27 June 2013

Valerie Palmer - Berlin, Second Hand

Berlin, Second Hand
Valerie Palmer
5.5 x 8.5 inches/ 14 x 21 cm
46 pages
Edition of 100 (signed & numbered)
Full color, offset printing, perfect bound
$20 + shipping

"The book contains 37 portraits of flea market sellers at Berlin's Mauerpark. It also contains a short essay on the changes Berlin is currently facing, how Mauerpark is a microcosm of this transformation and the valuable role flea markets play in the face of gentrification."

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26 June 2013

Various artists - When Derrida met Nietzsche

When Derrida met Nietzsche

Artist: Matija Brumen, Iris Anam Cara, Justin Fiset, Peter Gorenšek, Anja Hrnčič, Milan Katić, Nemanja Knežević, Katja Kremenič, Dino Kužnik, Marija Matić, Žiga Palčar, Bojan Radin, Ana Ambrož Strle, Christophe Le Toquin, Yaniv Waissa

Published by Ena Rola FIlma
28 pages, (31 x 22 cm, 12.2 x 8.6 in), 38 color and b&w images
Edition of 100, hand numbered
 Xerox print

"...The challenge appears in the moment when one tries not to enforce symbolic readings when looking at presented images in this issue. This imagery becomes “marginal”: exempted from portfolios, test shots, snapshots with no precise intentions or just useless images without tangible context. This publication brings you to the heart of contemporary artist’s struggle for finding a unique artistic expression... creating an archive of the moment."

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25 June 2013

Philip J Brittan - Natural History

Natural History
Philip J Brittan
56 pages
21cm x 28cm / 8.3" x 11"
Edition of 200, signed
Type of printing: offset
 Price: £10 plus p/p

"The photographs in Natural History were taken in a number of natural history museums in the United Kingdom. The images utilise the glass cases, and the extensive reflections, to create a multi-layered mingling of humans and all kinds of animals that would be impossible in the real world. The strange juxtapositions and fantastic environmental settings produce images that are, in turn, surreal, humorous and melancholic."

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Pedro Henriques - Sidewinder

Pedro Henriques
32 black and white pages
Edition of 80 signed and numbered copies
Digital print
Price: 10 euros

"A digital disruptive manipulation of images"

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24 June 2013

Philippe Bordas - Bare-fisted Africa

Bare-fisted Africa
Philippe Bordas

Technical information:
Editor: Bojan Radovic
Pages: 50 pages
Size: 21 x 15 cm
Perfect bound
Printing: Black & white digital printing on Cyclus offset paper
Edition: Hand numbered edition of 40 copies + 10 H.C. (hors de commerce)

"This is not a story about sport. But more profoundly, the contest becomes a metaphor. The concerto of kenyan ascetic fighters and the opera of senegalese wrestlers are revealing the two opposite sides of a continent. This work is revealing an unseen definition of Africa, its secret duality."

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Ichiba Daisuke - Onna

Ichiba Daisuke
Mini photo book, softcover,
54 pages, 50 color photos, 105 x 76mm
edition: 150 copies, numbered and signed
digital print
Price : 13 euros & S&H

"This is the second mini photobook for Média Immédiat from the Japanese photographer and painter Daisuke Ichiba. Onna means 'woman' in Japanese. His photography is more influenced by his paintings and inner world than by other photographers, which gives his photo series fresh and interesting directions."

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23 June 2013

Andrew G. Smith - Steel Soul

Steel Soul - Photography from Sheffield Forgemasters International
Andrew G. Smith
Published by: BYMYI
Perfect bound, 108pp, 80 b&w images 290 x 210mm
digital print, 170gsm silk paper
Edition of 200 signed, numbered, stamped copies. Archival print included (235 x 160mm)
Price £19.95 + postage and packing

"Monochrome industrial photography from inside one of the few remaining European steel manufacturing engineers. Contains images from the melt shop, foundry, forge, and machine shop, introduction and descriptive table of figures."

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20 June 2013

Martin Adolfsson - Suburbia Gone Wild

Title: Suburbia Gone Wild - How suburbia is conquering the world
Artist: Martin Adolfsson
Foreword by Joseph Grima and book design by Larry Mayorga
128 pages
24x34.5 cm
Edition size : 750
Type of printing: Offset
Price: $70 (from July 11)

"During six years I have documented one of the greatest economic and cultural shifts in modern history by photographing model homes in eight emerging economies spanning five continents while pretending to be a potential home buyer. The foreword has been written by Joseph Grima, Architecture critic and Editor-in-Chief at Italian Domus Magazine."

