30 December 2011

Tammy Mercure - NASCAR

Artist: Tammy Mercure
10 pages
Edition size: 30
type of printing: Pigment Prints, letterpress
Price: $12

"TCB Press/Tammy Mercure is publishing a book a month for 2012 on a single topic. January 2012 is NASCAR."

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29 December 2011

Bojan Radovič - TIRANË

Title: TIRANË - Scrapbook from Tirana
Artist: Bojan Radovič
Type: Zine
Pages: 72 pages
Size A5
Printing: Xerox
Edition: 100 copies hand numbered / First 20 numbers include original signed
and numbered photograph
Price: 10,00 EUR + pp (from nrs. 21-100) and  20,00 EUR + pp (from nrs. 1-20)

"Images in this edition were made on 12., 13. and 14. of December 2011 when visiting Tirana in Albania for the first time. I had my expectations what to see when coming to Albania and they were very close to what I saw. Collected images are like a kind of diary. Some of the images fit into my ongoing projects, others are just as kind of sketching. However I wanted to put them in a form of book to keep them collected and to show my perception of seeing things around me."

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21 December 2011

Sergey Novikov - FC Volga United

Title: FC Volga United
Artist: Sergey Novikov
book with a one 10X15 print
64 pages
14x22 cm
Edition size: 25
type of printing: digital
Price: 20$

"This story, bordered by river banks, is about the places and people beside the longest European river, the Volga. I have travelled along the river and visited the games of 9 football teams who took their name from the river. I have discovered many great backgrounds, many interesting personalities."

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19 December 2011

Nico Bick - P.I.

Title: P.I.
Artist: Nico Bick
Text Frits Gierstberg, design Joost Grootens
64 pages (English text on a supplematary sheet), 32 colour photos
Edition size 400
Price 35 euro (postage and packing not included)

"The culture of a closed institution dictates that what happens within it may not be seen. ‘Closed’ also means: inaccessible to the eye. Nonetheless, from 2006 until 2006 Nico Bick meticulously recorded all spaces inside the most well know prison of the Netherlands."

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Yves Suter - Strawberry Snow

Titel: Strawberry Snow
Artist: Yves Suter
160 pages
6.5x9.25'' (16.5x23.5cm)
Edition of 300
Offset print
77$ (59€)

"This photographic documentary accompanies the two swiss, photographer Yves Suter and snowboarder Dominik Betschart, on a one month snowboard journey through Japan. During a travel from central Japan to the north island of Hokkaido and back. The book is a journal consisting of stories they have experienced and pictures documenting their journey."

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Emi Fukuyama - A Trip to Europe

Title: A Trip to Europe
Artist: Emi Fukuyama
32 pages
7" x 9" / 18cm x 23cm
Edition of 150, all books signed & numbered
Offset print
 Price: ¥1500 (approx $19) includes international shipping

"Atmospheric black and white work from a young Tokyo photographer. This book documents her 2009 trip through France, Germany and the Czech Republic."

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15 December 2011

Lorenzo Durantini (ed) - Ristruttura

Text and Selection of work by Lorenzo Durantini
128 pages
10 x 6" (24 x 16 cm) with 57 images
Edition of 500
Offset 150gsm paper
£15 ($25)

"This publication is a companion for the group show Ristruttura opening January 25th - March 30th 2012 at ProjectB gallery in Milan. It features work from: Bianca Brunner / Mårten Lange / Tom Lovelace / Flashlab / Jessica Eaton / Noemie Goudal / Martina Lindqvist / Greta Alfaro / Matthieu Lavanchy / Chris Engman"

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13 December 2011

Gina Clyne - 1, 2, 3. (or: To Do's Done To Date)

Title: 1, 2, 3. (or: To Do's Done To Date)
Artist: Gina Clyne
42 pages
4" x 4.375"/10.16 cm x 11.11cm
Edition size: 50
Type of printing: Inkjet
Price: $40

"A book project 5 years in the making, 1,2,3. is a compilation of three photography projects which trace the artist's developing relationship with photography as an art student from 2003 to 2005. This limited edition of 50 books was hand bound in its entirety by the artist; from the page layout to the screen printing of its hard cover, her hand was involved in each step of the process."

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Alexandre Lemire - Épiphanies

Title: Épiphanies
Artist: Alexandre Lemire
32 pages
5.5x4.25 inches (14x10.9cm)
Edition of 40
Price: Montreal $4,Canada $5, USA $5.50, Int’l $6.

"Épiphanies is a collection of humbling perspectives and events I’ve seen over the course of 2011."

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Kenji Hirasawa - Celebrity

Title: Celebrity
Artist: Kenji Hirasawa
Pages: 72pages
Edition size: 500
Printing: Offset
Price: £25 / €30

“Kenji Hirasawa’s Celebrity is one of those rare photography series that you fall in love with instantly. The photographs are a perfect and very simple metaphor for our relationship to celebrities - real people (us) attempting to interact with dreams (them). To say that the cult of celebrity is the worship of empty people is obvious, but to show it is brilliant. The point is clear: look to yourself for vitality and meaning, not phantasms." - Erik Kessels, 2011

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Lauren Henkin - The Lookbook Series Volume I: Growth

Title: The Lookbook Series Volume I: Growth
Artist: Lauren Henkin
40 pages
Size: 6x7.3" / 15.2cm x 1.5cm
Type of printing: Offset
Price: $18

"The Lookbook Series Volume I: Growth" is a series of images about coping with all that is invasive, both in the external landscape and the artist's own body. It is a visual diary of her internal struggle of whether to champion all growth that is labeled 'invasive,' or only the natural reclaiming its natural habitat."

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02 December 2011

Masami Takenouchi - Naître, Mourir, Renaître Encore

Photographs by Masami Takenouchi
Publisher: Média Immédiat VIII

Mini Photo Book
Softcover, 28 pages
105 x 76 mm
9 color + 15 b&w photos

Limited edition of 120, all signed and numbered
Price: 13 euros

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Hiroshi Nomura, Seiji Kumagai, Aya Muto, Yuko Amano - One Year for Japan

One Year for Japan
Hiroshi Nomura, Seiji Kumagai, Aya Muto, Yuko Amano
2012 Calendar
9 loose sheets, 18x24 cm
Edition of 500
12 euros + shipping

This calendar is a charity project to raise funds for Japanese Red Cross.
Laurence Vecten asked 4 different photographers to submit 3 pictures each,
Hiroshi Nomura black and white pictures for winter, Seiji Kumagai for
Spring, Aya Muto for Summer and Yuko Amano for Autumn.
100% of the benefits will be given to the Japanese Red Cross.

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