21 March 2017

Jan Stradtmann - Still Hunt

Still Hunt
by Jan Stradtmann
designed by Kaspar Hauser
24,00 x 31,00 cm
32 pages, 6 colour and 28 monochrome photographs
Offset printing
1000 copies
price: 6,00 EUR (incl. shipping within the EU)

"The series “Still Hunt” was shot in the area surrounding Gallipoli in Southern Italy and showcases a group of teenagers meeting at the beach at night. The pictures are taken by a camera trap equipped with a motion sensor and infrared flash. This technology, usually used to observe animals and animal behavior for hunting and scientific purposes, is here directed at the teenagers, putting them in the spotlight of a blurry picture and turning them into objects of quasi-scientific observation."

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09 March 2017

Mark Clayton - Typographic Decay

Typographic Decay
by Mark Clayton
72 Pages, 210 x 210 mm / 8.25" x 8.25"
Offset litho
Limited edition of 250 copies, each hand numbered, 
first 20 copies include c-type print.
£20.00 / €23.00

"This latest book from 494 Design contains a selection of images from an ongoing project documenting typography in the environment. The work concentrates on expressing the beauty of decaying typography, its ephemeral nature, its colours and textures, its abstract presence."

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08 March 2017

Fp719048 - BRB

by Fp719048
44 pp, 20 x 15 cm
Print on demand
33 euro + shipment

"The book consists of 45 screenshots of adult chatrooms. The publishing of the book under a username is part of the project.”

07 March 2017

Riccardo Vitali - So close that I can't see

So close that I can't see
by Riccardo Vitali
74 pages. 14,8x21cm/5,8x8,3 inches
digital printing
first edition of 10
25,00€ + shipping (in EU) 5,00€

"Starting from the observation of the world around us, the day-to-day we often take for granted, we can bring new meanings to light of both the world that surrounds us and our role within it. It is a necessary journey, which through observation without prejudice leads us to a new awareness of our connection to nature."

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02 March 2017

Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson - Collected Good and Bad Ideas

Collected Good and Bad Ideas
By Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson
304 pages, 304 illustrations, 13,5 x 19,8 x 1,8 cm/5,55 x 7,81 x 0,81 inches
Digital print
Edition of 101

"Collected Good and Bad Ideas contains images of handwritten sketches, notes and drawings from the last couple of years. They’re all made on paper recycled from the artist’s own more or less personal everyday and are shown with both the front and the back, revealing work in progress together with receipts, prescriptions, unfulfilled works and other ephemera."

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Brenda Moreno - B to B

B to B
Brenda Moreno
publisher: Witty Kiwi
design by Paolo Berra
17 x 21, 5 cm 88 pages
Offset printing
Edition: 900
Price: 30 euros + shipping

"It is a cyclical journey: I talk about my family and the one that biologically is not, but that I consider as such. I explore the roles we play in our emotional relationships, as well as the shelter and support we find in them. I reflect on memory, the similarity in our patterns of behavior and what we reflect on the other."

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