18 June 2015

Colin Delfosse - Toute Arme Forgée Contre Moi Sera Sans Effet

Toute Arme Forgée Contre Moi Sera Sans Effet
by Colin Delfosse
Published by Editions 77
Graphic design by Atelier 25
80 pages, 21*28cm
Offset, focus art & arcoprint edizioni, embossed hard cover
Edition: 800
Price: 40€+shipping

"Eight million inhabitants, thousands of shegués (street children), hundreds of wrestlers and their brass bands. Edingwe, Dragon, City Train, Mbokotomo: the “legends” of Congolese wrestling invent themselves on a daily basis in the outskirts of Kinshasa. Body-building, and even black magic enthusiasts fight for glory in makeshift rings. They come from the streets and their charisma commands respect and admiration. But the heros of the ring are modest in victory : « Kobeta libanga papa mundele » [we manage, white man]."

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Florian Bong-Kil Grosse - Hanguk

by Florian Bong-Kil Grosse
80 pages +8 pages booklet
21 x 25,5 cm / 8.27 x 10.04 inch
offset printing
Edition of 750 +25 special edition
Price: 28 euro (220 euro special edition)

"Hanguk is a photographic essay about my travels to South-Korea, the country i was born it but in fact never visited again since my adult age. It is less the documentation of a country and its inhabitants. Rather, for me the work is a pictorial description of a place that belongs to my own wholly personal imagination. It is the attempt to bring the images of external reality into agreement with those of inner reality."

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Tanaka - Hortus Botanicus

Hortus Botanicus
by Tanaka ( Tanaka-Clan photography)
published by Shirokuro Edition
32 pages, 13 x 20 cm
Digital printing
Hardcover silver Brillon paper 200gr. / interior semi mate paper 160gr.
Edition of 60, signed and numbered
12 euro + Shipping

"I wonder if this has ever happened to you, but when the rain falls on the Garden only the ghosts stay.
You can leave. I’m staying." - M. Benedetti.

Adrian Mirgos - Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream
(Chronicles: Small Appointments of a Great Journey Volume III)
by Adrian Mirgos
published by The Unknown Books
36 pages, 150 x 230 mm
black & white digital print
edition of 40, numbered
8,00 € + shipping

"Woodstock Festival always had followers and opponents. I hope that by showing this series, at least some people will see that even though hundreds of thousands of people are having fun in one place you can still be sure about your safety."

David Fathi - Anecdotal

by David Fathi
published by Maria Inc.
108 pages, 16x22 cm
Offset printing
Edition : 600
Price 35€

"In our collective unconscious the nuclear age is synonymous with the explosion of two atom bombs. Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But since 1945 it has been documented that more than 2,000 nuclear bombs have been detonated on Earth. Since the end of the Second World War, countries with nuclear powers methodically bombed their own lands. Self mutilation in the name of self defense.

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12 June 2015

Tommy Sussex - Our Sincere Toils

Our Sincere Toils
by Tommy Sussex 
published by Bloom Publishing
Design by Bradley Pinkerton
44 pages, 240 x 180mm / 9.44 x 7.08 inches
Digital Indigo
Saddle stitched 
Edition of 200
16 USD + shipping

"Our Sincere Toils is the sixth title from Melbourne based publishing house, Bloom. The publication kicks off the first of the solo artist series, featuring images from UK artist Tommy Sussex, taken throughout his travels in Kyiv and rural Ukraine during the initial protests in February, 2014."


11 June 2015

Antonio La Grotta - Paradise Discotheque

Paradise Discotheque
by Antonio La Grotta
Additional contributors: NOPX
Size: 17x22,7cm /6,7x8,15inch
Pages: 96 / 67 photographs
Laser printing
Paper: Usomano / matt coated / 200 gsm + Heavy Softcover mirror board, high gloss, silver metallicized (reflecting / white)
limited edition of 150 copies
Price: 40 € + shipping

"Paradise Discotheque is a book about the crumbling and abandoned remains of Italy's Once-Grand Discotheques. The layout of Paradise Discotheque is an arrangement of segments folded and layered inside and around each other. There is no one proper way to read through it. By opening and unfolding different pages, the reader enjoys a new order and experience every time. It is like a musical score that changes continuously."

