.

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three zines publised by A Perfect Book


Wei Guan

Published by A Perfect Book
36 pages, 19 cm × 14 cm

Edition of 100
Riso printing
$6 + Shipping

"Selected photos taken during days in Germany from 2003 to 2009.The time where I studied product design in a countryside college in southwest Germany, miles away from the Black Forest and the Alps. Snow covered the whole winter and I walked by." Wei

About the photographer Wei Guan: Born in 1982 in Dalian, China. Studied in Germany, worked in Paris and Shanghai, now lives in his hometown. He takes photography as form exercise and a tool to record new findings.

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Jimi Franklin

Published by A Perfect Book
36 pages, 19 cm × 14 cm

Edition of 100
Riso printing
$6 + Shipping

This collection of images is not a record of the people and places depicted in them, but rather a documentation of the one who was there looking at them. It is about the subjectivity of his own act of observation.

About photographer Jimi Franklin: born in Los Angeles, but later moved to Tokyo at a young age where he spent his adolescence. This hybrid of east and west is what has come to form Franklin's perspective which translates into his images. He currently lives and works in his birthplace Los Angeles.

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No One Knows Time
He Yiman

Published by A Perfect Book
28 pages, 19 cm × 14 cm

Edition of 100
Riso printing
$6 + Shipping

"The zine describes an inevitable emotion of existence. The black and white images are full of a feeling of loneliness, zooming in and zooming out with hunter's eyes. Actually no one knows time and knows when it will go away."

About photographer He Yiman: born in 1990 in Henan, currently living and working in Shanghai. The photographer compares photography with her writing, the way of expanding world and someone's personal view.

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26 March 2012

Wintergarten Ltd. - Chinese Bondage in Peru

Title: Chinese Bondage in Peru
Artist: Wintergarten Ltd., Featuring Text by Ed Steck
Publisher: Wintergarten Ltd.
Type: 3-zine set, zine trilogy
Printing: Laserjet on newsprint
Number of pages: 108
Dimensions: 5.5"x8.5", 14cm x 21.6cm
Price: $25

Chinese Bondage in Peru is a collection of found photographs, printed matter and accompanying text organized around the vague fictitious narrative of a North American journalist's travels between the the continents of Latin America and Asia.  While the title of the series is taken from an academic publication on the exploitation of Chinese migrant laborers in Peruvian guano pits by 19th century colonists, in the context of these images it might just as easily refer to the Sendero Luminoso, a group of Maoist inspired revolutionaries organizing indigenous Peruvians to overthrow the country's government, or to the questionable role currently played by Chinese investors in Peru's mineral extraction sector.  While constructed from "real" ephemera of vernacular image production, the work is anything but documentary, taking its cues instead from sources such as Japanese "pink films" and the french photo-anthropology magazine "Zoom."

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Erik van der Weijde - Nelore

Title: Nelore
Artist: Erik van der Weijde
24 pages
16x24cm / 6.3x9.4 inch
Edition size : 350
type of printing: BW offset
Price € 8,-

"The Nelore has a distinct large hump over the top of the shoulder and neck. They have long legs which help them to walk in water and when grazing. Brazil is the largest breeder of Nelore."

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25 March 2012

Alex Cunningham - moonsoot

Title: moonsoot
Artist: Alex Cunningham
Publisher: UNSUBbooks
Type: Book - soft-cover, perfect-bound
Number of pages: 96
Dimensions: 5.2x7.5"
ISBN: 978-0-9848197-4-4
Edition of 150

"moonsoot is a collection of photographs made in India, taken at those moments of confusion and bewilderment, an attempt to discover the undiscoverable. Though an unfamiliar place such as this does not make itself explainable, nothing is hidden to the camera: the light between blinks, the time between breaths, even the void between dreams."

