30 January 2012

Matheiu Asselin - The Ninety-Nine Percent

Title: The Ninety-Nine Percent
Artist: Matheiu Asselin
Additional contributors: Michael Saur, writer, Olga Yatskevich, photo assistant
Type of publication: Newspaper print
Number of pages: One spread
Print run 1,000 copies: 900 for free distribution, 100 of numbered and signed
Price: 10$

A series of portraits of the Occupy Wall Street protestors and supporters of the movement at Zuccotti Park, NY

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Nicholas Gottlund, Suzanna Zak, Yerin Mok - Hobbyist #1

Title: Hobbyist #1
Artists: Nicholas Gottlund, Suzanna Zak, Yerin Mok
Additional contributors : Jack Gregory / Present London
Editorial & design : Pierre Hourquet
Type of publication : zine
Number of pages : 24 + poster
Edition size : 200 copies
Newspaper, full color
Price : 8 euros shipping included

Hobbyist is a serie of fanzines dedicated to people's hobbies. First issue is about walking / hiking.

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27 January 2012

Pau Wau Publications - Muses Volume 1

Pau Wau Publications - Muses Volume 1
Andreas Laszlo Konrath, Brian Paul Lamotte, iO Tillett Wright, Thomas Giddings & Todd Jordan
Set of 5 Fold-Out Poster Booklets in Hand Stamped Envelope
8 Pages + Poster (Each Book)
4.25" x 5.25"
Edition of 150 (Numbered)

"Pau Wau Publications is please to present Muses Volume 1, a set of fold-out artist-made booklets enclosed in a hand stamped envelope in an edition of 150. The books debut new work by five emerging contemporary photographers exploring the idea of muses. Presenting eight images, each booklet is constructed by hand and unfolds into a larger-sized poster."

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Taylor Holland - Eurobus

Author: Taylor Holland
Title: Eurobus
92 Pages
7.5 x 6.2 x 0.25 inches
Price : CAD $25

"This series of 58 digital photographs was shot on bicycle commutes in Paris, France in Spring 2011. The book is dedicated to the anonymous designers of European tour bus graphics, who have embraced an underappreciated art space and made it their own."

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Eric Tabuchi - A French American Trip

Author : Eric Tabuchi
Title : A French American Trip
72 Pages
7.5 x 6.2 x 0.2 inches
Price : CAD $15

"Pursuing his pop and serial studies of the French landscape, Eric Tabuchi questions the validity of his photographic method in contrast to the considerable power wielded by the likes of Google, which, via his global digitization company, is at last carrying out a project that is genuinely objective. Thus, contrary to his habitual method of scanning the field, Eric Tabuchi has undertaken the exploration of familiar places, but through this parallel world, the carbon copy of reality that is Street View."

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Charlie Hillhouse - Waiya

Title: Waiya
Artist: Charlie Hillhouse
24 pages
9.8in x 6.8in / 25 x 17.5cm
Edition size: 50
Type of Printing: Risograph
Price: $10

"There’s something nice and not too cryptic about the title of Charlie Hillhouse’s latest zine. “Waiya” is the Japanese pronunciation of ‘wire’. These are photographs of electric lines from a trip taken to Tokyo and its surrounds."

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25 January 2012

Almin Pršić - Bureaucracy, Progress and Destruction

Title: Bureaucracy, Progress and Destruction
Artist: Almin Pršić
40 pages
11.5 x 19.5 cm / 4.5 x 7.7 in
open edition
four color digital
Price: 7USD

"Part fiction and part personal diary, Bureaucracy, Progress, and Destruction narrates the evolution of Bosnia’s central corridor from the perspective of its communist leader Josip Broz Tito. Its only aim: to bring light to the corridor and reveal the intricacies of its decay."

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Alex Nichols - Raisin Catalog #1: Prickly Places

Raisin Catalog #1: Prickly Places
Alex Nichols
saddle stitched booklet
32 pages
11 x 8.25 inches / 30 cm x 21 cm
pigment-based inkjet printing

"Dreary and wet,
weakened and sickly,
travelers beware,
these places are prickly!"

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23 January 2012

KK+TF - Europe, Greece, Athens, Acropolis

 Title: Europe, Greece, Athens, Acropolis
Photographs by KK+TF
Design by 1:2:3
Edited by KK+TF & 1:2:3
Front cover artwork by 1:2:3 & KK+TF
48 pages with 46 color plates
20.5 x 30.5 cm / 8.1 x 12 in
Full color offset
Perfect bound
Hard cover
Edition: 500
ISBN: 978-91-980069-0-2
Publication date: January 2012

"Due to the time.

Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt as KK+TF follows various contemporary courses of events by making photographic essays together with Axel von Friesen and Petter Törnqvist as 1:2:3.