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Tiane Doan na Champassak - Sunless

by Tiane Doan na Champassak
64 Pages, 25.0cm x 33.0cm
Offset, with Silkscreen UV & machine matte varnish
Edition of 500 copies, with three different covers
Price 60€

"In Sunless, transgressive sexual encounters have been captured by the photographer on Ilfochrome film and interspersed with stark monochrome impressions of the urban architecture in which they are anchored. Consequently, Sunless pushes the limitations of offset printing to the limit by attempting to accurately reproduce Ilfochrome prints through the use of high pigmentation inks combined with silkscreen varnish, juxtaposed with large format matte-varnished duotone images. The images in Sunless, taken in Thailand between 2012 and 2013, form the second part of a larger body of work-in-progress, born out of a persistent urge to photographically confront questions regarding gender and sexuality."

10 June 2015

Christian Lagata - Up around the bend

Up around the bend
Photographs and text: Christian Lagata
Design: Tres Tipos Gráficos
84 pages, 16.5 x 22 cm / 6.5 x 8.66in
Edition: 1000
25€ + shipping

"A small spanish town, the American base inside it and the search for meaning of a photographer who lived there are the ingredients of "Up around the bend", the new book by Christian Lagata and Fuego Books. You can see the whole book at https://vimeo.com/129877907."

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08 June 2015

Luca Massaro - L'Aquila e La Rana

L'Aquila e La Rana
by Luca Massaro
Additional contributors: Samuele Ranocchia (graphic design), Sabrina Ragucci (postface text)
36 pages, 29 x 38 cm / 11,5'' x 15,5''
newsprint offset
Edition: 300
Price: 10 € + shipping

"L’Aquila e La Rana (The Eagle and The Toad) is an experiment of bestiary in the book-format of a newspaper, investigating in what terms the prevision of natural phenomena, synchronicity and imaginary is related to the vision of the natural world, real time and documentary."

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Ben Krewinkel & Frits Eisenloeffel - Looking for M.

Looking for M.
by Ben Krewinkel & Frits Eisenloeffel
145 mm x 190 mm
72 pages + 12 page booklet, in slipcase
Offset printing
Edition: 750
Price €19,50 + shipping

"Looking for M. catalogues the developments of Mozambique over the last forty years; the rich tapestry of which is revealed through the juxtaposition of my own work, from 2013, with the texts and pictures of Frits Eisenloeffel taken back in 1974/75."

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07 June 2015

Erik van der Weijde - Paradiesvögel

(Birds of Paradise II)
by Erik van der Weijde
48p / 20x28cm
€8 + shipping

"Containing heavily rasterized images of german war tanks, this publication was actually inspired by Taschen’s Big Penis Book."

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05 June 2015

Tim Carpenter, J Carrier, Nelson Chan, Carl Wooley - TIS01

ByTim Carpenter, J Carrier, Nelson Chan, Carl Wooley
4 books; all 6.5x7”, 16.51x17.78cm
  • “A house and a tree” by Tim Carpenter; 48pp, 23 duotone plates
  • (untited) by J Carrier; 56pp, 26 four-color plates
  • “Welcome Home” by Nelson Chan; 60pp, 36 duotone plates
  • “Mile” by Carl Wooley; 54pp, 27 four-color plates

digital offset printing
price: $40 US for the set

"The inaugural TIS offering comes from four photographers who have worked collaboratively and apart since 2010. Although each book stands as its own idiosyncratic statement, taken together they propose a way of looking at the real world with clarity and precision."