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Kat Slootsky & Richard Perez - Kat Perez Richard Slootsky

Kat Perez Richard Slootsky
Kat Slootsky & Richard Perez
12 pages
Edition of 50, signed
digital offset printing

"The first collaboration zine by Brooklyn based artists Kat Slootsky and Richard Perez interweaving their collective narrative "

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19 June 2013

Andrew Hammerand - The New Town

The New Town
Andrew Hammerand
Spiral bound book with gatefolds
70 pages
8.5"x11" (21.59cm x 27.94cm)
First edition of 25, signed and numbered
Laser prints, full color

"The New Town is comprised of photographs made by accessing an unsecured network camera online. Having full control of this camera (pan, tilt, zoom, exposure, focus) allows me to continually make photographs as if the camera were my own. Subverting the intended purpose of this camera, I have been watching and following the daily lives of the inhabitants within this Midwestern American town, which is reminiscent of a post-war utopian suburbia."

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17 June 2013

James & Edward Newton - Trampolines & Bouncy Castles

Trampolines & Bouncy Castles
James & Edward Newton
2 handmade photo books & 2 posters in slipcase
18.5cm x 15cm/7" x 6"
Edition: 50
Type of Printing: inkjet
Price: £20 +p/p

"Taking direct influence from Bernd and Hilla Becher’s typographic work Trampolines and Bouncy Castles is homage to their unswerving and focused representation of industrial architecture and their now iconic ‘white books’. Here, in an equally calculated pursuit, we replace the industrial facades and gas tanks with images of bouncy castles and trampolines found on websites such as EBay and Gumtree. By selecting images taken from a certain viewpoint and under grey flat skies we have sought to match the Becher uniformity."

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Yanina Shevchenko - Crossing Over

Crossing Over
Yanina Shevchenko
24 Pages
Edition of 300
Colour Offset
Printing £12

"In March 2012 Yanina Shevchenko travelled from one end of Russia to the other and back again on the trans-siberian railway in a bid to discover for herself the true nature of her homeland. Yanina was motivated to unearth what 'Russianess' meant and whether it existed as a single entity from one end of the motherland to the other. What she encountered and discovered about Russia, and thus about herself, is documented in her book of writings and photography 'Crossing Over'."

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16 June 2013

Various photographers - Timeshow 4

Timeshow 4
Yamasaki Ko-Ji, Clément Paradis, George Nebieridze, Hubert Gaudriot, Jeremiah Langsjoen, Joris Docx
Zine with A2 signed fluo print
152 page, 11 × 8½ inches
Edition: 100
Digitally printed
Price: 35€ + shipping

"This zine gathers the work of 6 photographers from all around the world: Japan, France, Georgia, USA, Belgium... Taking you from the streets of Osaka to the night of Tbilisi, the photographers will tell you about their time in their own light. Take here a break from the showtime, it's the Timeshow!"

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Klaus Pichler - Skeletons in the Closet

Skeletons in the Closet
Photos by Klaus Pichler
Texts by Julia Edthofer, Herbert Justnik and Klaus Pichler
Photo Book
112 pages, 21x21cm, 8.27x8.27inches
750 copies
Offset printing of uncoated paper, hardbound, open book spine
€ 30/ $ 40 plus P&P

"Skeletons in the Closet features a selection of photographs from the backstage areas of the Natural History Museum Vienna, including storage rooms, basements and depots. The non-staged photographs of the book focus on the random interactions between the stored exhibits amongst each other or the surrounding spaces. Skeletons in the Closet is a collection of sometimes absurd sceneries and strange still lives, accompanied by written reflections on the bloody past of natural history museums."

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Nobody in particular - The Stars

The Stars
Nobody in particular
single signature booklet
44 BW pages printed on Fedrigoni Freelife Cento 140 gsm,
200 x 140 mm
hand-bound with linen thread
edition of 100
Price: 12£ + P&P

"With his pop dictionary, the anonymous author of  “The stars” plays the game of image re-appropriation, unveiling and bending the media mechanism of power against itself, through a merciful accumulation and juxtaposition of its own symbols."

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Simona Rota - Ostalgia

Simona Rota
Design: desescribir / Editors: Cibrán Rico López, Simona Rota & Suso Vázquez Gómez
Book,  108 pages (191 x 260 mm)
Edition of 200 copies (hand signed)
Newsprint. Cover: Recycled Leather + Stamping
25 € + shipping

"Pain of East - if we insist on making a literal translation of the word and concept Ostalgia - was born in 1989, after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In former comunist countries, the buildings were designed and built as an expression of triumph while excessive public space and its correspondent small private spaces show a will of control over individuals’ public and even private life."

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13 June 2013

Phil Jackson - When The Cactus Is In Bloom

When The Cactus Is In Bloom
Phil Jackson
20 pages
7 x 8.5 inches (17.75 x 21.5cm)
Edition of 100 (hand-numbered in white out)
 Laser copy (full color)
$6 postage paid

"35mm photographs accompanied by handwritten musings on life, liberty, and what it means to follow the tangled sunsets west. Charleston, Newark, the Salton Sea, Utah, Oakland, Indiana, Rhode Island, and Northern California. Gas stations and backyard ramps - pitching tents and hopping fences - dusk, dawn, and second-degree sunburn."

