27 May 2012

Tomé Duarte - Nome de Doença Rara

Nome de Doença Rara
Tomé Duarte
52 pages
21 x 15cm
Edition of 100, signed and numbered
Xerography on 80g recycled paper
5€ Europe / 7€ World 

"Fernando Lanhas was ................................ died on the 4 2 '12. Luisa Duarte ............................................ isn't dead yet."

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26 May 2012

Grant Willing

Grant Willing
Designed by Jesse Hlebo
Publication with Risograph printed envelope, screen-printed cover, two c-prints
44 pages — 9x12" / 8x10"
Edition of 150
Risograph, Screen print, C-Prints
$30 + shipping

"Julian Assange

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25 May 2012

Carlos Cancela Pinto and Fábio Silva - Shoreline

Title: Shoreline
Artists: Carlos Cancela Pinto and Fábio Silva
18 pages
A4 (210 × 297 mm)
Edition size: 50
Digital printing
Price: 4€

"'Shoreline' is a self-made publication, and it is the result of collaboration work between two photographers, Fábio Silva and Carlos C. Pinto. The photos in the publication are intended to capture the fringe of land located near the sea in a very personal way."

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Luis Díaz Díaz - A casa do Oscar

Title : A casa do Oscar
Photographer: Luis Díaz Díaz
Texts (in english and galician/portuguese) by Chico Buarque and Benoît Sindt
Little book / sewn, with translucid dust jacket and two different papers: Olin Regular 120 g/m² (pictures) and Pop’set 90 g/m² (texts)
36 pages / 142 x 210 mm (5.6 x 8.3 inches)
Offset (color and BW pictures)
Edition : 200 numbered and signed by the author (including a Special Edition of 5, along with 30 x 40 cm color print)
Price : 12€ + shipping

"A casa do Oscar (Oscar’s House) is the first of a series of dossiers in which Fabulatorio wants to explore, through photography, the relationships between space and life, and culture and civilization. It is, moreover, a visual homage to the architect Oscar Niemeyer, a perennial and distinguished account of the Utopian project that transformed modernity, and one to which he professionally committed himself from one of the peripheries of the Central European and North American intellectual hub."

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24 May 2012

Myles Haselhorst (Editor) - Women I Never Knew No. 1

Women I Never Knew No. 1
Myles Haselhorst (Editor)
5 x 7 in.
67 pages, 32 photographs
Edition of 100
$25 for standard copy/$75 for signed copy with vintage photograph

"Women I Never Knew No. 1 is the first in an ongoing series of publications that explore sexuality & nudity in found photography. The title itself is both a play on words & the statement of a simple fact: I never knew these women until I found photographs of them. Inherent in the act of collecting found photography is an element of voyeurism, of stumbling upon the record of a moment that we are not supposed see. When the photograph in question is sexual or erotic, the sense of invading a moment that was essentially private is heightened. This dichotomy of a private act made public through a mix of amateur photography & passing time is fascinating. It compels us to assume that by the very act of taking these photographs the people in them (& the photographer) wanted them to eventually be seen, evening if the moment of unveiling took decades."

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Céline Marique & Daniel Piaggio Strandlund - interfering with peaceful delusion

interfering with peaceful delusion

Céline Marique & Daniel Piaggio Strandlund
200 x 265 mm (7.9 × 10.4 in), 20p., edited by in de keuken, 2012.

Graphic design : Andreas Stathopoulos

Numbered edition of 100

Risograph print @ PTTL

€ 8 + shipping

"interfering with peaceful delusion is the first common project of the artists Céline Marique and Daniel Piaggio Strandlund. Their sensual vision of the interference between organic and non-organic matter in the urban context show the poetry of dissonance. The graphic and print process pursue this idea pointing out the visual noise of the images in particular by integrating a part of accident, of non-control."

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21 May 2012

Vernacular monument: Golf MK2

Title: Vernagular monument: Golf MK2
Artists: Jošt Bukovec, Aljaž Celarc, Dejan Kralj, Manca Medved, Eva Pavlič Seifert, Boštjan Uršič - Hanibal
30 pages
250 x 176 mm, 9.8 x 6.9 in
edition of 20
inkjet print
4 euros + shipping

"Young Slovenian photographers (b. 1989) were exploring the visuality of a single consumer type, that changed the attitude towards consumerism and other consumer goods. The visual exploration is dealing with our own regional identification and our position in diversified post-modern society. How did the Golf MK2 become Das Auto?"