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Yaniv Waissa - Butterflies I Haven't Seen There

Butterflies I Haven't Seen There
Yaniv Waissa

Artist book
44 pages,15.2x21.6 c"m (5.98"x8.5"), soft cover
Edition: 200 signed copies
Digital print on 170 gsm uncoated paper
Price: 15 Euros (includes packing and postage)

"This is my travel diary, as a person hiding behind a camera and picking his wounds and his national and personal history. It is also the journey of an entire generation to find the ability to cope with the trauma that brought us here and a way to create an identity in its' shadow."

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Kevin Gaffney & Sally-Anne Kelly - The Unnameable

The Unnameable

Kevin Gaffney & Sally-Anne Kelly
Limited edition artist book

37 pages, 19 colour plates, 15 x 25cm (landscape)
hardcover, embossed title with case jacket.

Edition: 200
Type of printing: Offset
Price: £15 plus shipping

"The Unnameable is a limited edition artist publication of 19 photographs, and an original text that tells the story of a boy who grows up feeding an invisible elephant in his room. The  photographs were shot on location in Paris and abandoned nursery for disabled children in London."

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18 March 2012

Nadja Groux - 127th@StNick

Title: 127th@StNick
Artist: Nadja Groux
40 pages
28 x 38 cm (open 56 x 32 cm )
Type of printing: Offset
Edition size: 300
Price: 20 Euros

"Radioscopy of a street corner as seen from my 5th floor apartment window in Harlem, New York."

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09 March 2012

Wojtek Kutyla - Next door, a distant land

Title: Next door, a distant land
Artist: Wojtek Kutyla
62 pages (56 photographs), A5
148x210mm [8.3 x 5.8 in]
Edition size: 75, individually signed and numbered copies
Type of printing: digital print, soft cover, perfect bound
Price: £10 shipped to UK, £13 to Europe, £14.50 rest of the world

"There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign. — Robert Louis Stevenson \ Images presented in this book are recordings of simple reality from a perspective of modern immigrant. Observing the world, I am preserving them in time in a mere approach to understand the randomness of events."

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08 March 2012

Mathias Grate - Before Silence

Before Silence
Mathias Grate
Afterword by Mikael Timm
64 pages
Soft cover, thread bound
6¾x8½" / 170 x 217 mm
Edition of 500
Tritone Offset

"Mathias Grate’s photographs are less moments of touching down in time than keystrokes in an ongoing script of compressed experience. They seem to be drawn from a journey in the same unfamiliar landscape, a zone (to use a Tarkovskian association) which borders, on the one side, on everyday life and on the other on all that is timeless, other-worldly. (...) The subjects in this series from the zone could provoke grief. But they have been so gently developed (exposed feels like far too brutal a word) that, instead, they are comforting. Exhibited one after the other on a wall they form a short film of still images on the subject of tenderness. On the subject of that which takes place between the words."

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06 March 2012

Clayton Cotterell - Unarmed

Clayton Cotterell
Perfect bound soft cover
48 pages
9x11 inches
Edition of 100
Digital on Mowhawk Superfine paper
$25 / $125 for limited signed copy with print

"Unarmed features photographs of Cotterell's brother, Ian, who joined the military shortly after Cotterell began actively photographing him in 2007. By virtue of this timing, a body of work that was about family relations also became an investigation into the current generation of young Americans crossing the gap between childhood & adulthood in a time of war."

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Justin Hollar - SVIIB

Title: SVIIB
Artist: Justin Hollar
Designed By: Mark Aver
118 pages
9" X 12"
Edition of 500
Printing: Four Color Digital Press, PUR Perfect Bound, Soft Cover, Foil Stamped Cover and Spine
$30.00 S&H include in US and CA ($35.00 Overseas with S&H included)

"I went on tour with the band School of Seven Bells last year. We travelled over 9,000 miles all over North America. I made a book documenting the experience."

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John O'Toole - O'Tooles

John O'Toole
44 pages
size: 4x5in
edition of 100
Inkjet printed on 30lb Newsprint

"Found images collected,selected and sequenced over the a three year period through various web image and archive searches with the keyword O'Toole."