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Pascal Amoyel & Thomas Bouquin - Quatre, Cinq, Montréal-Paris

Title: Quatre, Cinq, Montréal-Paris
Photographers: Pascal Amoyel & Thomas Bouquin
24 pages
14*21,5 cm - 5,5*8,5
Edition of 100
Digital print

"Montréal-Paris is the result of a photographic collaboration between Thomas Bouquin and Pascal Amoyel, both of them looking for a way of showing the city they live in. Issued in a numbered edition of 100 copies, Quatre and Cinq are the fourth and fith out of 6 periodical chapters which will form a final book."

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Eduardo Arias - Hoy, ayer, mañana

Hoy, ayer, mañana
Eduardo Arias
44 pages
130x200 mm (5.1x 7.9 in)
Laser Print
6€ (Spain) - 8€ (Europe)

"Awareness of past, faith in future: Between January 9 and February 28 of 2013, the photographs that appear in Hoy, ayer, mañana (Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow) where taken to show the socks that 10 different people were wearing that day, the day before and, according to them, the ones they will wear the next day."

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11 June 2013

Pablo Casino - Voramar

Title: Voramar
Artist: Pablo Casino
Size: 9,5 x 13 cm (3.74" x 5.12")
Limited edition of 5
Price: 150 €

 "Voramar begins in El Mojón, right on the road marking the border between Murcia and Alicante, and it ends in the Sénia, the river dividing Castellón and Catalonia. These are pictures taken along the 438 kilometres of coastline between both places..."

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08 June 2013

Various Authors - A Fine Beginning

A Fine Beginning
James O Jenkins, Abbie Trayler-Smith, Gawain Barnard, Jack Latham
Foreword by Louise Hobson
28 pages
148 x 210mm (5.8 x 8.3 inches)
Edition of 75
Colour digital

"A Fine Beginning is an open Welsh photography collective set up in 2013 by James O Jenkins."

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Nuno Moreira - State of Mind

State of Mind
Nuno Moreira
26 pages
210x145mm (5.7x8.2 inches)
Numbered Edition of 100 copies signed by the author
15 Euros + 5 Euros shipping worldwide

"This booklet was prepared as a small presentation to galleries while a proper full-monograph is being assembled for professional publishing. State of Mind is a project which emerged from trips around the world and a fine narrative coming out of the places and people I encountered along the way. It is about the "thinking moments" and the individual quality of unknown strangers."

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07 June 2013

Sandy Kim - Into the Light

Sandy Kim 
Into the Light
48 Pages
21 x 28 cm
Full Color Offset
18,- Euro

"'Sandy Kim really knows how to use natural light, like early morning light, or sunset light in an apartment. She pays attention to it and thats always the sign of a good photographer, knowing when and how to use that light. Shes small, a fly on the wall, with balls to pick up her arm and take the photo without asking permission. Sandy brings her camera everywhere and she´s always ready and waiting for the moment. She documents her life in San Francisco and you get a sense of the scene there - but not in a blogger way, Sandy is actually talented - an artist. I like how she still shoots film. its old school. She reminds me of when I was young - out partying every night, snapping away so that the pictures can provide evidence of the night.' (Ryan McGinley)"

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Adam Gong - Shape Up

Shape Up
Adam Gong
16 Pages
5.5" x 8.5"
Edition size: 25
 Laser Print
$5 US, $7.50 intl.

"In this zine is a collection of photos taken over the last year. It contains gammy legs, mirror abuse, weed and butchers. Check it out."

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HiLL zine #3

HiLL zine#3
Cannelle G., Amalia Mora, Davy Van Laere, Maycec Stink, Aleksandra Waliszewska, Leo Kekemenis
48 pages
Color inkjet printing
Numbered edition of 30 with additionals: 1 b&w digital print signed,1 gum brichromate print signed and 1 print of a drawing on rhodoïd.
6€ (+shipping)

"The hill is the imperfect line. But it is the perfect way to find artists. Hillzine is a poetical world which embody several creativities."

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03 June 2013

Nick Haymes - North East South West

North East South West
Nick Haymes
32 Pages
7" x 9" (18 x 23 cm)
Edition of 300 (First 100 Signed By Artist)

"Well its less of a book, more zine like I suppose, Pau Wau Publications and I wanted to work together although I did not really have any finished project ready. It`s more a small selection of 4 projects that I am currently working on, hence the title: 4 points on the compass and the 4 projects that have ultimately led me now to the West coast (San Francisco) where I currently live and work."

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S.A.Robinson - Thatcher's Funeral

Thatcher's Funeral
68 pages
135 x 190mm (5.5 x 7.5 inches)
Numbered edition of 100
b/w digital

“On April 8th 2013, former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Margaret Thatcher died at the age of 87. I travelled to London to photograph the spectacle of her ceremonial funeral which took place on April 17th."

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