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Erik van der Weijde - This is not my wife

Title: This is not my wife
Artist: Erik van der Weijde
104 pages
18,5 x 25 cm / 7.3 x 9.8"
Edition size: 700
type of printing: B/W offset printed, with 3 color dustjacket
Price: € 22

"Rollo nr. 24; File Under: Photography, van der Weijde, Wife, not"

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18 May 2012

Curtis Wallen - Silhouettes

Curtis Wallen
76 pages
Numbered edition of 50
$14 (+ shipping)

"Using the psychology of the crime scene photograph as the primary model, Silhouettes explores the function of the photograph as document, and its implications of biography."

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17 May 2012

Bryan Krueger - Mejor Vista General: West of Del Prado

Mejor Vista General: West of Del Prado
Bryan Krueger
Edition of 100
Three Color Risograph

"Mejor Vista General: West of Del Prado explores the photographic power to embower the viewer in a displacing illusion - both in the realm of photography and bookmaking in general. The arch of the project is based on a stereoscopic view made by the artist which pictures a particular cove in Southern California."

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16 May 2012

Nicolas Cabos - Incident en Bordure du Parc

Incident en Bordure du Parc
Nicolas Cabos
36 pages
13,8 x 18,5 cm — unbound / in a blister
b/w laser
gray paper
50 numbered copies
5 euros (+ shipping)

"A young man waiting at the roadside at night. What he expects ? What is he looking for ?

Re-release of the photo / video / sound project of Nicolas Cabos, self-published as leporello in 2007. Originally a book of 12 meter long, containing the series of pictures of the short film Heureusement le ciel bleu... accompanied by a CD of the soundtrack."

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15 May 2012

Luke A.R. Hamblin - o1. polaroids

o1. polaroids
Luke A.R. Hamblin
24 pages, 21 colour plates
10cm x 13cm (4x5 inches)
Edition of 50 + 5 AP
£5 + postage

"01. polaroids collects a selection of polaroids from artist Luke A.R. Hamblin."

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Gordon Sean Magnin - 10:10

Title: 10:10
Artist: Gordon Sean Magnin
16 pages 8.5"x5.5"
Edition size: 100
Price: Free or shipping donation by interested party

"Intricate, precise, geometric destruction"

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Jonas Kambli - Ilha de Moçambique

Title: Ilha de Moçambique
Photographer: Jonas Kambli
42 pages
200x250 mm
Edition of 500 (including 30 special editions)
Hardcover edition
Offset print, black and white
Price: $ 28

"The present book features photographs I took during my stay on the Island of Mozambique (Ilha de Moçambique) in 2009. They offer a glimpse into the lives of the people living in the ruins of the former capital of Mozambique. By using only the simplest photographic techniques, I explored people’s daily routines away from tourist destinations and captured these moments in black and white. The pictures resulting from this study create an impression of authenticity and closeness that reflects the spirit of the island and its inhabitants."

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Kim Thue - Dead Traffic

Dead Traffic
Kim Thue
96 pages + 12 interview pages
18 x 24 cm
Hardcover, clothbound
1000 numbered copies
24.90 Euro

"This book is a raw and bewildering journey through the fringes of Freetown, capital city of Sierra Leone. Shot over the course of two separate trips, Kim Thue spent 10 months living in close proximity to a notoriously rough area of the slums, digging deep into the livelihoods and emotions of his subjects. Through a visual stream of unsung tragedies, vulnerable integrity and chance encounters, his efforts leave us with an engaging account of a corner of the world normally unrevealed to most of us."

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Native Publications: Volume III

Title: Native Publications: Volume III
Artists: Vivien Ayroles, Argider Aparicio, Khrystyna Chekhlata, Drew Echberg, Rhi Ellis, Patrick Joust, Titus Simoens and Luke Swenson
When folded, 298 mm x 190 mm. Unfolded, 578 mm x 380 mm
Edition Size: 50 copies
Price: $8.00 + Shipping

"Volume III is a 12 page full color newspaper. Each newspaper comes folded, numbered and sent in a hand stamped mailer."

