29 February 2012

Ye Rin Mok - 28 Pictures

28 Pictures
Ye Rin Mok
32 pages
14.8 x 21cm
Edition of 500
$12 + shipping

"A collection of images with pink in them."

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Ulrike Biets - s/t

Ulrike Biets
"Ulrike Biets"
36 Pages
14,8 x 21 cm
Color Offset
€ 8,00

"Ulrike Biets is an eighties kid from Belgium, currently living in Brussels. She got her first camera at the age of six and never stopped taking pictures ever since. She captures her view of the world in a documentary style by shooting people, music, fashion, stories, scenes and everyday life. But most of all, she´s got a weird thing for animals. Recently the escape into wastelands, silence and horizons became an integral part of her raw photography but still without losing the honesty of the one quickly shot moment."

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Maxence Pages - Welcome Into My Memories

Welcome Into My Memories
Maxence Pages

36 pages
13,8 x 18,5 cm — in a blister
black print (high quality photocopy)
gray paper
50 numbered copies
5 euros (+ shipping)

"The first publication of the French skateboarder Maxence Pages. The story takes place in Hungary where the artist worked during a year with a group of orphans. Every picture tells a little history of them."
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27 February 2012

Tomé Duarte - Russians Are Coming 2

Russians Are Coming 2
Tomé Duarte
staple bound
46 pp, 21 x 29,7cm
edition of 100, signed and numbered
xerography on 80g recycled paper
5€ europe / 6€ world

"owing its existence to a set of coincidences and epiphanies that precipitated the New Approach to Everything which consists of a mix of subjective idealism and the monistic metaphysical doctrine of I DON'T GIVE A FUCK."

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22 February 2012

Yuta Nakajima - Before You Forget

Before You Forget
Yuta Nakajima
36 pg.
13 x 18 cm / 5 x 7 in.
Edition of 50 (numbered)
Color digital

"Photographing moments that cannot be known or grasped as they are, Yuta Nakajima makes the everyday, in its simple and substantial forms, an object of consequence."

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20 February 2012

Pauline Hisbacq - Les Battements

Les Battements
Pauline Hisbacq
posters "zine"
10 pages (5 posters on both faces)
40 x 28,5 cm — in a blister
black print (high quality photocopy)
gray paper
50 numbered copies
7 euros (+ shipping)

"Les Battements is a collection of posters. Pauline Hisbacq takes photos of signs and cause of the party, the night, between distance and nostalgia."
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Joachim Schmid - Bilderbuch

Joachim Schmid
120 pages
23 x 16 cm, 9 x 6.25"
250 copies
digital print
24 €

"What do Elizabeth Taylor, a bicycle seat, Carlos the Jackal, a lobster, Silvio Berlusconi and a toilet brush have in common? Nothing, except that they all ended up in my archive of scanned printed matter gathered from around the world over four decades. Removed from their original news context and presented without any comment, this apparent random, unrelated series of images turns out to be a miscellaneous reflection of popular obsessions, fears and fantasies."

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Simon de Reyer - Aristotle was wrong

Aristotle was wrong
Simon de Reyer
32 pages/ 24 images     
143 copies handnumbered
5 euros

"It's a work about gravity. I wonder myself, how much can weigh the perception of a feeling?"

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15 February 2012

Edward Newton - I IV VII X

Title: I IV VII X
Artist: Edward Newton
4 books in a slipcase, all handmade
9 spreads per book
Size: 21cm x 15cm/8.5" x 6"
Edition: 10
Type of Printing: inkjet
Price: £40 +p/p

"Four books from Four months, photographed in 2011."

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13 February 2012

Jon Eland - Ice Shapes

Title: Ice Shape
Artist: Jon Eland
24 pages
A5 landscape (148mm x 210mm / 5.8 x 8.3 in)
Edition size: 20
type of printing: Digital B&W
Price: £4.75 (UK) / £6.95 (Worldwide) inc postage.

"A frozen canal. Ice ruptured and smashed – then healed. This collection of 16 photographs examines the surface of a frozen canal which has been violently broken and has since re-frozen. Like scars on a wound these blemishes demonstrate nature in action and reflect on the frailties of humanity."

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11 February 2012

Emi Okabe - Dry Heat

Dry Heat
Emi Okabe
Zine, booklet
6 pages, 13 cm x 18 cm (JB5)
Signed edition of 100
Digital photocopy
Price: ¥500 / US$5.00

A collection of photographs of a desert landscape. Varying scales of growth are thoughtfully paired. Self published in Tokyo, 2011.

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09 February 2012

Thomas Boivin - Belgique #1

Belgique #1
Thomas Boivin
289mm × 380mm ; 28 pages
50 copies, signed and numbered
7 euros + shipping fees

Belgique #1 is a newspaper made of pictures taken in Belgium on july 2011. It's the results of 2 weeks of holidays where I spent most of my time alone documenting surrounding's houses and countryside.

