28 March 2011

Daan Paans - ‘Perhaps it might be said rightly there are three times…’

Title: ‘Perhaps it might be said rightly there are three times…’
Artist: Daan Paans
Design by Jessica de Ligt & Daan Paans
Type of publication: Book, hardcover
44 pages
size: 297 x 371 mm
Edition of 75
€35 excl. shipping

‘Throughout the ages, human beings have given thought to both the beginning and the end of times. This book contains a mix of science, occult belief, hope and crime, with “transformative events” binding it all together to explore this phenomenon.’

22 March 2011

charlotte boeyden - moments & portraits

moments & portraits
charlotte boeyden.
The design was done by Evi Peeters
it's a zine of posters, folded together and placed in a cover.
40 pages (20 poster sides when folded open) 15x20,5 cm and 5,9x8,1"
edition of 50, numbered
€10 / $14

"A collection of people and moments."

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18 March 2011

Philip Cartland - The Coast

Title: The Coast
Artist: Philip Cartland
A5 Booklet/zine
40 BxW pics
100 available
Pigment digital on cream paper
£10 + £3p&p

Description: Images from 1994, taken when I had no gray hair, exploring 'The Coast' - a dream as much as a real place. Vol II will cover the same theme but taken with new eyes, 15+ years later.

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The Encyclopaedia of Moments – Volume One - Edited and compiled by F M J Botham

Title: The Encyclopaedia of Moments – Volume One
Edited and compiled by F M J Botham, featuring work by Hannah Davis, Katherine Squier, Mario Leko, Irwin Barbé, Hugo Coll, Marija Strajnic, Julie Marie Craig, Livi Kessel, Alex Spinger, Sophie Curtis, Jerilee Negrillo, Connor Creagan, Mariam Slewo, Joe Skilton, Yi-Jin Hsieh, Carles Rodrigo, Eleanor Rask, F M J Botham, Vivien Ayroles, Shelbie Dimond, Stefano Marchionini, Joe Nigel Coleman and BobieJo Ava Ferguson

Type of Publication: Zine
Number of pages, size: 32 pages, 210 x 157.5mm / 8.3”x6.2”
Edition size: 100
Type of printing: Colour digital (100gsm inners / 250gsm covers)
Price: £6 (UK) / £7 (rest of world)

Description: The very first printed volume to coincide with the Encyclopaedia of Moments project which brings together beautiful, everyday experiences (or 'moments') with photography from around the world.

14 March 2011

Oliver Weber - Analogue

Publication Title: Analogue
Artist: Oliver Weber
Type: Hardcover Perfect bound book
72 pages
limited edition of 100 numbered and signed copies.
Size: 8x6 inch.
Numbers 1-20 come with a signed print (5x7 inch. - carefully handmade by Oliver Weber on ILFORD MG IV RC DE LUXE paper).
120,- Euro (plus shipping).
Numbers 21-100
39,- Euro (plus shipping).

"A collection of photographic work by Oliver Weber including 5 interviews"

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newsprint version

13 March 2011

Buy Yasuteru Kasano's books to support Japanese aid efforts

Yasuteru Kasano emailed to say that the proceeds from sales of his books will be donated to help the victims of Japan's recent earthquake/tsunami. Find the books here, and please help spread the word!

01 March 2011

Joe Skilton - Black Pudding

Black Pudding
Joe Skilton
24 Pages, 14cm x 20cm / 5.5"x8"
numbered edition of 100
b/w digital [Cyclus Offset 80gsm]
£4.50 including shipping

"In alternation tender, dreamy, grim to match the shiftless pallor of the sky - Charles Baudelaire. An overcast love affair with Scotland and its people."

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