The idea of the photographic essay started with Wikiland (b-b-b-003) and continues with Europe, Greece, Athens, Acropolis (b-b-b-005).

The photographs depicts two days in Athens; 21 macro perspectives on the ancient marble stones on the Acropolis together with images from the Syntagma square during the general strikes in October 2011."

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19 January 2012

Robert E. Jackson - Pure Photography

Pure Photography
Robert E. Jackson
Perfect bound paperback
98 pages; 60 photographs
Edition of 100
Standard copy is $25
Signed with vintage photo is $85

"Our latest publication features a selection of found photographs curated by Robert E. Jackson from his extensive collection of vintage snapshots. Having been actively collecting for well over a decade, Jackson is a superb example of one who collects not merely to accumulate, but to seek out, arrange & ultimately form the images he finds into groupings that make statements about photography & culture at large. In Pure Photography, Jackson provides visual evidence of the uncanny manner in which snapshot photography isolates aspects of the world in a way the human eye alone cannot."

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Pascal Amoyel & Thomas Bouquin - DEUX, Montréal-Paris

Title : DEUX, Montréal-Paris
Photographers : Pascal Amoyel & Thomas Bouquin
24 pages
14*21,5 cm - 5,5*8,5 in
Edition of 100 booklets.
Digital print

"Montréal-Paris is the result of a photographic collaboration between Thomas Bouquin and Pascal Amoyel, both of them looking for a way of showing the city they live in. Issued in a numbered edition of 100 copies, DEUX is the second out of 6 periodical chapters which will form a final book."

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16 January 2012

Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad - Twenty-two Views of the Sun

Twenty-two Views of the Sun
Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad
30 pages
edition of 10 copies
Fogra Digital printing
£120 + postage

"A peripheral view on planned and unplanned infrastructure, actionable architecture, organic urbanism, vantage points, public life and obscuring skylines."

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Andy Vernon-Jones - Here in Red Hook

Title: Here in Red Hook
Artist: Andy Vernon-Jones
96 pages, 64 images
size: 9.5" x 8.5", (24 cm x 21.5 cm)
Edition of 500, hand numbered and signed by the artist
offset printed

"Here in Red Hook takes you on a poetic journey through the back streets and hidden alleys of one of Brooklyn's most unique neighborhoods. Combining timeless romanticism with gritty reality, the photographs affirm this isolated corner of New York City."

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Pablo Casino - Voramar

Title: Voramar
Artist: Pablo Casino
64 pages
Size: 18 x 24 cm (7.08" x 9.44")
Edition: 500
Type of Printing: Offset
Price: 26 €

"Voramar begins in El Mojón, right on the road marking the border between Murcia and Alicante, and it ends in the Sénia, the river dividing Castellón and Catalonia. These are pictures taken along the 438 kilometres of coastline between both places... Mediterranean Spanish Valencian seaside."

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15 January 2012

Calin Kruse - Sekundenschlaf

Title: 16 bilder / Sekundenschlaf
Artist: Calin Kruse
Type of publication: Zine
Size: 17 pages, 10x15 cm/ 3,9x5,9 in
Edition size: 48
Type of printing: digital, letter press on the dust jacket
Price: 6 € (Germany) / 9 € (Worldwide)

"16 bilder series always presents a single work of a photographer. It is about documentary photography as something personal/subjective and abstract as well. The series 'sekundenschlaf' (microsleep) was shot during Calin's road trips in the last 3 years. 'Sekundenschlaf' is still in progress."

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Aaron Keogh - Moonshine in Maroc

Title: Moonshine in Maroc
Artist: Aaron Keogh
Type: Book
Pages: 65
Size: A5 148 x 210mm (5.83" x 8.27")
Edition: 100 (Signed & Numbered)
Type of Printing: Digital
Price: £10 + signed 6x4 print for first 30 online orders

"Moonshine in Maroc is a visual story book about the time I spent in Morocco, mainly the small surf town of Taghazout during 2011. The word "moonshine" is a metaphor the for the vivid, twilight white glow thats seen throughout the book, and also a metaphor to describe the quirky and mysterious far away land of Morocco."

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Bill Crandall - The Waiting Room

Title: The Waiting Room - Photographs from Belarus
Artist: Bill Crandall
Introduction by Belarusian author Victor Martinovich
Closing Q&A with Valery Kavaleuski
Softcover book, perfect binding
67 B&W images, 111 pages, 8"x10" (20cm x 25cm)
First edition of 500, signed
Offset printing
$25 plus shipping

"The Waiting Room is a ten-year documentary project, taking a look at this unique country squeezed between Europe and Russia. The main focus is on daily life, atmosphere, and questions of post-Soviet identity, not politics or Chernobyl."