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05 March 2012

Gordon Holden - Cupcakes: a free enterprise

Title: Cupcakes: a free enterprise
Artists: Gordon Holden
Contributors: Alexa Miller, Eric Dranginis, Mischa Downing, Ali Kaukas, Hartford Denim Company, Mike the black cat, Charlie Crowell, Watthew W. Robinson, Guy Derry, Towson Marshall, Jimi Patterson, Chelsea Spring, Hannah Raine Brenner-Leonard, Zane Fix, Andrew Jacob, Hanna Waters, Felix Morelo, Itzy Ramirez, Andrew Holden, Sara Vincent, Four Eyes
66 pages
13.97 cm x 21.59 cm / 5.5 x 8.5
price: $33 US

"A visual and literary mish mash based on the undesirable quest for the american dream."

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04 March 2012

Trevor Wilson - Three Days Away

Three Days Away
Trevor Wilson
Zine with print (a different print for each copy)
24 pages, 5.5x8.5", stapled paperback
Edition of 25
Digital printing
$5 + shipping

 "In October of 2011, I flew home to Utah from New York to photograph some old friends. I made a few new friends along the way. This is a collection of photos I made on that three-day trip."

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No Thoughts #7

Title: No Thoughts #7
Artists: Alyssa Noches / Amber Chavez / April Lea Hutchinson / Ariane Geffard / Brad Elterman / Dan Zev / Edgar Berg / Evan Tetreault / Jesse Untracht Oakner / Jim Herrington / Jimmy Fontaine / Johan Kleinjan / Joseph Zentil / Martina Simkovicova / Maurizio Di Iorio / Megan McIsaac / Michael Barolet / Michael J DeMeo / Mike Schreiber / Olivia Locher / Peter Puklus / Ray Potes / Rhiannon Adam / Samantha Casolari / Theo Gosselin / Xiang Ting Huang
60 pages
5.5" x 8.5" , 140mm x 216mm
Edition size: 200
 type of printing: digital
Price: $5

"The seventh issue of No Thoughts is dedicated to the art of the portrait in photography. An amazing ensemble of photographers has been rallied to showcase stunning and unique work for this issue. Taken as a whole, their contributions form a beautiful and cohesive series that sets a daring standard for contemporary portrait photography"

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03 March 2012

Sr. Dalton espiriteur monotone zine

Sr. Dalton espiriteur monotone zine

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
VOL 2: Adrià Cañameras. PAR HASARD 
Barcelona, España
Ljubljana, Slovenia
VOL 4: Andres Lehmann
Buenos Aires, Rep. Argentina

size: 24 pages, 14 x 20 cm
printing: offset
edition: 250 + 500 posters
price: 6 USD

"SR. DALTON espiriteur monotone zine is a photographers zines collection. Each issue includes a selection of images chosen by the author and edited by the house that is printed in monotone. It is an amateur-spirit publication by Fibra Publishing House in honor of the first known man who could see in greyscale."

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02 March 2012

Robert Dunn - OWS

Title: OWS
Artist: Robert Dunn
Type: Zinelike Book
Page Number: 52
Size metric: .1397 X .2159 meters
Size inches: 5.5 X 8.5
Price: $15

"OWS is a book of street photography (not journalism) set in Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan during the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Fall 2011. Photos capture the spirit and vibe of the place, now lost to history."

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Tammy Mercure - Religion

Title: Religion
Artist: Tammy Mercure
Number of pages: 10
Edition size: 30
type of printing: Pigment Prints, letterpress
Price: $12

"TCB Press/Tammy Mercure is publishing a book a month for 2012 on a single topic. March 2012 is Religion."

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Harry Gould Harvey IV - Decembro 2011

Decembro 2011
Harry Gould Harvey IV
28 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 ", 21.59 x 13.97 cm
Edition: 20
Monochrome laser print.
Price: 3 USD

"A zine consisting of photos of friends in december. Nothing deep - backyard fires, punk mischief, good friends and good times in newport rhode island."

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