28 May 2010

Travis Shaffer - Sorority Skin Tones

Sorority Skin Tones |a PANTONE color guide
Travis Shaffer
saddle stitched artist's book
28pp, size (6" x 6" / 15.24cm x 15.24cm)
Artist signed and numbered Editon of 50 + 5AP
inkjet printed
68$ US

"Sorority Skin Tones contains 20 Pantone color swatches created by color averaging screen captures isolating the necks, chests, legs, arms, etc. from photographs hosted on 10 popular American sorority Facebook pages."

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26 May 2010

Andrew Phelps - 720

720 - (Two Times Around)
Andrew Phelps
34 pages, 16x21 cm/ 6.5x8.5 inches
edition of 100, signed and numbered
Digital Offset, soft cover. Wrap-around spiral binding
34,- Euro / 45,- USD

"...Its been 20 years since I sliced a transition out of a sheet of plywood and leaned it against a wall, but thankfully photography still manages to get my heart racing from time to time. I made these images with a bit of envy, jealous of the kids who took the relics of a corporate wasteland, and with a few power tools and some ingenuity, created their own world. With those familiar, but long forgotten butterflies that come with breaking-and-entering, I don’t know which pull was stronger, the desire to compose these images or the urge to push along the corridor and ride up a wall. When I dream of skateboarding, I’m Mike Mcgill. When I dream of photographing, I’m Robert Adams..."

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25 May 2010

Ananda Serné - Stil Licht

Title: Stil Licht
Artist: Ananda Serné
150 x 215 mm, 36 pages, full colour, softcover, special paper
Edition size: 200
type of printing: offset
Price: 15USD

"this is her ghosts books series of good morning light. it comes from a girl's inside and dreams. Ananda Serné was born in 1988 in Holland. She grew up on a boat traveling through Europe. Nowadays she still moves around a lot. In her work she is inspired by homesickness as well as a desire to travel around. Stil Licht is Dutch, means 'silent light' in English. This is a book of Ananda Serné's photographs and drawings. The book comes with two posters as a random gift."

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24 May 2010

Adam Murray - Berlin

Adam Murray
32 Pages
Edition of 50
14cm x 20cm or 5.5in x 7 3/4in
£2 + postage

"Taken in Berlin between 8th-10th May 2010"

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23 May 2010

Nemanja Knežević - Acdcnyc

by Nemanja Knežević
36 pages / Softcover / 15x21 cm / Black and White inkjet print.
Homemade, hand-numbered and limited to 50 copies.
Designed by Stefan Unković.
Published by SuperSizeShe.
Price: 10€

"Acdcnyc is a book of photographs which were taken during my stay in the USA over the summer of 2009. In that period I was intensively snapping shots on the relation between Atlantic City - Washington DC - New York City and in these cities were made all of the photographs that are in the book. In it, alongside the introductionary essay, are 28 monochrome photographs which represent summerized section of everything that I’ve seen, noted, and what has, on any level, touched me."

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21 May 2010

Robert Parkinson - Coliseum

Robert Parkinson
12 Pages
Edition of 50
11.5 x 21cm or 4.5 x 8.25 inch
£3 + postage

"A selection of found film from a derelict cinema in Preston"

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18 May 2010

Jonathan Saunders - Swarm

Title: swarm
Artist: Jonathan Saunders
54 pages, 9.6" x 8.25" - 24.45 x 20.96cm
edition of 36
published 365 days after creation
$100.00+$10 USA Shipping

"119 Hours | May 2009"

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10 May 2010

RJ Shaughnessy - These Photographs Will Heal Your Soul

Title: These Photographs Will Heal Your Soul
Artist: RJ Shaughnessy
Hardcover Book
62 pages, 11x16", 28x40cm
First Edition 200 copies; signed & numbered
type of printing: Digital

"Everything you need to know about this work/book is in the title. Feel free to punch me in the face if your experience is different."

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07 May 2010

Asger Carlsen - Wrong

by Asger Carlsen
Foreword by Tim Barber
Book with limited edition print
88 pages, 22.5 x 22.5 cm (8.85 x 8.85 inches)
Edition size: 1000
Price: £20 (€23.10 $30)

"In some cases subtly surreal and in other blatantly blasted with a dystopian hallucinations, WRONG is a satirical travesty on photographic culture as the ultimate simulator and the simulacrum."

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06 May 2010

Marco van Duyvendijk - Eastward Bound

Eastward Bound
Photos by Marco van Duyvendijk.
Texts in English by Marco van Duyvendijk, Olaf Tempelman, Wim van Sinderen and Weina
256 pages. Hardcover. Size 27 by 23 cm (10,6 inch by 9,1 inch)
Edition 1.500
Offset printed, perfect bound
Price: 45 euro (outside the Netherlands additional shipping costs: Europe 6 euro, world 15 euro)

"Marco van Duyvendijk is a ‘slow’ photographer, preferring to work on a series for months and sometimes years. Even so, over the past decade he has produced enough work for a retrospective at the Hague Museum for Photography in the Netherlands, demonstrating an impressive start to a career. Van Duyvendijk does not confine himself to any single genre, alternating travel and documentary photography with portraits. But his work always shows the control and care that are the marks of an empathic and intelligent photographer giving his subjects the time they deserve."

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04 May 2010

Isa Leshko - Thrills & Chills

Title: "Thrills & Chills"
Artist: Isa Leshko
Designed by James Goncalves
Exhibition Catalog
6 x 6 inches, 15.2 cm x 15.2 cm
First Edition: 250, each signed & numbered
$19 + shipping & handling

"Fine art photographer Isa Leshko explores the fantastic and terrifying place amusement park rides hold in her imagination. This catalog of images and interviews with Leshko accompanies a traveling exhibition that opened at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA in April 2010. Pulitzer Prize winning art critic Mark Feeney of the Boston Globe describes Leshko's images as "striking...sinister and funny and disorienting all at once."

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