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13 May 2012

Alex Bocchetto & Valentina Abenavoli - Fallen empire

Fallen empire
Alex Bocchetto, Valentina Abenavoli
Photo Book
98 pages, B&W, 84 pictures
A5 (148 mm x 210 mm - 5.83 in × 8.27 in)
Printing: Digital
Price: 10 GBP + shipping

"1 city, 1 year, 2 cameras, 98 pictures, 2 colours, 8 millions of people, 500.000 CCTV, 1 dinosaur, 2 dark divinities, 1 old negative found in Tel-Aviv, 1 book.  A story of flesh and concrete, high hopes and broken dreams, a psychogeographical account of getting lost in the maze of London, AD 2012. An on the road pub crawl novel of an invisible city."

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David Galjaard - Concresco

Title: Concresco
Photographer: David Galjaard
Text: Slavenka Drakulic & Jaap Scholten
Design: Katie McGonigal
Book, 168 pp
213 x 340 mm
Offset printing
Edition: 750 (including 78 special editions)
Price: € 45 plus shipping

"Out of fear for a foreign attack, the Albanian Stalinist leader Enver Hoxha built approximately 750.000 visible bunkers during his reign (1945-1985). Today, their massive presence seems to impress mainly foreigners. The Albanians prefer to look to the future, instead of the past. Even though a possible accession to the EU might take another ten years, the population of Albania feel they are ready for it. Within this documentary, the bunkers serve as a guide to illustrate the development of a European country that was the last to step away from communism and started the difficult journey to become part of the capitalistic West."

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09 May 2012

Jefferson Hayman - I'll Find Another One Prettier Than You

I'll Find Another One Prettier Than You
Jefferson Hayman
5 3/4 x 7 3/4 in.
98 pages (45 photographs)
Edition of 200
Digital on Mohawk Superfine

"This intimate collection of Jefferson Hayman's photographs coincides with an exhibition at Ampersand Gallery & Fine Books in Portland, Oregon. 'When viewing his photographs,' Robert E. Jackson writes in the book's foreword, 'we are captivated by a sense of stillness & timelessness. Each image, whether depicting something man-made or containing a face, exists as a still life. Flesh is mutely rendered as if the skin of some exotic fruit. Objects take on the somber persona of a timeworn visage.'"

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07 May 2012

Pascal Amoyel & Thomas Bouquin - Trois, Montréal-Paris

Title: Trois, Montréal-Paris
Photographers: Pascal Amoyel & Thomas Bouquin
24 pages
14*21,5 cm - 5,5*8,5
Edition of 100
Digital print

"Montréal-Paris is the result of a photographic collaboration between Thomas Bouquin and Pascal Amoyel, both of them looking for a way of showing the city they live in. Issued in a numbered edition of 100 copies, TROIS is the third out of 6 periodical chapters which will form a final book."

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05 May 2012

Stephen Wooldridge - Who Dares Wins

Who Dares Wins
By Stephen Wooldridge

Digital Colour print
289mm x 380mm
Edition of 300
Price: £4.00

"Who dares wins is a fictional portrayal of four young men preparing for a career with the British Army. The series is a comment on both the Armed Forces and society, politically and socially. Using these autonomous characters, the viewer is prompted to consider these young men as individuals and as a representation of the British Army today. The series is at times absurd, dull and melancholic. Such are the lives of these individuals."

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03 May 2012

Peter Puklus - Handbook to the Stars

Title: Handbook to the Stars
Author: Peter Puklus
64 pages, hardcover, 16 x 21 cm
offset print, 13 color and 37 black and white images
Edition: 300 copies
Price: 28 EUR

"This series is the photo-documentation of a sculpting experiment, resembling the form and light exercises of the 20-s avant-garde. Handbook to the Stars attempts to visualize the infinitely flexible and tricky associative capacity of our brain. Peter Puklus chooses not to leave his studio during the making of this series, but to commit himself with body and soul to his vision and observations, in the company of trash and bric-a-brac, in complete isolation of the outside world. Following inner voices, he reveals and gives proof to deep, unknown and invisible relations and conspiracies. (written by Gergely László)"

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Charles John Hewitt - 29 States

Title: 29 States
Artist: Charles John Hewitt
44 pages
 type of printing: black and white xerox photocopy
100 copies split between pink and pale blue covers
Price: £2.50 (plus postage)

"29 States is a photography zine documenting three months spent travelling around the usa on amtrak trains and greyhound buses with a handful of different cameras."

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