22 August 2011

Elisabeth Tonnard - Oceanus. A Tale of the Sea

Oceanus. A Tale of the Sea
Elisabeth Tonnard
106 pages
4.25 x 6.8 inches / 10.8 x 17.25 cm
Digital print
35 euro, signed

"The words are awkwardly placed, and clearly out of their element. Still they continue on, going somewhere. The sea of the book is composed of two photographs found in a family album lost in an archive."

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Germán Peraire - Diary of nights and days

Title: Diary of nights and days
Artist: Germán Peraire
44 pages
1st edition of 100 hand numbered copies
type of printing: digital
Price: 15€

"My photography is a witness of my direct experience with a marginalized, hidden and hungry for pleasure humanity"

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John Ryan Brubaker - Strange Cities

Strange Cities
John Ryan Brubaker
Book with hand-sewn binding by the artist
54 pages; 5 1/4 x 7 inches
Digital on Mowhawk Superfine paper
Edition of 100, first ten with two gelatin silver prints

"Strange Cities coincides with an exhibition of photographs at Ampersand Gallery & Fine Books in Portland, Oregon. A design collaboration between the artist & gallery, the book features work that Brubaker shot while traveling in Vietnam during Spring, 2010."

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21 August 2011

Bertil Nilsson - Undisclosed: Images of the Contemporary Circus Artist

Title: Undisclosed: Images of the Contemporary Circus Artist
Artist: Bertil Nilsson
Additional contributors: Laura Noble (essay), Daniele Finzi Pasca (foreword)
Type: Hardcover book
Page: 140 pp
Trim size: 28x24cm / 11x9.5in
Edition: First edition of 1000 copies
Printing: Duotone offset
Price: £35

"Swedish-born photographer Bertil Nilsson has worked for 5 years with circus artists throughout Europe and North America to explore and document contemporary circus from a novel perspective."

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C.L. Rogers - Willets Point Photography Project – Part 2

Willets Point Photography Project – Part 2
C.L. Rogers
Eleven page book with rubber stamp
11 pages
Digitally printed
85 US Dollars

"The second and last 'promo' item for a book I’m working on about Willets Point. Photographs of Willets Point, a colorful industrial area of Queens, NY currently fighting Mayor Bloomberg's million dollar redevelopment plan"

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19 August 2011

carolyn guthrie - re-

carolyn guthrie
its a bookie zine journal stew.
32 pages, half an A4
digital print
ten dollars (australian)

"re- issue one is called re-enactment. holding tight to small nothings. relived and regurgitated for you to remember x"

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Jan Michellardi - We All Want Someone To Shout For

We All Want Someone To Shout For
Jan Michellardi

32 pages
14cm x 20cm
softcover, stapled
b/w digital copy on premium paper

Edition of 300, hand-numbered
£4, inclusive of shipping

"I traveled nearly 9,000 miles to see my favorite band.
This was how it felt like."

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16 August 2011

Mike Martinez - There Must Be Some Kind of Way Out of Here; Sleep Vol. 1

There Must Be Some Kind of Way Out of Here; Sleep Vol. 1
Mike Martinez
Perfect Bound Book
88 pages
8.5" X 5.5"
Edition of 100

"The Sleepy of the Week; Greatest Hits now at a Nice Price.
Featuring candid photos of the ones who have the right idea.
Dreaming is free."

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12 August 2011

Peter Edwards - Your Eyes Are Like Magnets

Your Eyes Are Like Magnets
Peter Edwards
32 pages
22cm x 29cm / 8.66 x 11.4
HP Indigo Print on 160gsm Uncoated Paper
Edition of 40, numbered
Price: £12

"An exploration of the (im)materiality of memory and image. Degradation through processes of capture and storage. The physicality of a thought."

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09 August 2011

Tomé Duarte - Amor e Ódio, Diários e Fotoreportagem Vol.2

Amor e Ódio, Diários e Fotoreportagem Vol.2
Tomé Duarte
booklet, hand sewn with red silk
48 pp, 28 x 20cm
edition of 100, signed and numbered
laser xerox on 80g recycled paper
8€ flat rate / worldwide shipping included

"volume two for an ongoing xerox essay on love, routine and photojournalism (...)"

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Clara Bahlsen - Pferde und Autos

Pferde und Autos
Clara Bahlsen
56 pages
225mm x 282mm / 8,86" x 11.10"
first edition of 20, numbered and signed,
Including Limited Edition Print
digital indigo printing on 150 g matt paper
hard cover, hot foil stamping, thread stitching
Price on request

"Boys driving cars, girls riding horses – some of them come back while others just drive by. A careful look on village life in the rural area of Northern Germany."

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08 August 2011

Felix Wilson - a handbook of weeds

a handbook of weeds
Felix Wilson
Zine, plus hand-collected seeds
22 pages, 8.5 x 6 in, 21 x 15 cm
Edition of 27, signed and numbered
$6 AUD

"Of all the categories we use for living things, I find the concept of the weed the most intriguing. Inclusion is dependent on time and place as much as any inherent characteristic, but the most fundamental aspect of the weed is the ability to subvert human order simply by growing. This self published collection of photographs features weeds, and includes a packet of seeds collected while photographing."

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Fabien Seguin - 8

Fabien Seguin
Self-published artist book
Digital offset
Saddle Stitched
16 pages, 8 images
12x15 cm / 4.7x5.9 in
Edition of 100
€ 6  (€ 10 with shipping)

Description : Spare book made of 8 images all coming from the same 24x36 colour negative. Subconsciously influenced by the love scene in front of the headlights in Lost Highway by David Lynch.
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02 August 2011

Chen Siran - A r i a

A r i a
Chen Siran
Published by A Perfect Book
46 pages, 22.8 cm × 16.0 cm

Edition of 400
Full color, offset printed, matt paper, cover title by letterpress
$12 + Shipping

A r i a: melody of air

There are 30 images accompanied by three letters written by Siran. Together they are trying to relocate a passing past. Each small peculiarity indicates its weak and fake side, while all creates a countless power to face reality, an infinite world around us.

Chen Siran is a female photographer currently living and working in the city of Beijing.
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