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Viola Korosi and Yoann Hagnéré - P.S: Un an après

Title: P.S: Un an après.
Artists: Viola Korosi and Yoann Hagnéré
Book. Hand sewn binding and completely hand made, stamped cardbord hardcover with a clothbound edge
72 pages
size: 16 x 20 cm (6.3 inch x 7.9 inch)
20 copies, hand numbered, 5 of which come with an original signed photo
type of printing : digital printing on 150g Munken paper
price: 24 euros + shipping

"This book is the second of our on going project since 2009. Once a year during a month we take one photo a day at a precise hour wherever we happen to be."

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08 February 2012

Niall O'Brien - Good Rats

Good Rats
Niall O'Brien
64 Pages
6" x 9"
Edition of 200 (Signed & Numbered)

"Pau Wau Publications is pleased to present Good Rats, published in conjunction with Niall O'Brien's exhibition of the same name at No. 10 Gallery in NYC. Since 2006 O’Brien has been documenting a group of young British punks from Southwest London he first came in contact with while making a vox pop documentary called Superheroes. The book is produced in a limited edition by hand in Brooklyn, NY; it features a signed colophon insert, painted purple spine and custom white staples."

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03 February 2012

Nick Rochowski - The Liminal Points Project

Title: The Liminal Points Project
Artist: Nick Rochowski
Illustration by Greg Haynes, Soundtrack by Deepsea
32 pages
305mm x 235mm
Saddle stitched with copper, soft cover Lithographic print on Fenner Paper Omnia 150gsm, uncoated
 Edition size: 225
Signed Price: £20.00

Special edition size: 25 signed (Includes signed & numbered 9" x 12" book edition print from the artist. Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Satin 310gsm paper Presented in a hand made felt slipcase with silk screen title print)
Price: £100.00

"The Liminal Points Project is a re-exploration of Penn Wood, Buckinghamshire and a journey back to a vivid childhood fantasy. Working at dawn, dusk and night blending natural and constructed lighting techniques in conjunction with elements from the landscape, the betwixt, large-scale images lie in a place that is somewhere between realities, as if you have stumbled upon a happening."

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Motoyuki Daifu - Lovesody

Title: Lovesody
Artist: Motoyuki Daifu
68 Pages
8.75" x 11.3"
Edition size: 300
type of printing: offset
Price: $75

"Lovesody follows the whirlwind relationship between the young Japanese photographer and a young mother of two in a series of intimate color photographs."

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Clint Woodside - ...Let Me Feel The Lack

...Let Me Feel The Lack
Clint Woodside
Photo Zine W/ 34"x 23" newsprint poster and 4"x 6" print chosen at random
24 pgs
8.5"x 5.5"
Edition of 200
Color xerox

"A brief summery of my first year in Los Angeles after leaving Philadelphia. Installing other peoples art, making friends, seeing shows and surfing. All the while, plagued by wonder if it was a good idea to come to this far away city. This book is a reminder that it was."

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Daisuke Yokota - Site

Title: Site
Artist: Daisuke Yokota
76 pages
200 x 290mm
Edition size: 100
Type of printing: B&W Copy (Laser print paper)
Price: 1500 Yen

"Regarding photography as visual expression, I attempt to capture impression of experiences, a result of my visual influence on it, by realizing elements as it can be interruption of sight. "

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01 February 2012

Tammy Mercure - Guns

Title of publication: Guns
Name of artist: Tammy Mercure
Number of pages: 10
Size: 5x5"x7.75"
Edition size: 30
type of printing: Pigment Prints, letterpress
Price: $12

"TCB Press/Tammy Mercure is publishing a book a month for 2012 on a single topic. February 2012 is Guns."

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David Agasi - Living with Myself Forgetting

Title: Living with Myself Forgetting
Artist: David Agasi
Number of pages: 28
Size: 7” x 5.5”
Edition size: 100
Type of printing: B&W digital
Price: $12

"Living with Myself Forgetting is a hand-made book of photographs by analog photographer David Agasi, juxtaposed with mini-essays and riffs about photography written on the back of postcards."

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Natasha Caruana - Ono

Title: Ono
Artist: Natasha Caruana
24 pages
A5, Digital indigo print on uncoated recycled paper. Three hole hand stitched binding. Wrapped in white archival tissue paper
Edition size: 150 Signed
Price: £10.00

"Natasha Caruana posed as a bride-to-be and contacted women selling their wedding dresses online. She asked for high-res copies of their photographs: images made to validate a ceremony and recycled as small ads. Ono focuses on the discarded props of the fairytale production and finds unintended meaning in carefully staged images."

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