27 September 2015

Alessandro Calabrese - Die Deutsche Punkinvasion

Die Deutsche Punkinvasion
by Alessandro Calabrese
Published by Skinnerboox
48 pages, 23x33ccm
Indigo Printing
Edition of 100 copies
Price: 35€

"[..] Among others, inside what appeared to be the ruined trunk of an economy car, I found the booklet of a 90’s German punk compilation CD, titled: “Die Deutsche Punkinvasion vol. III”.

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Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza - Atem

by Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza
Published by Yard Press, Rome
Text by Paola Paleari
300 pp, 24,5 x 33,5 cm
Offset printing
Edition: 500 copies
Price: 35 €

"At the very core of the book Atem by Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza is an accumulation of more than 2000 photographs concerned with the theme of ‘survival’: all those states, people, events and atmospheres that are ignored by the standardized and conservative practice of the society of merchandise. The book is a pulsing container that houses the images without holding any control over them, but at the same time giving them the uncommon freedom to create new ones."

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David Drake - A Burning Cloud

A Burning Cloud
by David Drake
28pp, A4 booklet
Full Colour Digital printing
Saddle Stitched
£8 + shipping

"A Burning Cloud is a series of images created 10 years apart in the same place, but edited together out of sequence. The first set was shot in my mid teens in my hometown of Poughkeepsie, New York, and the second while visiting my sister in the same city after having lived away for a number of years. My hope was to explore the process of visiting places associated with strong childhood memories after things have changed, and how this experience can be both underwhelming and melancholic at the same time."

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22 September 2015

Nicoletta van Doorn - Tafelen

by Nicoletta van Doorn
28 pages, 140mm x 210mm (5.5in x 8,3in)
Laser colour print on Cyclus paper 125gr.
Edition of 30
5,00€ Spain / 7,50€ International (shipping included)

"Under the name of “Tafalen” we focused the three important features of Nicoletta’s work: the passion for food (daily activities), the social life around the table (emphasising the Iberian style) and these way she sows this images on a blur that might seem "badly made" by some people, but really become aesthetically beautiful for others."

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Bogdan Gulyay - My Sexy Chernihiv

My Sexy Chernihiv
Bogdan Gulyay
28pages, A5
Color Digital print
Hand Binding
Cover Couché Paper 300 gr
Inside Couché Paper 150 gr
Edition of 30, numbered
12,00 € (+ shipping)

“My Sexy Chernihiv” is the homage to the city I have been living in for a long time. I painted black and white photographs in different, often unnatural colours, having made them look unrealistic.

21 September 2015

Jonathan Jaramillo - F* YOU

by Jonathan Jaramillo
42pp / 7x7in
Digital print, 128gsm artpaper, saddle stitch
$30 SGD (Singapore Dollars), free shipping worldwide

"F* YOU is a satirical and sarcastic look at the objectification of women in today's hyper-fast, social-media-crazed world using, ironically, nude art. All amateur models, all shot on black and white medium format film."

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Richard Max Gavrich - Estraneo

by Richard Max Gavrich
52 pages, 210mm × 280mm, (8.25 x 11in)
Duotone printing
1st Edition of 50
$28 USD

"Richard Max Gavrich's first monograph, Estraneo, is an investigation of the small town of Lugo in the north of Italy. Situated in the Lowlands of Emilia-Romagna, Lugo and its environs are flat, dry, and sparsely populated.The book is the result of the first Bard Lugo Land Residency and published by Edizioni del bradipo, Lugo (RA)."

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11 September 2015

Johnny Savage - Fallout

by Johnny Savage
32 pp / 152 x 193 mm
Saddle-Stitch, Colour Offset
Limited Edition of 400
£10/€14 +Shipping

'Fallout is a series of photographs that considers the modern Irish landscape; a landscape where empty buildings stand like ruins, reminders of another time or place in history. Appearing like portals to a different world, they quietly haunt the periphery of towns and cities, anonymous, the same, in a limbo of dream and reality…'


10 September 2015

Ken Tosa - Animals

by Ken Tosa
208 pages, 14 x 19,5 cm (5,5 x 7,7")
Offset printing, Softcover, Smyth sewn binding
200 copies

"Cruising, stalking, peeping at prostitutes, bitches... Animals is a brutal and wild immersion into sexual cesspools. A hunt. An oppressive and disturbing piece of hard-boiled photographic fiction. Borderline and unclassifiable."

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Matt Plezier - Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey
by Matt Plezier
16 page A5 booklet, A3 size poster and two A6 size postcards
silkscreen and offset printing
Edition: 45
Price €50 for a six issue subscription (postage paid world-wide)

"R/NDOM is a zine project by Matt Plezier. Every issue has a different theme and contains different elements that at face value don't necessarily have a common link or narrative.  This issue touches on the idea of Milk & Honey, the promised land. It features photographs taken in Israel and graphic work on the subject of the current refugee crisis in the EU."

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Yosuke Yajima - Ourselves/1981

by Yosuke Yajima
52 pages, 212mm × 290mm, full color
Edition: 500
Price: 3,400 JPY

"This is a documentation of an era and feelings which Yajima himself has experienced. In Japan's highly developed society all lives, relationships and feelings have become suburbanized. He grew up in a suburban area around Tokyo in the 80s. They hold no particularly optimistic or pessimistic visions nor realistic feelings towards the future, which they can already easily imagine as the result of an endless sense of the world as pleasant but lukewarm."

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07 September 2015

Justin Clifford Rhody - Zona Urbana

Zona Urbana
by Justin Clifford Rhody
112 pages, 8.5"x10"
4 color digital press printing
Edition of 300 copies

"Zona Urbana is a full color monograph of Justin Rhody’s work that was created in Central America between 2009 and 2012. After years of scanning and editing his vast collection of negatives from this period, a selection of 45 images were chosen and sequenced into a non-linear narrative that explores the edge of nature and its drifting confluence with human activity."

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02 September 2015

Various artists - Half Year

Half Year
Including work by:
Tennessy Elledge, Trevor Powers, Andrew Janjigian, Laurence Philomene, Nathan Pearce, Dawa Yolmo, Megan Magill, Samantha Sealy, Bridget Collins, Aleksei Kazantsev, Anne-Christine Normand, Erika Huffman, Caitlin Duennebier, Jordanna Kalman, Collin Avery, Brian Henry, Dent de Lion, Michael Bach, Leanne Surfleet, Rebecca Cairns, Dana Stirling, Hope Yoders, Kyra Kennedy, Maury Gortemiller, Sid Black.

Edited by Jordanna Kalman
44 pgs, 8.5x5.5"

"Half Year includes work from photographers shown in the first half of 2015 at www.streithousespace.com"

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Peter Mann - Troy

by Peter Mann
40pp 21 x 24cm
offset printing, casebound.
Edition 250
Price £25

"19 diptych's featuring a woman, who by some measure was considered the most beautiful in the world at that moment, and an image of war from the same period. The sequence builds to become a study of the evolving aesthetics in two of the most extensively covered subjects in the history of photography. All images found on the internet and photographed off the screen."

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Minoru Suwa - Wonderland

by Minoru Suwa
96 pages, 210mm (8.2in) / 282mm (11.1in)
offset printing
Edition: 90
Price $35.00 shipped

"Wonderland" is made from portraits and landscapes in Tokyo. Tokyo is filled with loneliness and the sense of stagnation. I took the strangers living with some distress in Tokyo, whom I recruited on the Internet. I had an interview with them about their inferiority complex before shooting, because I wanted to take their confession in the nude."