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12 January 2012

Edward Newton - Others

Title: Others
Artist: Edward Newton
Unbound spreads in card cover
9 spreads
Size: 29cm x 20cm/11.5" x 8"
Edition: 100
Type of Printing: Risograph
Price: £15

"The first in a series of publications using found material sourced from the flea market in Brussels. The material was gathered during the course of year spent living in the city."

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Andrew Kwerty - CXXXVIII

Artist: Andrew Kwerty
3 zines totalling 60 pages.
Size: 5.125"x7.8125" (130mm x 199mm)
Edition: Numbered edition of 20
Type of printing: B&W Laser
Price: $7 CDN (Trades preferred)

"CXXXVIII is a collection of images from 2011 showing you what is seen through the eyes of a particular individial. Graffiti, punk rock, love and getting up to no good."

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11 January 2012

Sandra Croft - Psychic Hearts

Title: Psychic Hearts
Artist: Sandra Croft
48 pages
Edition Size: 100 [Limited, Numbered]
Price: £9

"I’m interested in the dreaminess that comes from a certain quality of light, and looking for these moments where imperfection and imbalance make for a perfect image. Usually it’s not a single feeling, but the overall stillness and isolation that emerges when you see the familiar from an unfamiliar perspective – a fleeting, delicate place that’s a mix of reality and fantasy." - Sandra Croft

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10 January 2012

Selim Süme - 289KD

Title: 289KD
Artist: Selim Süme
128 pages
type of printing: Offset
Price: 20 Euro

"Süme, with his book portrays an intimate account of his time at the military and genuinely questions this period through photographs combined with fragments of his journal. The photographs and writings that appear in 289KD, which has been designed by Alin Önel, reveal two different approaches to the narrative which ultimately complement each other and aim at creating an individualized language about the politicized notion of being soldier."

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06 January 2012

Mossless 1

Title: Mossless Issue 1
Artists: Brea Souders, Bobby Doherty, Alana Celii, Sean Vegezzi
Additional contributors: Jesse Hlebo, Susan Bright, Erin Jane Nelson, Veronica Rafael, Ryan McGinley, Winslow Laroche
Box of books with leaflet and posters
Number of pages: 148 total
box is 8.125 x 11.725 x 2.6 inches or 20.6 x 30 x 6.6 cm
Edition size: 500
type of printing: Silkscreen print (box), Risograph (leaflet), full colour offset (booklets), spot colour offset (posters)
Price: $43

 "Mossless Issue 1 is a photography publication. There are four photographers featured in Issue 1: Alana Celii, Bobby Doherty, Brea Souders and Sean Vegezzi, each of which get their own full-colour, offset-printed book, supplemented by a risographed leaflet with an essay by Susan Bright, as well as two posters, buttons and stickers, all inside a humble screenprinted cardboard box."

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04 January 2012

Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova - Synchrodogs

Title: Synchrodogs
Artists: Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova
Designer by Vitya Glushchenko
36 pages
first edition of 100 hand numbered copies
type of printing: digital
Price: 12€

"'Based in Ukraine, Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven are two photographers who have been experimenting with low quality cameras since their perhaps not-so-innocent youth. From frozen lakes to empty theatre stages across Eastern Europe, the duo have snapped haunting images of the surroundings available to them, often emanating a dark or eerie mood.' - DAZED"

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Jon Eland - Crossing Poland

Title: Crossing Poland / July 2011
Artist: Jon Eland / Strawbleu
24 pages
A5 (210mm x 148mm / 8.3 x 5.8 in)
Edition size (if applicable): 25
Type of printing: Digital B&W
Price: £4.75 (UK) / £6.95 (Worldwide) inc postage.

"A train journey in a foreign land can be full of mystery, intrigue and romance - the passing landscape a hint of that country's people and place. This book - the first monograph by the photographer - shows a single journey across eastern Europe captured as in the fleeting moments it was experienced as."

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Kramer O'Neill - Till Human Voices Wake Us

Title: Till Human Voices Wake Us
Artist: Kramer O'Neill
80 Pages, 52 Photographs
26x22cm [10.2x8.5"]
Edition of 500
Hardcover, thread-sewn binding, staccato-raster FM printing
Price: €30

"A meditation on the joy of being in the water, and how that joy contrasts with the overwhelming power of the ocean.  With calculated abandon, we give ourselves up to these forces that will someday destroy us. The fun is the thrill of a unique sensation: that of surrendering to a power beyond our own, of acknowledging our mortality while cheating death for a fleeting moment."

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03 January 2012

Todd Fisher - Someone Cuts My Hair While I Sleep

Title: Someone Cuts My Hair While I Sleep
Artist: Todd Fisher
A4 (8.3 x 11.7 in. / 21 x 30 cm)
Edition size: 500
type of printing: full color offset
Price: $30

"Color photographs"

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