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04 June 2015

Sam Harris - The Middle of Somewhere

The Middle of Somewhere
by Sam Harris
Published by: ceiba
Design: Eva-Maria Kunz
Texts by: Alasdair Foster, Yael Harris
160 pages, plus two inserts
18,75 cm x 24,5 cm / 7.4″ x 9.6″
Offset printing
Edition: 600, numbered
Price: $59 + shipping

"With a warmth and candour rarely seen, Sam Harris focuses his lens on his daughters’ childhood, in a place where they are free to experience the wonder of their surroundings.This body of work spans a twelve-year period in the life of the photographer’s family, since they have boldly decided to leave the rat race in search for a simpler existence. A Travelogue insert is included in the book from the family’s life on the road in Australia and in villages in India where they lived for several years and birthed their second daughter."

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03 June 2015

Dries Segers - Seeing a rainbow (through a window that isn’t there)

Seeing a rainbow (through a window that isn’t there)
by Dries Segers
Design: Ties Goos
Words: Jeroen Laureyns, Philippe François, Dries Segers, Dennis Van Mol & Eva Vermeiren
210 x 275mm, 68 pages + 8 pages
offset full color
selfpublished, co-publisher: de Warande
Edition: 350 copies
25 euro + shipping

"Seeing a rainbow (through a window that isn’t there)’ is a way to contemplate the modern, industrialized landscape. Everything we see is constructed by humans, we take everything as truth, normal, a grey zone. By using the metaphor of a rainbow (light + water – which everyone adores) Dries Segers applies the color spectrum on what we are tired of seeing."

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Mariya Ustymenko - Fear of Disappearance

Fear of Disappearance
by Mariya Ustymenko
52 page, 14.5 x 21 cm
Edition 100
Price + £18.00

"The project presenting a very personal response to the fast changing landscape of London, Fear of Disappearance set out to explore the notion of identity in relation to space and architectural landscape. What kind of changes do we experience as the result of relocation? How do the memories of specific physical locations contribute to the development of place attachment? And crucially: How can the anxiety of change be visually expressed?"

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Steven B. Smith - Waiting out the Latter Days

Waiting out the Latter Days
by Steven B. Smith
8x10 inch / 20.32x25.4cm
116 pages, with 59 quadtone plates
Price: $50 US + shipping

“Waiting out the Latter Days,” the second monograph from Steven B. Smith, is a rumination - told in classic street photography style - on growing up as a Mormon in Utah, in the western United States, during the Cold War era."

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Evelina Kerpaite - Nails

by Evelina Kerpaite
Published by NoRoutineBooks
48 pages/15x17 cm
Offset printing
Edition: 99+1AP
Each book signed and numbered by author
Price: 30 euros + shipping

"These are forty photos depicting bent and no longer useful nails; with the folding of the photos, the nails are seemingly given back their functionality. By retaining the size of the object photographed and revealing the variety of forms, an archive of useless things is being created."

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Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira - Refugio

by Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira
published by Lindero Libros
57 pages, 19,5 x 29,7 cm
softcover, laser black and white print
Edition of 30
Price 7 € + shipping

"Walk through the forest of La Marquesa, Tarragona."

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01 June 2015

Mr A the Photographer - Brasilograff: 7 Days in Sao Paulo

Brasilograff: 7 Days in Sao Paulo
by Mr A the Photographer
published by EATDOGEAT
Hardback (cloth-cover) 
45 photographs (85 pages)
21.4 x 14.8 cm /8.4 x 5.8 inches
Offset-lithographic printing
1,000 numbered copies
£12 / €17 + postage

"Wild, anarchic creatures inhabit empty streets and buildings. Strange, beautiful landscapes emerge from crumbling walls. A city of dreams, existing unperturbed in the bright light of day. Join Mr A on a walk through the peripheries of Sao Paulo; through an abandoned landscape of poverty and decay, transformed by the power of imagination into a place of joy and wonder."