30 August 2010

Lewis Chaplin - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)

You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
Lewis Chaplin
Perfect-bound full colour Book with hand-written covers, inserts - signed and numbered.
62 Pages, A4
Edition of 50
Digital printing

"You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) is a book of new work from 2010 by 18-year old Londoner Lewis Chaplin. It is A selection of unseen photos, coupled with found words and objects - putting the sourced and decontextualised in direct dialogue with original works."

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Keny Drew - Fence Records Book

Title : Fence Records Book
Artist : Keny Drew
Hard cover book hand printed salt prints, cyanotype prints and digital prints on different paper types
30 pages,
7inch x 7inch
Only 5 copies exist, 2 have been sold, 3 left
price £65.00

"Portraits and prints of fence records artists and there surroundings shot in anstruther and crail in the east nuek of fife in Scotland."

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21 August 2010

Raoul Kramer - Lost Track

Title of publication: Lost Track
Name of artist: Raoul Kramer
Book, 144 pp, 17 x 24 cm
Offset print
Edition: 1,000 (1-65 numbered)
Price: € 25,- ex. shipping

2010 marks the 65th anniversary of Japan's surrender, and the end of the constructruction of the Burma-Thailand Railway by Allied prisoners of war and Asian forced laborers. Raoul Kramer chose this moment to step back in the war-time footsteps of his grandfather, a former Allied prisoner of war forced to work on the Railway. To explore what remains from the Railway today, Raoul documented the traces that he found in the landscape of Burma and Thailand.

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20 August 2010

Benny Asrul - Monochromia Botanica

Title: Monochromia Botanica
Artist: Benny Asrul
Hardcover Book, printed on GardaPat Kiara stock
100 pages, 22.9 x 22.9 cm (9 x 9 in.)
Edition size: 500
offset print, duotone
US$ 35.00 (Regular Edition)

"Ethereal botanical wonders captured on lens by Indonesian photographer Benny Asrul. Photographed in 2009 in Singapore Botanic Garden, the peerless images render the awe of nature’s phenomenon."

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19 August 2010

Craig Atkinson - Unknown

Craig Atkinson
Book, published by Café Royal Books
28 Pages, 14cm x 20cm / 5"x8"
Edition of 50. Hand numbered.
b/w digital [Xerox Recycled 80gsm]

"I bought a Halina 35mm camera from a charity shop with a film inside. I had the film developed and this book presents a selection of these images. The date back to the early/mid-nineties I think and show various shots and locations of a family, some of whom may no longer be alive and who may also have taken these photographs."

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17 August 2010

Mark Peckmezian - Photographs & Pictures

Photographs & Pictures"
Mark Peckmezian
First Edition, 500 copies
32 Pages
14,8 x 21 cm (5" x 8")
Full Color Offset
Saddle Stich Bound
€ 8,00

"Photo-Zine #001 of PogoBooks shows the work of Photographer Mark Peckmezian"

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Jonathan Saunders - Fur

Title: FUR
Artist: Jonathan Saunders
28 pages, 8.5 x 11, Made Just For You, One By One
Digital Offset, Soft Cover, Perfect Bound
$15.00 USA Shipping Included

"13 Photographs Made In The Dark"

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16 August 2010

Adam Murray - 'Thank you for travelling with Northern Rail'

'Thank you for travelling with Northern Rail'
Adam Murray
24 Pages
Edition of 50
14cm x 20cm or 5.5in x 7 3/4in
£2 + postage

"Taken on a day trip on Sunday 11th July 2010 from Preston on the Settle - Carlisle railway"

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T. Reilly Hodgson - Count Me Out

Count Me Out
by T. Reilly Hodgson
mini zine
28 Pages, 4.25" x 5.5"
Numbered and signed edition of 45
Black and white laser printed with hand cut cardstock covers

"Count Me Out is a small collection of film photographs by T. Reilly Hodgson taken between 2000-2010. Like many of the first zines he encountered, this one is full of punk and graffiti content. It contains old favorites along side new and previously unpublished work."

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15 August 2010

Melanie Matthieu - Echoing Patterns

Echoing Patterns
by Melanie Matthieu
17,8 x 23 cm
80 pages, 29 B/W images
edition: 200
Offset printed by Cultura, Belgium on Perigord Mat 150g
Hardcover book, linen wrapped, binded, intaglio of the title on front+spine
price: €30 (incl. inktjet print 15x20cm + A3 poster lasercopy)

'Echoing Patterns is a poetical response to the scientific inquiry into antimatter and focuses on the capacity of photography to visualize the invisible. The book weaves a web of text and images, a venation unfolding different meanings and structures. The patterns in the book are reminiscent of the patterns in bubble chamber pictures -i.e. a vessel filled with a superheated transparent liquid used to observe the paths of charged subatomic particles.'

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12 August 2010

Mirjana Vrbaski - Seven Verses of Emptiness

Seven Verses of Emptiness
By Mirjana Vrbaski
Softcover book, 32 pages
Photography: Mirjana Vrbaski
Design: Mane Radmanovic
Offset printed by Veenman Drukkers, NL
Edition: 500
Price: €27

"Seven Verses of Emptiness is an art book cataloging seven portraits by photographer Mirjana Vrbaski. Like Mirjana's work, the book explores the endless potential for meaning behind silence and emptiness."

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08 August 2010

John MacLean - City: Book Two

Title: City: Book Two
Artist: John MacLean
Designed by Wayne Daly
4-colour book, perfect bound, limited edition,
16.3x24cm, 88 pages
Edition size: 800
Price: £20.00

"2nd in the series: an endeavour to construct ‘my own city’ through photographs."

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Travis Shaffer - Eleven Mega Churches

Eleven Mega Churches
by Travis Shaffer
color offset-printed, glue bound
5.5" x 5.5" ( 14 x 14 cm)
32 pp.
edition size: 1000 (unsigned and unnumbered)
20$ US

"Eleven Mega Churches, a play on Edward Ruscha's Thirtyfour Parking Lots (1967) features google maps screen-captures of a selection of 11 of the 100 largest churches in the US. This book contains images depicting sprawling parking lots, coupled with cul-de-sac laden homogenous housing developments and swimming pools, all icons of a distinctly American and more distinctly middle class ex-urban/suburban landscape."

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07 August 2010

Self Publish, Be Happy Summer 2010

Title: Self Publish, Be Happy Summer 2010
Artists: Peter Haynes, Nik Adam and Åsa Johannesson
Additional contributors: Bruno Ceschel
Book, 96 pp., 18 x 24 cm
Edition: 200
Type of printing: digital
Price: £15.00

"60 Photobooks Selected by Bruno Ceschel and Photographed by Peter Haynes, Nik Adam and Åsa Johannesson. With detailed technical information about each title (size, format, printer used, etc). This book is published to coincide with Self Publish, Be Happy’s showcase of 60 contemporary DIY photobooks, selected by Bruno Ceschel and exhibited at the Photographers’ Gallery in London, June 5-6, 2010."

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06 August 2010

Christopher Anhalt - Scars & Beauty

Title: Scars & Beauty
Artist: Christopher Anhalt
Additional contributors: Design by Stefan Kaetz
Type of publication/description: Booklet
Number of pages, size: 32 pages, 174x232mm (ca. 6,8x9,1 inches)
Edition size: 250 copies
Type of printing: Offset, 21 b&w- and color photographs, printed on MultiDesign Original Natural 150.
Price: 12 Euro excl. shipping

"Scars & Beauty" collects 21 photographs which cover various, sometimes antithetic subject matters. The booklet puts them into a reduced yet lively layout, it asks questions about beauty and its power, and it invites the beholder to free association.